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Business Studies Essay on Big Rock Brewery

Big Rock Brewery


Big Rock Brewery is an alcoholic beverage manufacturing corporation situated at Alberta Canada. It was established in the year 1985 by Ed McNally, who was playing a leading role in the best interests of barley farmers, after discovering that barley was chiefly used in feeding livestock in Alberta (McClearn 13). Ever since, the organization has progressed into producing an estimated 45 million liters of beer every year. Presently, the brewery has three branches and the core branch is proficient in manufacturing 200 hectoliters with the new C.E.O Bob Sartor (McClearn 14). As a result, this research looks at the goals, strategies, SWOT analysis as well as the criteria used by the corporation to bring about its victory for many years.

Objectives of the company

A company has to come up with easy to accomplish targets as well as objectives to oversee it in achieving its vision which states “to create a masterpiece, no compromise tolerated”. Big rock brewery has analyzed its goals into personal, divisional as well as business objectives (Big Rock Brewer report 2013 n.p). Personal objectives are accredited to satisfying the workers’ working environment as well as improving personal development. They incorporate hiring the best people, frequently training them to prepare them with enough ability as well as making sure they have a satisfying working setting. Divisional objectives vastly concentrate on the client. This incorporates envisioning and also reacting to client expectations, watching the retailers for consumer safety as well as implementing client necessities. The business goals can be abridged as making sure they meet the client demands by acting as the leading organization in inventory as well as quality production.

Strategies of the company

To correspond to the competitive advantage, Big Rock Brewery places its money in a number of ventures so as to market its commodity. The strategies are focused on figuring out what commodities need chief resource distributions. These plans are categorized into diverse groups to improve a single platform for the corporation’s triumph.

Business strategy: alludes to the means that a company has come up with to accomplish its anticipated goals and can include enduring business strategizing. The key business strategy for Big Rock Brewery is to be the chief beer manufacturer as well a promoter in the Canadian market. For this to be possible, the corporation has to keep trail of their label consciousness as well as sales effect amongst their clients. In line with Ramage, Big Rock went to Calgary Agency Venture Communications for help in trailing promotion and strategic objectives (9). The company discovered that promotion and brand alertness were essential elements in making sure they get imperatively high stake. As a result, the corporation framed an advertising campaign known as “ads and sample Big Rock”; nevertheless, the campaign was tested by low turnout. Calgary Agency Venture Communications formed an online promotion that included trailing client feedback, surging submissions as well as marketing on-site trails (Ramage 9). At last, “the ads and sample Big Rock” audience with submissions, escalating by 18 percent as well as the on-site trailing illustrated by 61 percent were new contributors in the promotion. Jim Burton, who is the director of public relations, denoted that the feedback was fruitful as well as they learnt that getting an outside promoter was an exceptional decision (Ramage 9).

Corporate and functional strategies: corporate strategies include the steps that are prepared by the company to cox its commodity sales. As it start, the corporation’s goals have been driven by the need to produce quality beer in the nation. The founder of Big Rock at one time consumed whisky and found it to be poor quality, which provided him a thought of establishing his own brewery (McClearn 13). As a result, the corporation has been involved in concrete study and inventory in making sure they manufacture quality commodities always. In the recent times, the C.E.O declared a move of re-packing the commodities as a part of a general strategy for the refreshed label (Mario n.p). The function of repackaging is to capture the client attention, as well as sustain the label’s image imperative to the recent generation, in line with the C.E.O (Mario n.p). The other business plan is corporate social responsibility programs that are planned by the corporation.

Competitive advantage: Big Rock’s incessant involvement in community activities and events is their latest efficient approach. One of the programs started by Big Rock is known as the “Eddies” where the corporation funds creative ideas in the community (Ramage 9). Typically, they request individuals to create Big Rock advertisements and commercials: the individual with the most exceptional thought is funded. They strategize on social occasions, offer protracted health merits as well as remit barley products to the growers to feed their cattle. They as well plan Heritage Park Beer making seminars and Big Beer can promote growers’ fields.

SWOT analysis

Strengths: the supreme advantage of Big Rock over its rivals is the broad variety of their commodities. In line with a Big Rock Brewer account 2013, they boast of a total of 9 beer commodities in addition to three seasonal labels which empower them to suit their general consumer desires. Consequently, the corporation has a capability of aiming at the larger markets as well as alluring a number of beer tastes. Additionally, the corporation produces its commodities from the local ingredients devoid of many chemical flavors.

Weaknesses: Big Rock has a flaw of its commodity allocation as it solitary reaches smaller areas. Even with assortment of beer products, they are still remaining behind in dealing with the broad scope of the readily accessible market.

Opportunities: the vast prospect that Big Rock can merit from is joining the worldwide market. Because of the reputation it obtained in North America, the nation can join the international market to surge its sales. Nevertheless, the corporation is working on this opening as it commenced allocation of it commodities to North Korea.

Threats: The Corporation is challenged by a number of rivals for instance Sleeman brewery, Molson and Wild Rose brewery to name but a few.

Challenges Facing the Company

Alberta province levies huge taxes on beer, wreaking the corporation to direct the burden to client (Ramage 9). On top of this, a horde of micro as well as national breweries try to control the sector, causing a fierce rivalry to Big Rock. Inventions as well as product instability are still a great difficult to the corporation. The same way, the cost of ingredients, canning and inventory have significantly surged as of 2011 which is projected to lessen the corporation’s net gains.


Big Rock Brewery has maintained the status of the best beer manufacturer, promoter as well as distributor in Canada; nevertheless, it is these days going through massive competition. Majority of its accomplishments have been due to articulating helpful strategies. For example, planning a seminar aids the corporation to get response from the consumer and comprehend their likings. Additionally, rebranding enhances the image of the commodity appealing to more clients eradicating the claims of poor storage. In summary, Big Rock Brewery can regain its early glory by looking at the danger of new rivals as well as taking advantage of the new openings in the worldwide market.

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