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Business Studies Essay on Viktor Ianukovych (Ex-President of Ukraine)

Viktor Ianukovych (Ex-President of Ukraine)

From February 2010 Viktor Ianukovych, was the Ukraine’s president but he was later in February 2014 impeached from power by Ukrainian parliament.  Even so, Viktor is still hoping that he is the head of his state based on the argument that he was elected democratically by Ukrainian citizens.

The ex-president was accused by Ukrainian officials of misappropriation of state funds that he had acquired from the treasury. He is also among the popular entrepreneurs who used controversial means to acquire health. Viktor Vanukovych is also famed for his wealthy status (Diome et al. 75). He owns millions of resources including a zoo, a luxurious mansion, a golf course and a Spanish galleon.

The ex-president is also among the richest billionaires in the country and there are different stories surrounding how he acquired his wealth. Additionally, he is one of the most controversial men who used controversial ways to be rich.

Ianukovych’s house in Mezhyhirya estate

Most of the wealth owned by Mr. Viktor has been generated via London front companies including his luxurious mansion. Mezhyhirya, his residence among other wealth are attributed to a London based company set up in the year 2008 on his behalf as it is evidenced by the open democracy website.

There is also a claim that Mr. Viktor’s hunting lodge ownership is an immense in the nearby forest estate that is routed to the London based company. Presently, assets possessed by Mr. Viktor’s allies are being frozen. The sanctions imposed on the ex-president’s closest circle were tailor made to confirm corrupt ways under which, Mr. Viktor got engaged in during his regime.

He later abandoned his Mezhyhirya estate without complaints. The move generated public doubt over his possession of the residence (Diome et al. 75). Critics also revealed that the ex-president acquired his estate in the past forest reserve in the year 2007. Impeachment case as a result, led to suspicions from the public towards Mr. Viktor.

The main reasons for impeachment were on the ex-president’s involvement in treasury funds misappropriation, corruption, huge debts and his actions of inciting a large number of citizens.

The private zoo of Mr. Viktor.

Propaganda spread around that Mr. Viktor wanted to get rid of the opposition during his regime. The actons was seen as a way of trying to deprive Ukrainian citizens of their democracy. He as well as his party of regions however denied the allegations even though this is evident in his effort to try and centralize power.

He also subjected other high profile political opponents to be under criminal investigation. The oponents under investigations included Igor Didenko, Anatoly Makarenko, Bogdan Danilishin, Leonid Kuchma and Valeriy Ivashenko. Therefore the ex-president earned the himself the reason for his removal from power as the president in an impeachment process.

During Mr. Viktor’s regime, there are many benefits that were witnessed. Russian language was declared an official language and is one of the benefits that occurred as a result of his leadership. Additionally, he fought for religion equality (Cook 98). In late July 2013 in one of his speeches, he advocated for the need to consider all organization and churches as equal. He called on the citizens to respect decisions of other people.

He also highlighted that constitutional rights allows for freedom of religion for all. He also spoke against the exploitation of the church by some political leaders for selfish gains. The companies he invested in witnessed a lot of changes in terms of profit making. Even though there were some benefits during his regime, there were also many losses that occurred as a result of his tyrannical leadership style.

Mr. Viktor engaged in a lot of malpractices that led to loss of lives of many Ukrainian citizens. On the same note, he is accused of cronyism and corruption where he appointed citizens from his territories only. His deeds were also justified by fluctuations be brought to the state such as plundering of the Ukrainian economy (Cook 98).

The ex-presidents declaration of his intentions to run for presidency yet again reimbursed his criticized actions during his leadership. According to Mr. Viktor, he will use his resources to enhance the growth of the country’s economy. His need to want to scrap off the opposition during his leadership is however still controversial to his present standing.

He also claimed that would offer the needed support to the present government. He further stated that the allegations against him were false and promised to be back to fight the allegations against him and his family. The ex-president also stated clearly that he and his brother were victims of the rumors which were spread by their political rivals.

Many files were also found in his house and they served as evidence to some of the allegations. Some of the documents found revealed how extravagant he was. Others indicated that they were used to pay media so as to be under the control of the ex-president (Schmidt, Eric, and Jared 57). Viktor manipulated the media to avoid making public any reports that would lead him to problems.

Papers found in his house by the protestors also had details on how some of his properties were bought corruptly

One of the ships that belonged to Mr. Viktor which he turned into a restaurant

Mr. Viktor was not only a person who used controversial means to acquire his wealth, but also a person who had philosophies guiding his leadership. He was a person whose corrupt deeds could change to a great person whenever his goals were of concern. To date, no one thinks of him positively because many people never talked of his achievements at any given time.

He successfully created a good relationship with Russia despite the fact that he had to pay dearly for it to happen (Schmidt et al. 57). His first achievement compensated for his early criticized behavior. He also employed the law of allowing international military exercises in Ukraine. The other achievement was the ratification of a fact on separation of the border between Russia and Ukraine.

The ex-president’s golf bag which has his name on it

He also managed to hold on to the European integration course and Ukraine as a result, seized an opportunity to purchase gas at a cheaper price even though it was a very tactical strategy as opposed to proper planning. He also struggled to maintain good relations with Brussels. The act of maintaining the relationships was however much better for enhancing development in the state.

Within the three years of triumph, more than 20 changes were comprehensive. The reforms were related to all spheres of life and the society at large. Mr. Viktor through his achievements led to creation and adoption of a new tax code. The breakthrough in the judiciary proceedings was also another achievement that compensated for his behavior and it was talked highly of by the Venice commission (Diome et al. 75).

Medicine and educational reforms were also witnessed. His team displayed the possibilities of the football championship. He also managed to convince European of the organization that his state showed in football championship. Additionally, he surged for modernization in the state despite the fact that many of his achievements were as if the modernization process is still in place.

Many of the ongoing developments under the ex-president’s achievements are long term goals; therefore, they might take a longer period to be achieved. Even though many professionals are still negative towards Viktor’s behavior, they still hoped that he would change his opinions if given a second chance to be the head of state.

There are many professionals against his decision to pass the law on foreign and domestic policies but others proposed neutrality of the country as expressed. Even though Mr. Viktor made public his comeback, there are still many undermining factors he faces. His lack of proficiency in Ukrainian language is one of the factors undermining him because he cannot express himself properly when addressing the people. The most humiliating factor is when he is known as corrupt (Cook 98).

In conclusion, the means used by Mr. Viktor to acquire his wealth was the worst strategy characterized with limitations and it tarnished his name. It displayed him as the most corrupt person who was not supposed to be the head of any state. His aggressive behavior also earned him a negative perception from other western states such as European.

It was also very controversial for the leaders to live in luxury yet he did not earn enough or even satisfactory developments for his country. The path he undertook did not also justify the means because he could not stand to be defended by the state during protects as he was aware of his malpractices.

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