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Case Study Essay on Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation


Sony Corporation is the top international media body in the production and sale of consumer music, electronics, video game technologies as well as film entertainment. In the year 1946, Physicist Akio Morita and Engineer Masaru Ibuka established Sony after placing their funds equivalent to Yen 190, 000. At the start, the corporation had only 20 workers. Morita and Ibuka have developed Sony as the corporation that builds as well as repairs electronic devices. The company is located in Tokyo and was initially referred to as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K. K, meaning Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. The new company had restricted scientific device as well as machinery. Fortified with solitary engineering skills and know-how, Morita and Ibuka focused on developing a fresh market. The corporation has been an exceptional contributor to the growth of radio transistors. As inventive people, the initiators focused on developing internationally recognized commodities (Grayson, 2013).

Baxter (2007) states that Sony Corporation grows, produces, designs as well as sells electronic devices and equipment. Additionally, the corporation takes part in the manufacturing and allocation of home entertainment, recorded music, and motion picture and TV commodities.  In addition, Sony Corporation takes part in monetary sector running insurance portfolio via their banking undertakings as well as Japanese insurance subsidiaries. The location of Sony primary industrial and allocation hubs is based in Asia. The corporation has a widespread market share listed in almost 200 territories and nations. Sony commodities are promoted in the U.S, Japan as well as the Europe (Baxter, 2007).

Sony Design Work

Morita and Ibuka effectively produced as well as started a megaphone and created their first prototype of a magnetic tape recorder known as the G-Type. It was developed and took off in the early 1950s. Ibuka moved to the United States in early 1950s and talked with Graham Bell to allow his transistor invention to their company (Sony) with the aim of using the transistor in interactions. In the year 1955, Morita and Ibuka unveiled their initial radio transistor, the TR-55 in japan. Even though Morita and Ibuka were not the creators of the first radio transistor, they took advantage of the commercial feasibility of the commodity by vending it in Australia, Germany, Japan, Netherlands and Canada (Kondo &Igi, 2013).

The TR- 63 radio transistor model was made in 1957. At this moment, the model was the smallest commercial radio transistor that listed effectiveness all over the world leading to the introduction of a fresh market of client electronics and also opening up the American market. In the year 1958, the corporation altered its name to Song Corporation (Grayson, 2013).

As stated by Kondo and Igi (2013), Sony has turned into a worldwide frontrunner in technology manufacturing a number of iconic commodities over the years. In its all-inclusive account, the corporation strives to build an in-house consistent technology as well as commodities instead of emulating other electronic producers. As an excellent sample is the 1980s war the moment when Sony introduced the Betamax system for VCR’s that focused on battle with the VHS format made by JVC.  Unluckily, Sony lost the war the moment VHS obtained a considerable market share. Nevertheless, Sony has been accredited with a widespread inventive commodities made all over its working account. In the course of 1960s, Sony, branched out their portfolio by focusing not only on manufacturing tape recorders and transistors radios, but also television sets. Sony’s color TV, the Trinitron, designed in 1973 won the initial Emmy award provided to a Japanese corporation.  In the year 1979, Sony introduced the well-known Walkman which was widely reputed. In 1982, Sony Corporation launched the first compact disc player worldwide. The Discman was an easy to carry version that came after the CD player.  Morita and Ibuka commence manufacturing diverse consumer-tailored camcorders and cameras in the 1980s. The 1990s perceived the launch of Sony home-made computers under the VAIO series. During this time, it was as well foresaw the introduction of Sony’s reputed Play Station gaming consoles. The latest Sony Company is reputed advancement giant linked with a widespread commodities incorporating initial line of home audio commodities, robots as well as recording media. Sony has gone on to face great development over a number of years. The corporation’s development has been portrayed by a number of mergers as well as achievements and buildup of subsidiaries all over the world (Zhu, 2005).

Sony Design Philosophy

Attached to its forefather’s principle “do what no one has done” Sony has invariably been topnotch telecommunication manufacturer. Sony inventors have stuck to this principle from the time of inauguration of the company making it easy for the corporation to counterfeit its status as the best and award winning manufacturer in telecommunication sector worldwide. Steered by five basic doctrines, Sony’s design group operates consistently to make sure that they comprehend exceptional creativity as well as faultlessness to offer lasting standard to its worldwide clients via design. Curiosity is the initial key doctrine of Sony. The company’s design team grows its curiosity from a perspective of fun and exhilaration. The company grows on a culture of tolerance as well as freedom. The bold spirit has made it easy for the designers to come up with amazing commodities that fascinate the entire world. The other doctrine is compassion. For Sony, design goes further than apparent feel or look. What is more, their design need to stick to both human instinct as well as mental power.  The corporations’ designers make sure that the company commodities surpass the realms of artistic as well as functionality offering clients with both inspiring and natural knowledge (Grayson, 2013).

Integrity is the third doctrine. Sony focused to accomplish a unique spirit via a persistent as well as unbroken process thought-well as an improvement. This unique spirit is conveyed in an artistic and vibrant type signifying what the corporation designers struggle to accomplish. Ambition is the fourth principle. In its pursuit to accomplish flawlessness, Sony attempts to be an exceptional telecommunication corporation with its designs of incomparable inventiveness. The corporation articulates its originality via a vibrant culture blended with distinctive personal characteristics that trigger life to Sony’s produces. Visionary is the last doctrine that Sony designers embrace as a viewpoint.  The corporation has at times tried hard to be a top-notch designer in the telecommunication sector as well as dread is not a factor that averts the company from accomplishing its dream. Via this tactic, Sony provides means to creative and inventive theories, creating fresh values that have frequently led to a change of thoughts into worldwide standards (Sony, 2010).

Sony Design Methodology

Presently, Sony design centers are situated at Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Singapore. The Sony Design Group hires estimated 250 designers’ worldwide (Sony, 2013b). The company’s experts have several backgrounds varying from visual interactions, commodity designers as well as human interface. The Sony design Group is attached to a collection of essential design standards via which the feat of the corporation’s commodities is assessed. The chief amongst these essential standards is originality, lifestyles, usability and functionality. Sony designers always make sure that they come up with an original produce. To this experts, commodities are made for personal use, and to accomplish this goal, the overseer of this commodity ought to have a human touch. Originality essential for Sony commodities, as such the company concentrates on coming up with human tailored commodities. Lifestyle is the other vital facet that aids greatly when it comes to Sony’s design approach. For instance, the Walkman has had a great effect on telecommunication clients worldwide. Sony Walkman has adjusted lifestyle of many people and its feat can be endorsed to rising public need for music. The Walkman has changed the lifestyle of many clients by letting them listen to music any place they visit as it is easy to get on demand. The Walkman is a great sample of a commodity developed to deal with the adjustments in client life. This piece ought to focus at striking a global and heart touching link with clients worldwide (Baxter, 2007).

Functionality is the other Sony design chief value. The silver and black design language escalated the image of the company design as in the start of Sony design in 1961. The experts via the silver and black languages should get rid of extra ornamentation and put emphasis on exceptional performing, expertise, potent feel by utilizing color and material. Usability is the last chief design value for Sony. Clients’ demands as well as anticipations are at the core of developing a commodity. Sony designers make sure that their commodities satisfy all market perspective. These incorporate determining all facets of a commodity incorporating each dial as well as shape, interface design and switch positions.  The company keenly comes up with a commodity, oversees its growth, and endlessly enhances it making sure that the commodity is not only useful however provides clients an absolute expression to functionality as well as beauty. In the start, Sony designers were associated to certain commodity groups. Nevertheless, the market these days is described by varying commodity variety and clients’ anticipations. Certainly, the surge in commodities provided to clients online puts new demands to the corporation designers. As a result, Sony designers from numerous backgrounds are working close by to make sure that the commodities as well as their corresponding online interfaces are reliable with consumer knowledge as well as design language (Otubanjo& Lim, 2011).

Sony Products Visual Characteristics

The corporation makes as well as disseminates commodities described with vast visual ability. The wide variety of song commodities incorporated VAIO PCs, TV sets, video cameras, home theatres, compact cameras and Audio, in addition to tablets and eReaders.  Because of the restricted space, this part will look at Sony’s audio as well as home theater, VAIO laptops and also digital cameras and camcorders. Initially, the corporation has been capable of combining the latest audio as well as video technologies to grow a series of home theater systems that provide its clients an improved experience. Sony DVD players make sure that clients have the reach to high quality videos. Additionally, Sony’s Digital signal processing offers a client with a composed sound surrounding. In addition, the corporation has included the latest technology in audio as well as digital TV inputs letting a client to link an easy to carry digital music. Sony home theater commodities incorporate Blue-ray Home Theater Systems, Home Theater Component System, DVD Home Theater System, and Home Theater System Accessories (Sony, 2013b).

The VAIO laptops, in contrast, are custom made to make sure that the model, functionality, performance as well as memory satisfy client expectations. VAIO computers are designed from solitary exceptional elements. The PCs boast of custom made designs that offer clients with rigid quality. The computers are covered with aluminum giving it unique lightweight and fortification. At last, Sony makers as well as disseminates a variety of digital cameras and camcorders. The newest Sony cameras as well as camcorders completely back HD (high definition) videos. In addition, the cameras are easy to carry letting the consumers use them when travelling. The camcorders as well as cameras offer their users with high quality pictures via limitless control and quick shooting (Corsaro, 2012).

Redesigning VAIO Laptops

Corsaro (2012) contends that the VAIO laptop is a remarkable commodity. Its latest feature incorporates build-in carbon fiber model making the laptop quite portable and long-lasting. Contrasting the conservative laptops, VAIO provides inventive computers with their advanced backlit keyboards, high intuitive touch screen interaction as well as active opens for screen writing. The commodity is dazzling. Nevertheless, surging market rivalry in the telecommunication sector, particularly in the making of telecommunication machines, such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets, makes reforming of this commodity predictable. The latest design of VAIO laptops will offer its clients a chance to link or detach the laptop screen letting it to serve both as a tablet and also laptop. This latest feature will offer VAIO laptop clients with a fine blend of performance, power and portability. Reshaping the VAIO laptops will incorporate the following procedure. Firstly, it includes the theory in which a new idea or the present one is identified and used in the procedure of enhancing the commodity quality. The capability to change the VAIO laptop into tablet is present and will make it easy for VAIO clients to enjoy utmost utility from the commodity.

Research stage is the second step, which includes ascertaining the methods, technology and sellers in the production. Latest Sony VAIO laptop will be improved and disseminated by Sony. The other stage includes circuit design. At this level, a schematic design of VAIO latest commodity will be produced for the functions of prototyping and costing the product. The next stage will include examination or prototyping production, followed by reviewing the design. In the course of design review, the latest laptop will be assessed for look, function, built-expense and likely improvement. The other step includes manufacturing system whereby the notebooks are gathered and tested to produce high quality commodity. The last step includes follow up. This is an imperative procedure as it assess how the commodity works in the real market. The VAIO thumbnail, theory and rendering sketches are drawn in appendix 1, 2, and 3 correspondingly.


To sum up, Sony Corporation has been present since the year 1946. The corporation is proud of its widespread variety of telecommunication commodities varying from VAIO PCs, television sets, video cameras, compact cameras, mobile phones, home theaters and Audio to tablets and eReaders. Morita and Ibuka have developed Sony as a corporation that creates as well as repairs electrical devices. Sony’s design viewpoint embraces five key doctrines: curiosity, integrity, empathy, vision, as well as ambition. Additionally, Sony’s research design is attached to a number of doctrines that incorporate originality, functionality, lifestyles, and usability. Despite escalating rivalry in the telecommunication sector, the corporation has stayed competitive by making inventive as well as original commodities.


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