Current State of Cambodia

Anthropology Essay on Current State of Cambodia

Current State of Cambodia

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia in the southern part of Indochina Peninsula and it is about 181, 035 square kilometers in size. This is a report on the present state of Cambodia.

The economy of Cambodia is currently following an open market system and it has grown rapidly in the past decade. Despite the rapid increase in per capita income, it is still relatively lower compared to that of many neighboring countries. According to Chheang (2008) and Lee (2011), tourism and textiles industries are the largest industries while agriculture is one of the most popular sources of income for rural people.

The prevailing political system in the country is a party system, with Cambodian People’s Party being the largest party (Overton, 2013). Even so, the system has undergone reorganization a great deal because of internal wrangles over time with many parties being aligned around prominent people that lack a vivid leadership profile. Human rights groups have also grown beyond segregation and pressure emerging from authorities and have attracted global attention through their excellent advocacy activities.

According to Ear (2009), increased administrative activism means increase party politicking with ability to oppose incompetent leadership and discrimination in the society. Even though there is clear power separation included in the constitution, Varis (2008), indicates that the executive arm of government has cartelized power to a level of overruling decisions made by parliament and interfering with the judicial processes.

The electoral process in the country is also open and not free and fair hence, another challenge in the country. This is characterized by much mismanagement including opaque campaign financing and manipulation of elector registers. The country has dreamed of enhancing its political standing through dismantling of groups that operate in border line around Pailin.

Religious freedom constitutionality has also been appreciated with the minorities small Muslim Chan enjoying freedom despite that the state religion in the country is Buddhism. Even so, Ray ad Bloom (2012) aver that segregation and anti-minority bias is still directed at foreigners that seek asylum in the country from warring states including Thailand and Vietnam.




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