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Communication Essay on Internal Memorandum

Need for Gymnasium within the University

Internal Memorandum

Subject: Need for Gymnasium within the University

The reason for writing this memorandum is to request for a gymnasium’s introduction in the university. There are many benefits that will be realized from the presence of a gymnasium in the university for both individuals and the institution. Individuals will be relieved from the stress of leaving the institution to look for gym facilities. As such, the schedule of every individual will improve in terms of studies and exercising when a gymnasium is introduced in the institution.

Ideally, having a gymnasium within the university will save a lot of money that people spend on the gym facilities that are situated outside the institution. It should also be noted that a gym that is located within the institution will give students who may not afford paying for gym facilities that are outside the university an opportunity to exercise. Introducing a gym in the university will save money for students with little money to spend as well.

Several people within the university will benefit from an internal gymnasium. There are those who will use the facility to exercise and forget unnecessary stresses or moods for a while. People undergo different difficulties during their lives. As such, a gymnasium is a good recreational facility for such people. It will help them in managing personal problems. It should also be noted that a gymnasium improves the lives of the people. People who go to the gym feel stronger, better and they live longer. Actually, the gym strengthens people’s immune system. It allows the body to remain active. In turn, this enhances the overall health of a person. It makes them more active while performing different duties.

Good health is promoted by a gymnasium. In turn, this leads to improved performance in social life and in academics. Several conditions are reduced by the use of gym facilities. Such conditions include heart attack, obesity and diabetes among others. There are several facilities in the gym that when used properly they enhance hearth therapy. Using the gym to maintain weight and exercise efficiently will help in maintaining individuals’ heartbeats at the right rate. Eventually, this will enhance students’ enrollment rates because their health will be assured. There are various courses that the university offers which require them to remain organized and focused. As such, using the facility students will be able to unwind in order to maintain their physical health which is necessary for excellent performance. Exercising in the gym frequently will keep mentors and students stronger.

However, several factors need to be considered for efficient introduction of the gym in the university. Factors like maintenance and implementation costs should be considered. It is undeniable that capital is a major factor and this can have negative impact on the gymnasium’s introduction. Introducing a gymnasium in the institution is generally a complex task, more so with the economy that is inflating constantly. Therefore, adequate finances should be set aside before getting into this costly venture. There are different categories of facilities that are needed for any institutional gym.

In a nutshell, introducing a gym will benefit teachers, learners and the entire support staff. There will be an improvement in the cognitive, physical and learning development of the learners once this facility is introduced in the institution. It is our hope that the institution will consider introducing this beneficial facility.

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