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Business Studies Essay on Motivation Case Study

Motivation Case Study

Expectancy Theory

The concept that could be exceptionally used to this case is the expectancy theory. The theory alludes that inspiration is a sensible procedure.  Individuals will work hard in their jobs following sensibly evaluating the merits as well as demerits of putting extra efforts. The concept contends that people look at three things prior to opting how much they should work hard. Firstly, they look at is whether their drives lead to good performance. This is expectancy.

The second thing people look at is if the performance has any impacts. This is instrumentality. At last, people perceive if the results of their undertakings are cherished or accepted. This is valance. For a person to be inspired, the three features-expectancy, valance and instrumentality, need to be constructive. Whether one of the facets is absent, then a person will not be inspired.  Application

The incident has two varied cases. Stephanie is vastly inspired and finds her job pleasing. Expectancy is constructive as she understands that her drive leads to high performance. This can be portrayed from the data that they are capable of moving stock rapidly from the shelves. The instrumentality is helpful as she is remunerated for her labors (Wigfield and Eccles 2000). For instance, her boss assured a discount if she achieves a sales target. At last, the valance is helpful as the remunerations are attractive and she is able to work in diverse fields of the store.   Due to the fact that, expectancy, instrumentality, and valance are encouraging, Stephanie is inspired (Schmidt 1973).

When it comes to Alex he is discouraged. The expectancy is helpful as he try outcomes in high performance. The instrumentality is undesirable as his attempt do not yield significant results.  The valance is as well adverse as the few remunerations he gets are not suitable. As he superficially puts it, his remuneration is simply another sign that says thank-you. As instrumentality and valance are destructive, Alex is demoralized.


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Wigfield, A. & Eccles, J. (2000). Expectancy–value theory of achievement motivation. Contemporary Educational Psychology 25(1), 68–81.

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