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Business Studies Essay on Gourmet Coffee Shop: Staffing Organization

Gourmet Coffee Shop: Staffing Organization

Assignment One

Type of Employment Relationship to be established

In my business, employees are vital assets. Therefore, there is need to meet their demands and needs whenever they arise. They are productive and fruitful when they feel they are part of the organization and when they are happy. This can be realized by creating a positive relationship between the employer and the employee.

I plan to develop an employee friendly environment for all my staff from a legal perspective. I also prefer an employer-employer connection between my business and my staff. This kind of relationship will however be guided based on an employment agreement that clearly dictates conditions and terms of employment. The document will also include expectations and promises of the entity and that of the workforce.

The employment relationship will also ensure workers are justly treated and with respect. My plan is therefore to ensure that the working environment is favorable. Staff members should be happy because it is a form of motivation to enable them work smart and hard. The kind of relationship to be established will also be generated based on a common law principle, thus enabling either of the parties to terminate the contract at any point without notice.

The principle also enables the employees and the business to create other employment terms and write them down to prevent inconsistencies (McGregor, 1960).

Ways of Avoiding Disparate Treatment in the Entity

Employees should be handled with a lot of respect and justly treated. The coffee shop will employ ideal principles to prevent any unjust treatment of staff members. It is also imperative that the business employs the best practices to enable it address different issues affecting employees with different roles.

One of the most ideal ways for the shop to prevent disagreements is by ensuring the entity management offers training programs based on the organization’s legal requirements, as stated by anti-discrimination laws on different aspects including employee training, remuneration, employee selection and general treatment.

The other way of preventing disparities is by implementing and embracing laws and regulations that affect employee behavior or conduct in the work environment. This is imperative in enabling the business to avoid discriminatory acts by all possible means. The policy to be adopted should also clearly stipulate biases and stereotypes against staff members. Additionally, it should indicate clearly the best conduct or behavioral examples that are not allowed in the business.

The business should also ensure its staff members are of the right age. This is the third way to prevent unjust employee treatment. Therefore, the entity should carry out annual audits as a way of ensuring that it employs only adults (Armstrong, 2006).

External influences that could hinder staffing and how to address them

According to Armstrong (2006), staffing process in a company is affected by external factors in which the entity is operating at. Some of the external factors that affect business operations specifically include

  • Staffing policies
  • Workforce trends
  • Existing economic development policies
  • Economic conditions
  • Demand and supply of employees among other factors

These factors are often grouped into economic, legal-political and socio-cultural constraints. In most cases, they affect the entire staffing process or to different degrees. Employment practices for example that will be adopted at the coffee shop will be influenced a great deal by prevailing employment policies.

The management of Gourmet coffee shop must therefore, take into account the role of creating an ideal working environment for all members of staff, as a way of addressing their requirements and demands of the external forces. It is also essential to note that employment policies call for the employment of the best practices by an organizations on issues such as provision of sufficient compensation, employees career progression, benefit schemes, career development, ideal framework governing human capital in the organization and employee job satisfaction.

To ensure success in the employment process, Gourmet coffee shop management should be oriented towards addressing external environment forces, i.e. the government and the general public. It should work hard to address legitimate demands and needs of external environment and follow ethical standards to the highest level. It will also submit to labor laws, offer adequate compensation to staff members and other benefit scheme among other factors (McGregor, 1960).

How the Coffee Shop Will Deal With Employee Shortage and Surplus

It is clear that many organizations encounter employee surplus and shortage at some point based on previous employee trends. As such, it is essential for the coffee shop’s top leadership to employ ideal strategies to manage such situations. There are different ways that can be employed to deal with shortage or surplus of workforce.

One of the strategies that can be employed by the management of the shop is handling employee excesses is freezing.  In the event of dissatisfaction, many people quit their jobs. In the event of departures, the technique requires that the management avoids filling vacant positions but try as much as possible to create a balance in labor excesses without necessarily laying off any employee.

If it is expensive to accommodate employees who are least needed in the place of work, the management may consider lay off. In such a situation, top leadership will be forced to end employment contract of some staff on short notice as a way of retaining the viability of the business. The shop will additionally manage shortages of employees by forecasting and planning manpower needs in advance.

The strategy will enable the management to equip all employees sufficiently with ideal skills applicable in all departments. The entity can also employ temporary employment contracts on a specific number of staff. This will help the shop to renew the contract of some staff members in the event of shortage (Kossek, Lobel, & Brown, 2005).

Workforce Diverse Strategy that will be adopted

Gourmet coffee shop will employ diversity of staff. This is something that can be hard to manage in some cases. Despite the fact that it is a challenging task, it will enable the company to achieve a competitive edge. This is because the company will attract various skills, ideas, beliefs and attitudes that will be beneficial in the short run and in the long run.

One of the staff management diversity management strategies is creating and adopting the right policies to reduce discrimination issues in the place of work. The entity’s top leadership will also employ an equitable and fair human resource management approach because it will enhance diversity of staff.

It will also adopt hiring practices including open discussion forums for all staff members as well as regulatory practices to help eliminate discriminatory practices in the place of work (Kossek, Lobel, & Brown, 2005).

Job Requirement Analysis

Job Requirement Analysis for Store Managers

Responsibilities– store managers will be will be in charge of allocating duties to employees at junior level, and teams, preparing and keeping records of employee performance, monitoring store operations and preparing performance records for all stores.

Environment– the ever increasing demands of clients will also put pressure on the store’s management to enhance performance, increase sales volumes and they will also be forced to work for long hours

Resources– store managers will also use cash registers and computers as their trade tools

Relationships– managers of the store will ensure enhanced client interaction as well as staff relations

Qualifications-for a person to be an effective store manager, he or she should be conversant with accounting knowledge, customer service skills, managerial skills and human resource management capabilities

Job Analysis for Coffee Servers

Duties and responsibilities– coffee serves will have the responsibility of ensuring orders from clients are taken, all request orders are delivered and they should report to store managers

Environment- coffee servers are also needed in a job environment that is quite demanding  and they should meet the demands of clients at all costs, work extra hours and they are expected to work even better.

Resources-coffee servers will be utilizing coffee makers

Relationships-coffee servers like all other store managers will also be expected to interact with clients. Additionally, they will cooperate with store manager.

Qualification-all coffee servers should have the right customer service skills and knowledge



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Assignment Two

A Recruitment Plan and Strategy

  • Recruitment plan
  • Gourmet coffee shop
  • Year of Establishment: 2012
  • Recruitment Plan for 2014-2017
  • Vacant Positions to be filled
  • Store manager (3)
  • Coffee servers (10)

Some of the credentials that are highly considered in the entire hiring process

  • Strong relationship building skills
  • High professionalism level
  • Effective communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility
  • Team player
  • Reliable

Gourmet Coffee Shop is a small company with little human capital and resources. In this relevance, it is not able to engage in an effective recruitment process on its own. The entity will therefore employ ‘‘we find you’’ approach. This strategy is proactive based on the fact that it will enable the organization to determine highly performing employees or individuals in other companies and inform them of their vacant positions.

There are other recruitment processes that often attract masses, thus they become costly in the end. The ‘‘we find you’’ strategy will ensure a reduction application numbers while maximizing on applicant’s quality. As recommended by Sullivan (2005), the only ideal way for an entity to hire performing employees is to give up on the idea and employ a strategy that finds them automatically and effectively.

This strategy is affordable because it will enable the organization to avoid a lot of losses associated with the hiring process. Even with a recruitment plan, the hiring team will consider identification of hiring requirements, evaluate applicant’s preferences and confirm their educational backgrounds.

As recommended by Sullivan (2005), employing such a strategy will provide the best start ups solutions. The hiring team will also establish the total recruitment costs and make the shop popular. Since the Gourmet coffee shop is looking for applicants with specific qualifications and skills, the targeted recruitment option will be employed. This is very important because it helps to prevent attraction of many applicants and in the end; it helps to cut down on recruitment costs (Sullivan, 2005).

A communication Message that attract applicants to Fill Open Positions

Many organizations often oversee the duty of attracting applicants in a hiring process. It is therefore crucial for the organization to market it to the present workforce in the labor market because it is a small organization. It is additionally absurd to assume that the labor market is stagnant. The labor market is no doubt that keeps changing with time, therefore, competition for the right qualifications and skills, something that is quite common. Informing labor market on vacant positions should also be carried out effectively.

The message passed to them should also be reliable and precise. It should also attract attention of applicants and be enticing to them. Below is a communication message sample that will be utilized by Gourmet Coffee Shop

  • Store Manager, Gourmet Coffee Shop-Premium Job
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Salary: Potential to earn up to 50, 000+super
  • Date Posted: 19/01/2014
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Company: Gourmet Coffee Shop

Gourmet Coffee Shop is a newly established business that aims to provide the finest services in Washington

We offer an incredible opportunity that can take you to an extra step in career. We require qualified employees who can join our friendly team. We are therefore, looking for conscientious persons with store-managing experience, accounting knowledge and relevant managerial skills.

The people should also be in a position to work under minimum supervision. The successful applicants will be expected to receive and unpack stock. Good customer service is also essential.

The occupants of this place must be available to work over the weekend or weekdays. Current driving license is also imperative.

To apply, kindly send your cover letter and your resume

The Best Communication Medium for Recruitment Effort

Employees affect success of the company. Therefore, it is essential that the company attracts and hire individuals with the right skills and experience. The main purpose of the hiring process for Gourmet Coffee Shop is to attract experienced individuals.

Communication medium also affects the type of applicants that will be attracted to the entire process (Castilla, 2005). As a result, there is need to ensure that an ideal communication is employed. It is also clear that many countries are migrating to digital world, thanks to advancement in technology.  With this in mind, it is essential to consider that the highest number of job seekers in modern times has employed internet technology.

Gourmet Coffee Shop should also make advertisements through social media as a way of communication throughout the hiring process. To find the ideal person, the company will also employ websites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites have been proven highly effective in different ways. The use of social media as a form of communication and advertising is ideal for different reasons.

Social sites also reduce the costs that the entity incurs. Advertisement via social media is also free especially via LinkedIn and Facebook. The company will also be in a position to reach the right target audience.

Other social sites enable recruiters to search for the right candidates based on skills, experience and educational background. Transparency is however the most crucial factor in the recruitment exercises. Social media enables the company to pursue operational branding and build a positive image for the organization. It will also enhance help to increase its brand visibility and it can be utilized to create and maintain the best brand image (Castilla, 2005).

Employee Selection Process

Employee selection is the most significant exercise that will be carried out by the organization. The process is ideal and it affects the success of the entity. It should also be employed or affected by taking into consideration the nature of job in mind. The employee selection process as such should also include staffing, proper planning and retention activities.

Basically, there are various strategies that can be used in selection of employees and they include interviewing, testing, screening, application and presentation forms. Gourmet Coffee Shop will therefore employ a structured interview strategy to choose staff members. The applicants in this strategy are always required to ask different specific questions, preset and related to the vacancy or available job. Applicant responses are also graded via a detailed criterion.

The structured interview employee selection method is also crucial because it enables the organization to hire and reward employees who are performing well in their jobs. As proposed by Pulakos (2005), various positions call for different capabilities. The coffee servers’ positions at the Gourmet Coffee Shop as well as store managers need different aptitudes. Structured interviews often focus on individual capabilities which are very crucial as they enhance general performance in different ways.

  • Structured interviews also have different elements affecting the selection process of employees. The elements include
  • Queries based on effective target job analysis. The interviewing panel bases questions on different competencies
  • Same questions are also asked for every candidate
  • Specific questions are asked in the interview process
  • Behavioral attached rating scales are also utilized
  • Limited follow up questions are also used in the interviewer


  • Ensure that equal opportunities are enjoyed by all applicants
  • Evaluate competencies effectively especially those that are hard to measure or identify when using other selection strategies
  • This strategy enables the organization to envisage applicant’s performance is used properly
  • Structured interviews also reduce personal biases effects especially from the interviewers


  • Structured interviews are often tricky because they have low inter-rater dependability
  • The central tendency mistakes are more likely to occur and this is due to lack of proper rating of candidates.

Assessment methods for selecting external candidates

Appointment and selection of applicants is a very rigorous exercise that needs to be carried out with a lot of diligence and care. Selection of employees externally also requires proper evaluation and assessment by the entity. This kind of process needs that the selected authority has proper legal understanding of different issues, more specifically the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (Pulakos, 2005).

Initial Assessment Methods

According to Pulakos (2005), the initial assessment strategy sets a clear scene for a highly profitable relationship between employees and employer. They provide an ideal opportunity for the selected employees and entity to focus on what has been attained or taught in the past. These strategies enable them to foretell what employees wish to achieve in the future.

Previous assessment strategies also offer the selection team or the organization crucial information needed in planning the learning of employees. In return, they enhance their chances of gaining knowledge and engaging with Gourmet Coffee Shop in the future. Initial evaluation methods also enable an organization to make prediction tests that will be utilized in the selection and application process.

External hiring process can attract applicants in masses for the advertised positions. This is common especially if an organization embraces open hiring or recruitment. Prior evaluation methods are also utilized to screen applicants who do not meet minimum qualifications needed for a successful candidate.

Generally, there are different types of initial evaluation methods and they include self-assessment, inventory skills, peer evaluations, informal discussions and recommendations. Even so, the choice of initial evaluation method will be determined by its validity, reliability and effectiveness. Gourmet Coffee Shop will also employ inventory assessment skills to choose external candidates (Lievens & Klimoski, 2001).

Skills inventory Assessment Method

This strategy calls for immediate screening of all candidates by an organization. The information on their employment skills is allocated and this is conceivable, especially if a candidate has been working with another company. The only problem with this strategy is that it is costly and hard sometimes to source this kind of information from organizations.

A customized skills assessment method is also an ideal skill inventory strategy that focuses more on sets of skills and is recorded for particular jobs. This is a fact that sets it apart from traditional and upgraded skills inventory among other related methods. Skills under this method are not included because they are significant but because they are paramount for the success of the job.

The method can also be utilized when choosing coffee servers applicants because the number of candidates is often expected to be large. It is also a cost effective and a reliable method and as a result, matches the recruitment strategy that is affordable (Pulakos, 2005).

Substantive Assessment Method

This method is utilized when selecting external finalists from among external contestants. Some of the substantive methods of assessment include experience, seniority, quality assessment, interview simulations, assessment centers, preference inventories, clinical assessments and structured interviews. The company will therefore employ character tests as the most ideal assessment method for choosing candidates for store manager positions (Pulakos, 2005).

Personality Tests

Positions for store manager consider applicants with skills, specific experiences, and personality traits. Their traits tend to affect their future performance. A store manager position should be filled by a person with different qualities including extraversion, emotional stability, and openness to experience, consciousness and agreeableness. Interviews and questionnaires will be utilized to gauge their personality.

The method is affordable and reliable compared to other strategies such as clinical assessments and performance appraisal. Per se, it is in line with staffing and recruitment method, that aims at incurring minimal costs on the process (Pulakos, 2005).

The predictors that will be used To Assess Ksaos

  • Character testing
  • Interviews
  • Background and reference checks
  • Cognitive testing



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