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Business Studies Essay on Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Bernado’s Bistro Bus Environmental Analysis

Impacting factorStrengthWeaknessOpportunityThreatTrends
Internal Environment
Strategy·         Mobility of the lorry·         Obtainability in time

·         Time of action (between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m.).

·         affordable prices than rivals

·         Partial menu selection·         Numerous permits for serving numerous locations

·         Limited client  audience

·         College populace·         Few rivals in the market

·         Places with large worker population with nightshifts, e.g. workshops

·         Other automobile  businesses·         Service Delivery by established fast food-stores

·         little profit margins making it hard to provide special offers and discounts

·         many fast-food stores are venturing into the food car business, such as Taco Bell (Tepper, 2012) 
Resources·         Few resources needed in space, investment  and human resource·         Ingredients available locally

·         Small convenient staff

·         Eco-pleasantness

·         Trucks are costly to build for the business·         May not have enough to expand the business further


·         With accumulative income, more automobile can be purchased·         Growing the cuisine to utilize available ingredients·         Continued rise in the price of food prices and ingredient prices·         Food vehicles are procuring more cuisines in their offering.·         including family members as staff (Gelt, 2009)
Goals·         Consumer focused·         Involves the local community

·         Based on business focused standards

·         Ambitious (establish brick and mortar entities)

·         Only locally focused, thus restricting the profit margins·         Too much focus on customers without considering staff members·         Develop goals to include other areas in need of the provision·         Focus on employees for quality service·         Focus on clients can leave staff discontented, thereby losing customers·         rivals may also have same goals


·         Establishment of formal sustainability approach for organizational rationalization·         Reimbursement fixed on goal sustainability (Ivanova, 2013, p. 2)


Strategic capabilities·         Administration of scarcity, which develops desire for the meals (McCracken, 2011)·         Novelty in the submission (American and Italian cuisine)·         Less building of client constancy ·         Other areas not attended (areas away from Mobile and Al cities) ·         Setting up of additional brick and mortar chains·         Fast food chains reducing prices·         Strategic corporation with chain stores·         employment of trucks as opposed to purchasing
Culture·         robust business culture·         engagement of local community offers both defense and market

·         Provide a cultural following with individuals of different class, career and income

·         Lack of market breakdown ·         Develop an ethnic trend/following with clients·         Other fast food stores have created a cultural following among their clients·         The food truck venture is fast becoming a culture across diverse societal classes
Technologies·         Use of social media  and internet including Twitter and Facebook for promotion·         Acceptance of different payment services·         Many people are not specific on social media promos·         creation of smartphone apps·         Other truck and fast food stores are using social media for promotion·         creation of a fan base and following on social media (Gelt, 2009)
Innovations·         Magnificent cuisines and use of client reward card·         Other clients opt for  more customary meals·         Include both customary and more of the modern cuisines on the carte du jour·         Other fast food stores offer rebate on exquisite foods·         Nonstop advertisement of locations via social media and offering partial edition specials (McCracken, 2011)
Intellectual property·         Domestic gravy special to the truck·         Clients may not find it interesting·         Include more exclusive offering·         Other more conventional homemade and large scale contributions·         Patenting of fashionable offerings
Leadership·         Shielding and supportive administration built on trust·         Compensation for the management may not be as smart as it is from well-developed stores.·         employing more qualified and competent frontrunners with good track record·         Thieving by other truck corporations with good financial standing·         Management and staff retaining part of the venture for motivation
External Environment
Legal and regulatory·         Easy availability of permit with less monitoring essentials·         Need for various permits because the truck serves different localities·         Preliminary exclusive trucks for exclusive locations·         Need for excellent food whose absence can easily lead to closure
Economic·         Small investment needed to create  and run the venture·         Request for fast food by a large population·         Because of low turnover margins, inability to benefit from economies of scale·         Offering smaller cheaper bits of the meals·         Economic recession
Technological·         Usage of internet and social media for promotion·         Time and money consumption in running a website and social media update·         Smartphone apps that make it easier to handle such complexities·         Negative annotations can go viral and endanger the business existence·         Smartphone apps that make it easier to cope with such complexities


Bernado’s Bistro Bus as a small venture, has weaknesses, strengths, opportunities as well as threats that it has to face in its operations. The flexibility of the business enables it to reach clients at the right time. The use of internet, particularly, social media and personal website alongside acceptance of website preorders gives it a competitive advantage against its competitors who are not using the same avenues.

More opportunities are also available for the business in point of sale systems that would help in the restructuring of the payment system of the establishment. Even though different regulatory duties requires that the business obtains permits for its operations in various locations, it is essential to note that this, offers the company an exclusive growth opportunity by having different trucks operate in specific areas based on ease of legal requirements and regulations.

Prevailing patenting trends of intellectual property also enables the business to enjoy additional earnings as well as exclusive royalty rights for using its exclusive submissions. Despite the fact that global and local economies are experiencing a downturn, the flexibility of the business is quite evident on its economical offerings which are exclusive.

Bernado’s Bistro Bus preparedness to put the interests of employees before its profits is one way of staying on top of the game in fields that they are well adapted to change. Since business promotion in small and large business is taking to the internet, Bernado’s Bistro Bus displays flexibility via its presence online and more specifically on social media platform for branding and advertising.

Furthermore, Bernado’s Bistro Bus keeps in the trend of building client loyalty by offering awards. Growth and expansion opportunities for the business also exist in approach, internal and external forces. Given business mobility, populated college areas provide exceptional marketing opportunities for the business.  This is alongside factor staff who have limited meal options and less time.

The lesser food truck businesses operating in Mobile and Al areas, the more the growth and establishment of client loyalty as well as branding opportunities. Therefore, this provides the company an exclusive opportunity to build the best image and good reputation while preventing any possible entrant into the food and truck business. Even so, there are few rivals in the market and is a major threat to Bernado’s Bistro Bus because they offer the same services at a cheaper price and with more discounts.

To remain as the best option, Bernado’s Bistro Bus will need to offer even better services and various cuisines at highly competitive prices. Traditional brick and mortar fast food chains and restaurants also pose stiff competition to the food and truck business despite the fact that there are other food truck stores that are a threat to Bernado’s Bistro Bus.

Offering its external cuisines and more traditional cuisines could be one of the strategies to help the store deal with the challenges. This is in addition to offering more quality dishes and at competitive process. Similarly, since promotion is equally essential for any business, the use of additional traditional promotion avenues including radio, television and billboards alongside posters can help create more brand visibility.

The supply chain of Bernado’s Bistro Bus operations also involves staff and suppliers of the company. The business makes the most of suppliers because they constitute the largest part of company requisite ingredient supplies for different cuisines prepared by the business. Continued relationship with suppliers has also enabled the business to expand its operations, meet client needs and high demand for standard meals and services.

With focus on clients, the staff of the business have ensured that offer timely deliveries to all preorders and also ensure that all call in clients continue to enjoy quality services.  This has been made specifically possible through employment of guiding principles of the business including satisfaction, quality, support, flexibility and fitting in in the strategic plan of the business.

While Bernado’s Bistro Bus business has many strengths, its threats and weaknesses also offer a chance for the business to capitalize on prevailing opportunities. Current changes in food truck business also offer exceptional expansion and growth opportunities to the company. What’s more, the business is more clients oriented offering it a competitive advantage against its competitors who are more focused on making profits.

The environmental analysis thus, offers a reinvention and implementation opportunity for a more sound business approach.



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