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Biology Essay on Biotechnological Issues

Biotechnological Issues: Cloning

From the paper presented, I would say that, yes I have comprehended how technology is applied, and especially with regards to the cloning process, where it is used in production of genetic copies of biological entities. There are different ways in which the application of the technology can be beneficial to human beings and these include through the identification of illnesses using the therapeutic cloning which was well put across. In addition, the hazards that may be caused as a result of the application of the technology on the clones such as mutation and the inability to reproduce was also well expounded.

In addition to the topic expounded in the article, I would also propose that an additional topic to be covered such as the comparison between the human clones and the normal born human beings, and an assessment of whether clones can in any way be better than the normal human beings in case reproductive cloning is successful.

With regard to the regulation that has so far been highlighted in the paper, concerning the case of the State of California which banned the human reproductive cloning, I support the regulation. This is because of the pros and cons that were clearly explained in the paper with regards to cloning and its implications, and more so in reproductive human cloning. It is clear from these explanations that the cons by far outnumber and outweigh the pros of this technological process. So far, the only important benefit that was highlighted in the presentation was the therapeutic cloning, which is important in the field of medication. This type of cloning has not been banned in California. However, the state has a regulation concerning reproductive human cloning, which has been proved to have numerous negative consequences that include the inability of the clones to reproduce and the possibility of mutation. Other challenges would come in the form of social problems such as lack of regards and respect for the clones by the normal human beings. The local regulations have also embraced the same stance and possess similar general feelings about the same technological advancement.

In regard to the population, matters that concern ethics are fairly discussed, and the real ethical questions and complications that may arise are clearly expounded. An example of such a case is the question regarding what would really transpire between a father and the clone daughter of his wife. There is bound to be love relationships between the two and this would raise serious ethical and moral questions if this were to happen. There are high chances that clones would not be treated with respect as compared to other normal members of the society. In essence, the clones would actually be regarded as lesser human beings, and this poses a big ethical question on the respect of the individuals and their rights.

Technology affects me at a personal level mainly because it is used in the therapeutic cloning, which is a very important process in the discovery and development of varied medication for illnesses. I therefore believe that this technology affects me directly and indirectly and will even affect me more in future. This is because technological advancement is ongoing and is bound to expand both in practice and impact.

The most interesting thing I have learnt in this paper is that there are many attempts to develop and incorporate human reproductive cloning in society. Research shows that clones, by themselves, are not able to reproduce. The paper is logically organized, making it easy to read and comprehend hence there is no major criticism to be leveled except that there is very little said concerning the regulations. This is because only the single case of California was made mention of and addressed in the paper. Nevertheless, the paper is well researched and written.

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