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    sample essay about Child labor

    Child labor In the early 1900s, child labor was quite extreme. Child labor had been common during early times but with the advent of industrialization more children were employed instead of attending school. Actually in 1900 18% of all workers in America were aged below 16 years. Children worked in various factories for meager wages. […]

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  • Child soldiers

    sample essay about Child soldiers

    Child soldiers Thousands of children are being recruited in warring countries to fight in armed forces. Children as young as 8 years old are abducted from the safety of their homes and forced to serve as soldiers in armed conflicts. These armed forces are basically militia groups that are in opposition with their governments. The […]

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  • Child support

    sample essay about Child support

    Child support Child support is a system designed by the government where parents who are not living with their children offer financial support for them. When both parents are not residing in the same place as a result of divorce, separation or any other reason, the child is granted child support. The parent or the […]

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  • Effects of the Cold War on Middle East

    sample essay about human trafficking

    Human trafficking Human trafficking is the trading of people. Human traffickers normally use their victims for slavery, sexual exploitation, illegal organ and tissue extractions among many other illegal things. Human trafficking can be done within the borders of a country or internationally from one country or continent to another. However, as long as there is […]

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  • Effects of Cold War on Asia

    sample essay about Racism & fight against racism

    Racism & fight against racism According to UNESCO’s constitution every person has a right to enjoy all human rights without discrimination based on race or gender. This principle stipulated in the charter of the United Nations states that everyone must enjoy their fundamental freedoms. Human rights are held in high esteem in the interaction between […]

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  • Free Essay on 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Template

    sample essay about Robert Wadlow

    Robert Wadlow Robert Wadlow is the tallest man ever recorded in the Guinness book of records. Robert had a height f 8’ 11.1 and weighed 490 by the time he died. Robert Wadlow was born in February 22, 1918 and died in July 15, 1940. He has been famously called ‘Alton the Giant’ and the […]

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  • the human anatomy

    sample essay about the Human anatomy

    The Human anatomy Human anatomy is the scientific study of the morphology of the human body. The study is divided into gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy. Gross anatomy is the study of the organs seen by the naked eye and microscopic as the name suggests is for the minute body structures. The human anatomy is […]

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  • Effects of Cold War on Europe

    sample essay about the Human rights watch

    Human rights watch Human Rights Watch is a non-governmental organization that operates internationally. The NGO is involved in advocacy and human rights activism. It s also involved in carrying out research for the areas relevant to its activities. Human Rights Watch has various offices all over the world including Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Beirut, Tokyo, Toronto, […]

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  • International labor organization

    sample essay about the International labor organization

    International labor organization The International Labor Organization is a function of the United Nations that is mandated to deal with labor issues including ensuring decent work and international labor standards. The International Labor Organization takes note of member countries that are violating labor regulations. However, the organization is not empowered to impose any sanctions on […]

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  • Valeria Lukyanova

    A sample essay about Valeria Lukyanova

    Valeria Lukyanova Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukranian model who is known for resembling a Barbie doll. The 29 year old model who is rumored to have undergone various surgeries to get her doll-like features is popularly known as a ‘real-life Barbie doll’. Apart from using contact lenses to accentuate her green eyes and breast implants, […]

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  • Effects of Cold War on Soviet Union

    Management Essay on Alderfer’s ERG Theory

    Alderfer’s ERG Theory Question a Clayton Alderfer developed this theory. He grouped the needs of human beings into three categories. These are; relatedness, growth and existence. Existence needs are the individual’s psychological and physical safety’s related needs that include shelter, good working environment and food. Relatedness needs involve the desire for socialization with other individuals, […]

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  • Investment Banking

    Management Essay on Help People about CBRM

    Help People about CBRM Many students have escaped from schools due to inadequate support from communities, family members and schools. Others quit learning because of personal drawbacks that include poor backgrounds or crime. There are also those who quit learning because of learning disabilities (Hunnicutt, 2009). These facets mean that when students leave school in […]

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  • McClelland’s Motivation Theory

    Management Essay on McClelland’s Motivation Theory

    McClelland’s Motivation Theory McClelland’s theory is a motivation theory which is very important to any practicing manager. Employees’ motivation plays a very important role of ensuring greater productivity of the human resource. This must be ensured in order to realize improved productivity all the time. Successful managers know that there are different types of motivation […]

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  • Free Essay Online on

    Management Essay on Motivation Theories

    Motivation Theories Introduction Motivation entails readiness to establish high effort attitude in achieving the objectives of the organization. Attaining a company’s objective and meeting its requirements as well as those of the workforce is usually a challenge for some administrators in different organizations. According to Thorndike’s (1911) effort law, where positive rewards or consequences have […]

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  • Sample Essay on SWOT Analysis of The Home Depot January 20, 2016
    SWOT Analysis of The Home Depot SWOT analysis of The Home Depot is among the best tools used by the home improvement retailer to gauge its ability to stay afloat and profitable in the market. Although it is considered the largest home improvement retail chain in the world with an estimated revenue base on more […]


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