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Communication Essay on Theories in Action

Theories in Action


Communication accommodation theory is the conceptual angle that looks at the essential passion of what takes place when diverse speakers alter their mode of interaction. These speaker accommodation thinkers argue that in the course of interaction, diverse people attempt to alter or put up their interaction mode to others. They are able to do so via divergence as well as convergence. Additionally, communicators will use code word to convey communications that is not probably appealing to targeted people. In this mode of communication, the speakers express the words in a way that will see morally upright as well as respectful, even when the message could not be as decent or courteous.  This article will evaluate the concept as well as exercise it utilizing samples in the actual world (Griffin, 2012).

Communication Accommodation Theory

Accommodation is the exceptional manner to interact with other communicators so as to have an operational procedure. Certain cultures do not permit the utilization of certain declarations or expressions in the community.  For example, the African culture fail to take the statement “Having Sex”. This is not only in African customs, but also in many other parts of the globe. In its place, statements like “making love”, “knowing each other” are used. The use code word has been a significant instrument of excellent interaction mode in nearly every facets of life. The military will utilize code word to convey message among themselves in pursuit of terrorists in a manner that no other people will comprehend the implication of the message or communication. On top of this, the state will as well use code word to deal with some issues that ought to be dealt with in a manner that will not upset any of the targeted people (Severin, & Tankard, 2010).

In the real world exposure, we use accommodation concept to convey diverse kinds of messages relying on how the receiver is expected to receive it. In an event of an accident, the persons engaged in the accident are known as casualties. In this incident, the individual conveying the message attempts to make pliable the proof about a certain matter (McPhail, 2010). In the periods when kidnapping adults as well as kids was common, the internal security division embraced the statement “special renditions” to allude to the activity of kidnapping. This manner, the speaker attempted to reduce the level of the act, as well as the manner households could get the message would not be hurtful as when the statement “kidnapping” was utilized (Casmir, 2013). In addition, the world is transforming rapidly to the unethical levels. Many clubs in the cities where people strip for a day to day survival. Nevertheless, a few years ago, the natives of a community “sexually humiliated” (strip naked) an individual thought to be a burglar. The society members embrace statements to reduce the level of “immoral” maxim or conceal the embarrassing act.

Communication Accommodation Theory is essential to this paper in numerous facets speakers modify their ways of communication so as to fit the mode of others. This denotes that speakers will alter their normal way of speaking so as to accumulate that of another community as they are interacting with the same people (Littlejohn, & Foss, 2008). Numerous instances incorporate the military confronted the terrorists’ compound and a “collateral damage” of sixteen people was accounted the moment an “armed intervention” occurred. ‘Collateral damage’ this means that the number of terrorists that were killed as well as the “armed intervention” means the invasion. A girl may as well get pregnant and not be able to speak it out to her parents. She may use the statement bun in an oven to denote she is pregnant (Philipsen, 1997).



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