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Statement of Purpose

If my friends are asked about me, their response will most probably be that I am a disciplined person with the highest degree of patience and one who can also persevere. Other characteristics that they will also say about me include intelligence, hard work, focus and ambition. I believe that intelligence is the perfect definition of me, having achieved great academic performance since my enrolment in Bloomsburg University. Besides, I am also confident that I am a very hardworking person because of the dedication that I always put in every assignment that is given to me for the best results. Therefore, I strongly believe that these unique features will be critical in my graduate studies.

I have always developed these characteristics and competences since my childhood under the care of my parents. My parents always emphasized on two choices in the approach towards life’s challenges. One of their assertions was that one could approach life by taking on the challenges head on, thereby accomplishing them. One the other hand, one could also choose to stay within their comfort zone, and not address the challenges. As for me, I opted to handle the challenges as they come so as to come up with the appropriate solutions. I chose this because of my belief that the secret to success in life is about facing the challenges the way they are and solving them.

With regards to my interest in business and reading, it is clear that I developed it in my teenage years. I am certain of this because since a teenager, I always had the passion for reading journals and periodicals. These publications were mainly about successful entrepreneurs in the field of business. Besides, the journals also featured some of the companies and corporations that have made great achievements in business. One of the entrepreneurs who really inspired me from the publications is Bill Gates. In fact, I have always grown having the aspiration of being like him, thus my interest in pursuing a career that is business related. Besides, I have always had a passion for graduate education since I believe that education is the best asset that none can take away from another.

Thus, I hereby place my application for an MBA in your university in order to develop my skills in business administration. The skills that I intend to advance include those that are focused on the development of an employee pool, which is aimed at continuous improvement, and quality. On the other hand, I believe that through enrolling for an MBA in your institution, I will also be able to nurture my skills in business operations, thereby becoming one of the finest global entrepreneurs. Besides, I also have an interest in undertaking my MBA at your school because of my ambition in modernizing the way in which people do business in Saudi Arabia. By pursuing this course, I also believe that I will be better placed to face the various challenges and offer solutions as expected by the major corporations.

With regards to academic achievements, I am humbled to inform you that I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg University, this semester.

I saw it wise to apply for admission at your school because of the vast wealth of entrepreneurial resources that it has. Besides, I am also interested in joining the institution because of the rich history that it has in producing some of the best chief executive officers and entrepreneurs in the world. Thus, I am highly excited to be part of a community of extraordinary, goal driven and aggressive innovators who are well known across the globe.

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