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Courseworks Essay on Early Childhood Education Program

Early Childhood Education Program


What a child becomes in the future is largely dependent on the type of training and environment that he/she is exposed to during his/her early ages. The people that a child spends time with, objects that he/she uses to play as well as the general environment will most likely affect different aspects of a child’s life. I intend to develop a program for ensuring that children get the best environment for growth during their early ages. This program will enable them to become important women and men.

The basis of this education policy is the variations in children. I strongly believe that children have differences in their potential. This program will nurture children so that they can exploit these potentials. High qualifications of the teachers will enable them to identify the potentials of the children and to offer appropriate information and guidance. The report provides explanations for different aspects of this education program, the way these aspects will be met as well as how they can be verified by the officers of education standards with ease (Casper, & Theilheimer, 2010, p. 53). The program’s elements are elaborated fully in this report. The report also gives a clear guidance of the way they will be achieved.


In life, relationships form a very important part. Life entails interaction with other people. It is important to have skills that will boost positive relationships in order to succeed in life. The suggested education program aims at instilling a friendliness feeling in children during their infant ages. The program will teach them how apologetic language should be used as well as how other people should be treated. To achieve this, children will be required to do simple things such as shaking hands to show forgiveness any time there are disagreements among them. Teachers will apologize to children as well after wronging them. This is important because children imitate the actions of adults who they live with. As such, they will most probably copy different actions of their teachers. Sharing of facilities such as toys will be encouraged so that children can have a brotherhood feeling.

The officers who check quality standard can determine if the relationship aspect among children is addressed any time they visit the building where education is offered. Children are likely to share playing toys. This is one of the major signs that should be observed by the officers. The teachers’ apologetic nature can be observed as well any time children feel that their teachers have wronged them when the officers of quality standards are around. It is also possible to see children smile at one another or shake hand any time they disagree. These are among the observable aspects that can be verified by the officers to determine if the education program addresses the aspect of relationship properly (Casper, & Theilheimer, 2010, p. 560)


The suggested curriculum indicates that children will first be introduced to a learning that uses songs. This will most probably enable the children to learn two or one common language from these songs. The speech aspect will also be greatly influenced by fast songs. Children will learn quick speech as well as perfect the languages that will be taught via singing. Fun making sessions will also be introduced during which children will use pictures to play as they attempt to identify the content of the pictures. The curriculum also includes competitive games.

Learning and playing will meet the children’s social needs. There will be no isolation among the children. Children will learn together and any child that does not catch up will have an opportunity to learn alongside other children. Fast songs and pictures will improve cognitive development among children. This will be achieved by playing competitive games and identifying pictures. Exercise oriented games will enhance physical development among children. The relationships that the children will develop among themselves as well as with the teachers will enhance their emotional development. Showing tolerance and apologizing signs among children will also enhance their emotional development. Children will most probably learn common languages from the songs that they will sing while studying. This will ensue that this education program addresses speech and language aspects fully (Wiltz, 2008, p. 115).

Reviewers will be able to determine if this curriculum is followed any time they visit the education building. This is because they will be welcomed by children with welcome songs. Competitive games or playing among children will also help them determine this with ease. Reviewers can also observe if the children can speak at least a single common language. They can determine this by speaking to them using the languages.


To implement the program properly, teachers with high qualifications and varying cultural backgrounds as well as the ability to use several first languages are required. Teachers will be identified via long session’s interviews. Teachers will most probably come from varying cultures. They will also be capable of handling children whose abilities differ. About three rooms will be used by the children to study and they will be categorized on the basis of the abilities of the children. Children will be evaluated on the basis of these abilities. Technology plays a very vital role in the contemporary world. Therefore, children should also be taught more about technology. The employed teachers will be knowledgeable and technology oriented. This will enable them to assist the children so that they can catch up with what is happening in the world on daily basis. The children will use toys some of which will be very technical. Technology movies will also be availed to these children.

To determine whether the program addresses this aspect fully, reviewers can observe various aspects. For instance, they can opt to interact with teachers to determine whether their cultures differ. They can also engage children in conversations to find out more about the movies that they watch as well as to check the toys that the children use to determine whether they are technology oriented (Wiltz, 2008, p. 117). In terms of special needs children’s accommodation, reviewers can visit the rooms to check out the variations of different rooms.

Assessment of Child Progress

Children assessment will be done differently on the basis of the children age and study levels. Among the common parameters that will be used during assessment include fluent speaking ability, ability of the children to identify different pictures in a similar paper, proper socialization ability as well as singing ability. Children improvement can also be considered on the basis of the learnt languages. Speaking ability among the children using at least the major common languages will indicate that they are learning and developing (Helbum, & Bergmann, 2003, p. 79).

On the basis of these evaluation parameters, I will prepare objectives. Instructors will use these objectives while teaching the children. Their aim will be to achieve these objectives because children evaluation will be based on what is taught in classrooms. There will be a scorecard for every child. This will be issued to the parents or guardians of the children to evaluate their progress. Reviewers will check the objectives of learning and the evaluation parameters in order to confirm this. They can also ask parents or guardians whether they receive development scorecards for the children.


In the lives of children, health is a vital aspect. Children will get meals in the school. There will be a nutritionist employed to make sure that children always have a balanced diet. The nutritionist will also ensure that children get adequate amount of meals. There will be simple learning sessions during which children will learn health practices such as washing hands to prevent diseases’ infections. There will also be toilets in the institution that are appropriate for the children in the premises. These will remain clean throughout. Dangerous characteristics which can hurt the children will be avoided in their play objects. Factors like objects’ sharpness will also be considered while buying playing toys for the children (Helburn, & Bergmann, 2003, p. 83).

Observers can taste the meals of the children to evaluate their nature as well as the diet of the served food. They can also observe the children while feeding to determine whether the necessary measures have been taken to ensure that their feeding needs are met. Observers can also visit the toilets to determine whether they are suitable for the children and also to ensure that they are always in hygienic conditions. Play toys can also be examined to determine if they have dangerous characteristics and if they are safe for children.


The basis of hiring teachers will be meritocracy and this will be determined during the interviews. Only holders of degrees and diplomas in childhood education that have been acquired from recognized learning institutions will be hired. In addition to academic credentials, teachers will be required to be skilled fully when it comes to interacting with different children. Dedication to their work and cultural aspects are also vital aspects that the employment procedure will consider (Wiltz, 2008, p.120). The needs of the family of every child will be considered because they bring these to the learning institutions. Objectives will be drawn on the basis of these needs. Respective instructors will handle them.

Reviewers of quality standards can determine teachers’ ability by observing them or interacting with them. This will enable them to determine different aspects of the teachers such as cultural backgrounds. The officers can check the teachers’ record files to determine their qualifications when checking their educational qualifications. There will be a family needs’ record kept for every child. Objectives will also be drawn on the basis of these needs and reviewers can also look at this record.


Ensuring proper development of a child is a collective responsibility. The employed teachers will always play their role during the time that they spend with the children. However, if parents do not play their role, the child development will suffer negative consequences. To promote proper child development, teachers will have a chance to interact with the children’s family members. During this interaction, they will advise the family members on what they should do to ensure proper growth of the children as well as to ensure that they have a similar environment at school and at home (Casper, & Theilheimer, 2010, p. 65). The school management will also communicate with the family members about the stress that relates to the homes of the children. To address the aspect of cultural background fully, teachers will interact with family members to ensure that the needs of the children are understood properly.

Quality standard reviewers can employ several parameters to find out if this standard is effective. For example, they can have time to interact with the members of the families of the children to find out if they get guidance from the instructors. They can also look at the instructors’ cultural backgrounds. The family and objective needs’ records for the children can also serve as the reference for confirming that the program considers this standard.

Community Relationships

Children will play from a playground that will be hired from the existing local authorities. The playground is a community resource and the institution will have to develop a good relationship with relevant authorities. Spiritual growth will be ensured by taking children to the nearby religious centers. Thus, good relations will be maintained with the centers and their authorities. Other social facilities from which the children can benefit include the health centers (Helburn, & Bergmann, 2003, p. 86). The management will approach the doctors and nurses in these health centers to create a good rapport in order to address the children’s future needs.

Reviewers can confirm this by reviewing the records of the facilities hired on specific days. They can also visit religious and health facilities that the school shares with the community and consult their relevant authorities.

Physical Environment

Learning environment plays an important role for every education program. The suggested program requires the classrooms to be organized and divided properly on the basis of learning activities. Every activity will have a separate section. For instance, there will be a section for toys as well as another section for study charts hanged on the walls. This will ensure that children know what exactly they should do once they go into every section (Wiltz, 2008, p. 123). The layout of the learning environment will be designed in a way that motivates the children so that they can do what they are required to do. This standard can be confirmed by reviewers by visiting classroom to assess their layout. Classroom instructors can guide them during the visits.

Leaderships and Management

Honesty and integrity of the staff are highly regarded aspects of this program. Teachers’ motivation is also a vital aspect that should be considered by the program implementers. Regular training will be provided to the teachers on the technology that relates to the program as well as other change aspects within any specified period. Commitment and hard work to the duties of an individual are both vital policies that will be required by the institution in order to succeed in implementing the program. Quarterly children development and performance reports will be availed to parents or guardians (Helburn, & Bergmann, 2003, p.89). Managers will ensure that instructors work according to the established objectives in order to implement the program fully.

The program’s stakeholders will benefit from this program because their suggestions and views will be considered. Families and staff’s inputs as well as the child development are considered by the program in the section that allows amendment. Therefore, stakeholders will most probably get maximum returns from this program. This standard can be considered by reviewers by checking the made amendments as well as the relevant stakeholders’ input. The management and leadership of this program can be assessed as well to provide additional evidence for this aspect.


Every element that the educational standards’ NAEYC proposes is considered by this program. Teaching aspects, families, teaching methods, relationships, physical environment and benefits are among the vital aspects that NAEYC proposes. These have all been addressed by the program. The program has greatly considered the teachers and parents’ roles as the NAEYC standards require. This program mostly focuses on the children development into cultured women and men of substance so that they can help the society.

Also noteworthy is the fact that children have varying development needs (Casper, &Theilheimer, 2010, p. 68). This is largely dependent on family backgrounds, child’s potential as well as what family requires. The proposed program considers these aspects because it takes suggestions of relevant stakeholders. The learning environment will be divided into organized classrooms on the basis of potentials and levels that will be explained in major reports. The program will be appropriate for the early development of the children and it will nurture them into important future women and men.





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