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Business Studies Essay on Low-Cost Loans Entice Students More for the Cash than a Degree: A Response

Low-Cost Loans Entice Students More for the Cash than a Degree: A Response

In this article, Josh Mitchell points out that some Americans who find themselves in weaker job placements are opting for federal student aid to enable them receive low cost loans instead of obtaining education that will enhance their job prospects. This situation is impacted by various factors. For example, the soft job recovery and the emphasis on education have driven scores of people towards seeking higher education. However, obtaining a low rate student loan, which covers tuition, textbooks and living expenses, has presented an easier way for people to acquire bank loans. In fact, a good number are motivated to obtain these loans to cover their living expenses. A survey on the debts of students and costs in educational institutions in Minnesota revealed that an estimated quarter to three quarters of students loans are used for purposes that are not related to education. The government has in the past argued that a section of student loans should be set aside for living expenses, in order to enable them to dedicate more time for studies. On the other hand, federal laws prohibit the denial of student loans. However, calls have been made by educational groups to set the limits for student loans for some student categories.

This article has pointed out some of the essential economic and social flaws that may in future hinder economic growth if not addressed on due course. Today, people who find it hard to secure a job, and struggling with bank loans or simply experiencing financial constrai8nts are signing up for part time and online courses with the main aim of obtaining student loans. However, this does not help in solving their tribulations. In fact, it only worsens their conditions since they will still have to repay the loans at long last. If many people will be pushed to obtain these basic goods through student loans, the nation might face a bad debt crisis owing to the fact that job recovery has been quite slow (Fernholz 1). Besides, if a significant number of Americans will be debt ridden, the investments and spending levels of the country will be quite low. Issuing loans to everyone simply because they have enrolled for degree is a precursor to an economic decline, akin to the 2008 financial crisis (Hedger 1).

Although the article has clearly revealed the loophole in the federal student loan system, it appears to have forgotten that these loans are assisting so many people in pursuing their ambitions. According to statistics, about a third of college students study full time. For such students, loans are sought in order to get a degree. On the other hand, it is estimated that more than 50% of college students either work part time or full time (Johnson 1). There is a potential that a majority of the students have a genuine motivation to enhance their job prospects by attaining a degree. Thus, suggesting that students are only motivated for the cash may not be entirely true. In the long term, a degree enhances the chances of the individual to get a better job placement. Therefore, while it is not right to give all people student loans, it is wrong to deny those that urgently need them.

It is my belief that the federal government should come up with some forms of background checks for the evaluation of loan applicants. This would help in the identification of those people who direly need the money to pay for their expenses or service their loans. These people can therefore, be denied or given an alternative way of financing their education.


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