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Personal Statement

Getting the opportunity to take part in the career that you have always dreamt of since childhood is one of the greatest achievements in life. While growing up, I came across several students who had the dreams of becoming doctors, pilots, teachers and successful business practitioners. My heart was set on becoming a nurse. The profession is one that is faced with extreme challenges. However, I still hold the belief that it is the most fulfilling career that I am interested in. I have always wanted to be a nurse in life. In fact, there is nothing in my whole life that can be compared to satisfaction and happiness that I feel while taking care of patients. From a tender age, I have always been thrilled with taking care of patients. Nursing is a responsibility that perfectly suits me for my entire life.

I have participated in many nursing programs that have contributed greatly towards increasing my desire of becoming a nurse in future. In 2007, I was among the volunteers at St. Mary’s Hospital for four months. Here, I was assigned to the pediatric department where I was to ensure the comfort of children at the facility. Besides, I was also charged with making sure that the needs of physicians were met. After my tenure at the facility, I volunteered again at the University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey in Same Day surgery. I was at this institution between November 2007 and July 2008 where I was charged with the responsibility of filing paperwork, assisting in the transfer of patients to the Operation Room as well as feeding and cleaning patients.

My biggest assignment was working at St. Joseph’s Medical Emergency Room, Petterson, New Jersey from February 2009 to August 2011. At this institution, I worked as a medical scribe for the pediatrics ER. My responsibilities involved assisting the physician before operation and accompanying him or her to the examination room, documentation of the review of system and physical exam results, keeping track of laboratory values and imaging studies and looking up the past medical records of patients. I was also charged with the recording of progress notes, entering discharge plans among other prescriptions.

In order to get to where I am today, I have faced and overcome various familiar challenges throughout my undergraduate studies. These difficulties greatly affected my performance at college. It is a reflection of my hard work and desire that despite my family-related problems, I have been able to push myself to finally get to the last step into accomplishing my dream in nursing. This dream will become a reality when you give me the chance to pursue this course at your school.

Nursing is a career that is well suited for individuals who are reliable, dedicated, trusted and have the ability of developing relationships with patients fast. I am convinced that I possess these qualities. Becoming a nurse is what I have always wanted in life since I genuinely want to make a difference in many people’s lives. I have the desire of becoming the hope of patients and their families during those times when they experienced the highest vulnerability. It is my hope that you will accord me the chance of fulfilling my life-long ambition. I promise to consistently study both day and night in order to accomplish my dream, make my family proud and create a lasting impact in many people’s lives.

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