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Communication Essay on Jobs and Communication

Jobs and Communication

In the past years, I have held different positions at work (I must admit that the jobs that had better working environments offered very little pay) whereby I loved the working environment and was always happy to wake up each day and report to my station. All these organizations provided a good feeling and a pleasurable atmosphere each day. However, my current job as well as another one which I have always been on and off since 14 years of age, possibly have the poorest communication environments that I have ever witnessed. In fact, it feels horrible to wake up every morning with the knowledge that I am going to such a working environment. It should be noted that the poor communication environment in both occupations is impacted by the actions of just an individual in each of the jobs. It is regrettable that one of these people is my boss who is also my uncle. The other one is a member of the team of the chief supervisor at work. The latter portrays incompetence, laziness and lack of intelligence, even though he is the one in charge of giving reports on all matters related to work to the boss. This has made my work to be quite uneasy.

In this paper, I will focus on my current job. The member of the supervising team mentioned above has made the lives of all employees at my place of work very hectic. On certain occasions when he is assigned to undertake other duties, communication at work and even my attitude towards work is often much enhanced. When he is at work, there is always very little communication. Most of the employees get along well with one another. However, in the presence of the supervisor, the communication levels and even volumes of work significantly decline. Considering that he is the one in charge of the team, and does very little compared to the rest, but earns more, the speed at which the employees work is significantly reduced since none has the motivation to do more than the low wages that they are offered. Another element that has also impacted reduced morale on employees is that this team leader ‘rats’ on just all the workers. This is an implication that he usually reports even very petty issues to the boss. However, many do not like him because he pretends to be such a good leader but hates other employees and views them as incompetent and lazy. He only gets to work when the boss visits our work station. In fact, he is the least performing and most incompetent of all the employees. He got the position of the supervisor or team leader because he was the only employee at the time.

As noted earlier, I have held jobs in places with enhanced and efficient communication environments in the past. In these jobs, I have always had very good bosses who never hesitated to commend employees whenever they delivered good work. Besides, they were also ready to communicate to workers whenever there was a problem that needed a solution. This is the ideal person that I would prefer to be my boss or supervisor. In the jobs that I had good bosses, the employees were always very productive and the working environment was quite favorable. The development of trust with employees and having confidence in them that they will not always rush to the supervisor with every minor issue is an important aspect in creating a communication environment that is favorable to all. However, employees and supervisors who are petty on issues significantly hamper the level of communication between workers and impact a poor working environment just like what I am currently experiencing in my place of work. No employee would be interested in communicating with another who is viewed as a mole at the place of work since that would potentially cause problems. Developing trust and better communication among employees is a key element in creating a healthy communication environment.

In the case of the job that I held where my boss also doubled up as my uncle, I was forced to leave and come back severally as a result of the poor communication environment. It is an ideal example of poor communication climate in the place of work. In this job, there are all sorts of issues from belittling, berating, and screaming to several others. In fact, the job does not even bother to applaud an employee for a job well done. This makes it quite unbearable to work since there is always an extent of screaming and belittling that one can contain before opting to quite the job or even hit back in a not so friendly way. I refer to this job as ‘recurring’ because I usually do not stay for long without quitting.

It is sad that I have a criminal record that has not lasted seven years; it usually counts as part of the public records that potential employers often consider in the process of performing background checks. As a result of this, I have no choice but to simply offer my services to any employer who offers a chance. However, I am hopeful that once I secure a job with my college degree without the public record, I will only accept to work in places with enhanced working environments. Working in organizations with poor conditions has made me very insensitive to the level of intolerance that I can take. It is a fact that a workplace with effective communication contributes to significant differences with regards to the functions of the place of work. In my current job, I have learnt to assume all the negative aspects, keep to myself and only communicate when I really have to. If the environment at work is not favorable as some of the ones mentioned above, the only way through which one can be able to stay on the job is ignoring those abuses and screams.


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