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Communication Essay on Blogging and Journalism

Blogging and Journalism

The improved use of internet has led to upsurge in the desire to enhance content that connects to the readers and users of the internet. This has resulted to the creation of diverse sites providing an assortment of contents that attract different readers and users depending on varied demographic facets for instance age, race, gender, geographical location as well as social status. One of the typical mass media passages that are quickly acquiring momentum as well as a huge fan base is the blogs. The rights offered by the increasing free internet providers has led to a new generation of content providers that offer news as well as diverse accounts that would entice the readers. These internet content providers, known as bloggers can develop their own sites, which they embrace to upload data.

Nevertheless, blogging has become too loose and broad that it has started to interfere with the typical journalistic activities and moral codes. Bloggers normally offer content that attracts readers as well as is insensitive of certain relevant subjects such as confirmation of source as well as the quality of the material that they put out on their websites. On top of this, journalism moral codes dictate that a blogger ought to be pegged to a news channel (for instance print, TV or radio) as the latter guarantees that the data aired has been approved and is not obtained from personal opinion.

Reporters typically undergo training and education that improve their investigative skills as well as impart them a desire for adhering to moral codes and standards for journalism. In contrast, bloggers simply start their working careers writing without this type of training. In addition, I is important that all journalists get certain kind of educational accomplishment like a degree in journalism, mass communication or other pertinent course. Nevertheless, bloggers merely start writing their accounts without education in the relevant areas, as well as are a times too young to understand the tenacity of the material of their blogs because of lack of exercise, education and career experience.  This clarifies that bloggers have been invading on typical journalism as well as are ruining the moral codes that all journalist maintain.

The information that is typically printed by bloggers is a times uncouth, wicked as well lack tangible informational base. They seem to lack expertise as certain content fails to even qualify as information that journalists would jot down. For example, such accounts with the headings “Cheating Prank Backfires When Girlfriend Reveals She’s Cheating Too” depict a lack of training as well as exposure in journalism as the latter is about social development instead of social promiscuity, which the article appears to allude. The bloggers lack fairness as well as they are biased when making their points of view in their works. Most of them as well embrace individual point of view, instead of facts to write their articles, thus lessening the integrity of their work.

Most of the typical mass media do not normally utilize the material from bloggers because of the above features. Lack of connection of the blogger to a known media body alludes that the bloggers are not bound by any regulations, laws of moral codes. Thus, the content displayed by blogger could lead to terrible results if defamation is leveled on an innocent individual. Myriads of court cases have been filed against bloggers because of their inexpert as well as wrong relay of content to the people that has stained individual’s names. As a result, most of the court cases lead to bloggers being penalized heavily for their incompetence, though this circumstance is anticipated for a long as the internet goes on to be free and loose for all users.

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