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Biology Essay on European Food Scares and their Impact on EU food Policy

European Food Scares and their Impact on EU food Policy


In the start of 1970s, food security was not contemplated vital politically, socially or scientifically. Among the first food protection events was the one that took place in Southern France in AD 944, whereby around 40,000 people died due to ergotism, nevertheless, this was not perceived as food danger, ethical dread of a food scare. The term food scare initially appeared in the magazine in the mid-1980s founded on the Tylenol tablets that were being lace with cyanide, an undertaking these days recognized as bioterrorism. The term is used for a number of food protection connected circumstances. It is typically related to the increase in societal interest over food security events as well as escalating mass media focus that complement s these occurrences. There are several food scares that have been experienced all over Europe in the course of 1986 to mid-2006, that were accounted by the media as well as the concerned state representatives as microbiological, contaminant, and animal disease associated food occurrences. The wreak of each of the accounted food scares differs, even though each of them have had an effect on both the client purchasing manner developments as well as food policy growth entirely in Europe.


The food scares related to microbiological incorporate Salmonella, E. Cali, Campylobacter, Botulism as well as Listeria. Amongst these 4, the food borne pathogen of Salmonella is believed to have vast effect on client insights as well as consumption conduct entirely in Europe. The chief contributing facet linked with egged is referred to as the salmonella serotype virus in northern England in 2005 and was because of a surge in importation of the Spanish eggs. The other key Salmonella species is refereed to as the Salmonella Typhimurium. A trivial food scare linked with the importation of meat from Poland and was revealed in Denmark and Sweden in 2005. Other less common Salmonella organisms, which are linked with food scares in Europe incorporate Salmonella Bongori, a unusual serotype, the source which is linked with both sewage plants and animal wastes. The broadly accounted bacterial pathogens in Europe are known as Campylobacter. Campylobacter jejuni was discovered to be the broadly looked upon core wreak of food poisoning in the UK. Although the epidemic was linked with custard, it is well thought that cross poisoning happens in uncooked chicken.  Botulism is a deadly bacterial poison that is created by Bacillus botulism or Clostridium botulism virus. This bacterium can be alleviated via enhanced commercial food storage strategies and industrial food processing. The food abided spread of Listeria is known as the second leading cause of deaths. E.coli is perceived as a vastly virulent organism as well as impacts chiefly kids and the ageing. The chief wreak of E.coli is raw ground beef.

Poison associated with scares are linked with use of antibiotics, pesticides and hormones, which are present in many foods. These are hygiene related as well as food contamination food scares. The antibiotic utilization in on-farm production is one of the toxin linked focus of the clients. Consequently, the number of bacteria is getting rapidly irrepressible to majority of strain antibiotics. The chemical features have as well caused client concerns. For example, the incident whereby carcinogenic benzene was established in Perrier bottled water in 1990. Pesticide remain in food is the other kind of contaminant associated matter that both clients in Europe and globe dread about. Animal disease associated scares incorporate nvCJD, BSE, food and mouth diseases as well as avian influenza. In Europe, the core animal infection associated food scare is BCS.



The article is significant in comprehending the key food scares as well as the methods of coping with them. The paper can be utilized for study reasons in comprehending the developments, causes and effects of the food scares.

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