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Business Studies Essay on The Fifth Discipline Summary

The Fifth Discipline Summary

The Fifth Discipline enables leaders in undertaking how they can modify vital assumptions, norms, and values in a company efficiently. The underlying principle behind this summary is to create system thinking where more focus is on interrelations of various systems with a large system. Personal mastery and shared objective helps people in realizing organizational goals.

The Fifth Discipline is therefore a disclosure to leadership practices as companies develop by adhering to the five principles as Dorothy Marcic explains. This paper offers a summary of the Fifth Discipline in addition to its reaction and critic.

Individuals persistently develop their abilities to create their most desired results. They also commit themselves to understand the definite cause-effects mechanisms and it helps in the decision making processes. The desire to learn is the urge to grow personal capabilities. The five principles that are essential in learning of a company system including personal dominance, system thinking, group learning and shared established vision as well as mental models.

Company can therefore learn from workers who have the desire to learn. People with high personal mastery levels are always in a learning mode. They systems thinking principles are deep-rooted in the laws that make up the fifth discipline. It also enhances feedback as well as flow of influence.

Mental models on the other hand are overviews and expectations that manipulate how people see the world and in how they take action. Managers usually understand that many of the ideas they possess are not implemented therefore, it is a major breakthrough for a company that makes use of the mental models.

Shared vision is also a vital principle and it involves bringing individuals together to create a sense of destiny. People often focus on long term goals based on the fact that they desire to have a great future. Team (group) learning involves engaging in dialogue to focus on reasoning as a team. Unless there is learning in a team, the company itself may not learn. Team learning also promotes discipline.

My reaction to this study is that learning organization should be explored to achieve organization’s collective goals and individual objectives. Systems thinking in learning organization signify that people should not take things as they see at face value. Having long term objectives promotes learning and it helps in the identification of weak points in the system.

Being committed to our personal goals enables us to learn new things and creative ways of achieving our goals in life. People therefore should not be quick to judge others but instead, learn to carry out thorough research before making decisions. It will also be easy to set future objectives and encourage learning if people shared ideas. Learning as a team also helps in realization of goals that people may not have achieved in their lifetime.

The five principles therefore hold significant management practices implications based on the fact that they enhance decision making process. Leaders will establish that the company is not progressing when staff members stop learning. Encouraging feedback is additionally essential in growth. It signifies that information flow is smooth within the company.

When an issue crops up, there is still the urge to find an ideal solution. Even so, workers may decide to shift the burden to one individual allowing the problem to grow even further as opposed to solving it and in the end, it becomes a habit. Dialogue also motivates staff members as they see themselves as part of the company. It also enables top leadership to reach as solution much easier because workers are free to express their ideas.

Team learning also helps an organization to function as a whole as opposed to making personal contributions. It also promotes discipline amongst staff members and help in realization of company visions. Therefore, managers in learning organizations have a duty to build companies that encourage individuals to expand their abilities to define the future.


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