5 Paragraph Essay Outline Template

5 Paragraph Essay Outline Template

5 Paragraph Essay Outline Template

Knowing how to write a 5 paragraph essay outline template is an important step towards creating top notch essay papers. With a well written essay outline template, your work will be much easier when it comes to writing since it highlights the key ideas for the paper. In fact, the outline template will serve as an ideal plan on how your essay will be presented.

A 5 paragraph essay outline template refers to a precise illustration of the points to be discussed in the essay. With a good one, you will be able to properly analyze your points and pick the appropriate ones for the paper. Besides, it will also save you lots of time that would have been spent perusing through various pages for reference when writing.

Before you move into crafting an essay paper, it is always advisable that you develop a 5 paragraph essay outline template for proper guidance. Considering that the writing formats of academic papers are almost similar, the knowledge on how to write an essay outline template can as well be applied in other assignments.

Guidelines on how to write a 5 Paragraph Essay outline template

One of the most important things to note is that a 5 paragraph essay outline template is specifically designed for an essay paper with only five paragraphs. This implies your outline should clearly show how you will handle the introduction in one paragraph, body in three paragraphs and conclusion in one paragraph.

At the point of writing an outline template for your essay, there is no doubt that you have done some research. However, it is important that you first think of what you want to share in the paper. Remember the outline is the plan of how your paper will be presented, so it needs proper thinking and analysis of your ideas.

Think of the task as a five part project, although your ideas will have to be harmonized to ensure that your essay has a smooth flow. Each of the five paragraphs to be included in the essay play a critical role that must be clearly highlighted in the way that your outline is crafted.

In order to acquire the best content for your outline and essay, you must have a better understanding of the topic of discussion. In fact, you have to be familiar or conversant with every detail that is written in the outline in order to avoid confusion during writing.

Another things that you should note about writing a 5 paragraph essay outline template is that an outline is only a structural representation of the final paper. This implies you should be brief with your points. The aim of the outline template is only to direct you on what to discuss in every section of the paper.

Do not start discussing your ideas in the outline template, instead, simply list the key points for easy reference. In case there is some piece of information that you suspect may not be easy to remember when writing, it should be clearly noted down in the outline.

Links to your sources of information can also be indicated in the outline since they too, will need to be given in the essay paper.

It is also important that you refine your thesis and include it in the outline. A thesis is the main claim or argument that you intend to prove in the essay. The reason why it is always recommended that you clearly define your thesis is that it will help in identifying the best points to include in the outline.

The thesis will assist you in brainstorming and analyzing your ideas in order to remain with those that can effectively present a compelling discussion.

There are various ways of introducing an essay, but you have to choose the most appropriate one that can work for the paper. Before writing the outline, it is also important that you think of the approach that will be taken in writing the introduction.

You should also have a mind picture of the main points that will be used to support your thesis, and build the body paragraphs. In this case, you should come up with a key point, also known as a topic sentence, for each of the three paragraphs.

Besides, you should also think of the examples or evidences that will be given to further explain your point in each of the three paragraphs. In order to make a strong argument, you should identify about two or three examples for each paragraph.

Remember that the body paragraphs is where you will have much work considering that you have to give a comprehensive discussion of the argument raised in the thesis. Therefore, always try to include sufficient information in the outline, which will enable you to deliver a strong essay paper.

In the final part of the outline template, you should also show how the discussion will be wrapped up. The purpose of the conclusion is to re-state your thesis, give main points of the essay and tell readers about any developments that can be expected on the subject.

Steps on how to write a 5 paragraph essay outline template

In writing a 5 paragraph essay outline template, you will need to segment your work into three sections; introduction, body and conclusion. These can be marked in bold or numbered so that you can easily list your key points and evidences based on where you want each to be featured in the paper.

The outline template for your essay should show the title of your paper, clearly written at the top.


Under this section, you can write a short statement indicating the approach that will be taken or hook. For example, if you are planning to start the essay with a question, you can write it here or simply note down a catchphrase to help you remember it.

You should also indicate how the background information about the subject will be presented in the paper.

It is also important that you write your thesis under the introduction section since that is where it will be included in the final essay. Besides, you can also include a transitional hint to show how you will lead readers into the body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs

In the outline template, you should clearly indicate the topic sentences in bullets or numbers. Each topic sentence should reflect the key point that will be addressed in a paragraph and can be written in the form of a statement or simply listed.

When writing the topic sentences, it is advisable that you start with the strongest point to the strong one.

Under every topic sentence, you should also list your examples or evidences that will support the given point and thesis statement. Although a good paragraph should have at least two examples, you can have less or more depending on the subject that will be discussed in the essay.

It is also advisable that you include transitional phrases or how the three paragraphs will be linked to present a logical and free flowing discussion.


On the last bit of your outline, you can simply state how the thesis will be re-phrased. Besides, you can also list the main points of the paper and indicate how your final submission on the subject will be made.

An essay outline template should be brief but show the main ideas that will be expressed in the essay. Try to avoid very long statements or too many words, instead, only write what is necessary in the outline.

Sample 5 Paragraph Essay outline templates

Reading samples of essay outline templates is another way through which you can easily find out how to craft a 5 paragraph essay outline template. The following are some samples to motivate you in writing.

Example 1

Sample outline template for a 5 paragraph essay

Title: …………

  1. Introduction
  • Introductory statement
  • Thesis statement
  1. Body
  • First supporting idea (Topic sentence)
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • Second Supporting idea (Topic sentence)
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • Third supporting idea (Topic sentence)…

Simply click on this link to see the whole sample outline template.


Example 2

Sample Outline for a 5 Paragraph narrative essay about a ‘Present’

Introductory paragraph

General Topic Sentence

  • Sub-topic One: The reason it was given
  • Sub-topic Two: Description of the present
  • Sub-topic Three: How you felt receiving the present
  • Transition

First Supporting Paragraph

  • Restate Sub-topic One
  • Supporting details or examples
  • Transition…

Read the rest of this outline template here.


Example 3

Sample essay outline template

  • Amazing Introduction
  • Hook
  • Thesis statement
  • Argument A
  • Support 1 A
  • Support 2 A
  • Support 3 A
  • Argument B
  • Support 1 B
  • Support 2 B
  • Support 3 B
  • Argument C
  • Support 1 C
  • Support 2 C
  • Support 3 C
  • Conclusion
  • Thesis restated
  • Broader significance

Find the above sample outline template on this link.


In case you may need help on how to craft a good 5 paragraph essay outline template, simply get in touch with us. Alternatively, you can also refer to our homepage to find out more on how to easily acquire our professional essay help.










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