Effects of Cold War on Soviet Union

Agriculture Essay on Food security

Food security

The debate about food security is without doubt getting tenser as countries are struggling to come up with ways of achieving food security. In fact, food security is one of the aspects that are believed to be critical in a country. It is unfortunate that many countries are faced with the menace of food insecurity, especially the underdeveloped and developing nations. If a country does not have adequate food to feed its population, it means that it will be dependent on other nations for food supplies. No country will be able to achieve a high GDP if food security is not defined. Schutter says that Canada is a country that has been faced with food insecurity for the past few years. The country requires methods of poverty eradication and addressing food shortage.

This paper will provide information on the importance of investing in agriculture, in order to enhance food security in Canada. Thus, this paper will be important in highlighting the merits of investing in agriculture as a source of food, not only in Canada but also other countries across the globe.

Schutter pointed out that investing in agriculture was influenced by the food crisis that occurred in 2008. Therefore, re-investing in agriculture was important in addressing the problem that was experienced in Canada. Besides, the ecological, food and energy crises are the key issues that are pushing for re-investment in agriculture. Therefore, it is important to show that investment in agriculture is critical for securing food supplies in a country. This can be achieved through the reorientation of the agricultural system towards the modes of production, which are more productive and highly sustainable for food adequacy.

It should be noted that the report offered by Schutter argues that the scaling up the experiences is the main challenge that is experienced in the current world. This means that the policies meant for the regulation of food production will be targeting the creation of a sufficient environment that is supportive of various modes of production. For instance, the prioritization of the acquisition of public goods in public            expenditure. Besides, investment in forms of social organization that encourages partnerships that include field schools for farmers and innovation networks for them. There is also a responsibility of creating a macro-economic organization that can enhance an environment that can link sustainable farms to fair markets.

It is clear that investment in agriculture is critical. Schutter says that agriculture reveals the importance of agriculture in business. This entails the renovation of markets and other avenues for trade and business markets. Schutter seems to be supporting the issue of investment in agribusiness since it can help in the elimination of poverty. The kit shows that agribusiness should be aimed at the modes of production in the sector. This is confirmation that agribusiness is an important factor that should be focused on when looking towards fighting poverty in the country. In my opinion, agribusiness is important and should never be abolished in the elimination of poverty. Agribusiness is a factor that significantly fights poverty if practiced. Schutter argues that agribusiness is an element that should be considered in the fight against poverty in a nation. In fact, it is important that everyone including investors should make investments in agribusiness in order to raise their income levels as well as the country’s GDP.

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