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Whole Foods Company Mission Statement


The purpose of existence for an organization is known as a mission. This mission describe the beliefs and values of an organization to management. Broadly, a mission statement describes an organization’s mission. In some instances, it is referred to as credo, creed or statement of corporate philosophies and values. The criteria that is used for mission statement evaluation provides an excellent mission statement motivating employees and setting the direction for objectives.

Among the best evaluation lists is the mission statement for Whole Foods. It is comprised of all 8 components and the only thing it lacks is technology. It also includes excellence as a value, team work as well as customer orientation mission. Its focus is on the satisfaction of customer needs and not on the services offered or the products to sell. The mission also addresses stakeholders wherever possible and shows great concern for environmental and social responsibility (Brown & Turner, 2008).

All these aspects lead to the realization a comprehensive mission portraying the purpose, values and important information of the company. There are numerous benefits associated with proper usage of mission statement.

Evaluation of Mission Statement

Customers are mentioned as extremely essential people in Whole Foods mission. As such, the company goes to great extents in order to satisfy its customers. The aim of the company is not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of the customers on every deal. In doing so, the company is able to attract more customers. There is 100 percent guarantee of customer satisfaction since customers are liable to get a refund (Nelson & Quick, 2008).

Customer satisfaction is the result of outstanding performance on the part of team members as well as personalized service and extensive knowledge regarding the products. The company also nurtures good relationships with customers via customer service beliefs. For example, livelihood of the business is dependent on customers; customers are primary source of motivation for work in the company, they bring their desires and needs to be met and not to argue or content with the company. Lastly, customers are viewed as equals and must be treated as fellow human beings. On a daily basis, the company innovates and experiments for purposes of raising the operating standards. It also creates suitable environments in stores to ensure they are unique, fun-filled, educational and attractive. The company also aims at making the stores an ideal place for meeting for all the community members where they can not only meet friends but make new ones (Nelson & Quick, 2008). The store is all-round and universal as it welcomes all regardless of their beliefs, race, gender or their outwards look. Additionally, Whole Foods is ideal for everyone as such, it holds diversity in high regard.

The success of the company is also dependent on the collective intelligence and collectivity of team members. Apart from offering rewards for employees with fair wages and other benefits, the employees firmly believe in valuing work as well as enjoying fulfillment from their jobs. In essence, this is Whole Food’s key purpose. As such, the designs of the company and ample working space where members of the team are able to perform their best. Additionally, the team members are valuable contributors to the company despite of the duration they have worked or the duration they intend to work (Brown & Turner, 2008).

In the same manner, there is a couple of team members behind the scene in distribution, production and support of the stakeholders. While they might be invisible somehow, they play a crucial role towards the company’s success. As such, they are part of an integral part of team members.

Attaining a vision that is unified regarding the future of the company and maintenance of trust among the team members is among the goals set by Whole Foods. Additionally, the company also recognizes the differences and diversity among individuals. It therefore aims to create a community that is strong and dedicated Whole Foods. The company, also recognizes the importance of leisure activities, family as well as involvement in community work in creating a meaningful and rich life. All this leads to the realization that a comprehensive mission portraying the values, purpose and other important company information. Proper application of mission statement has great benefits (Nelson & Quick, 2008).

The company aims at maintaining and building positive relationships among the employees. It firmly believes in action rather than just thinking. Hence the best manner to attain this is through encouraging full participation and commitment of team members in all operations of the business. This is accomplished through regular meetings with team members to seek solutions to different kinds of issues. Secondly, communication is also enhances through advisory and forum services. The company as well lobbies for additional commitment to work through friendly play, competitions and work. What is more, continuous learning on food products, job requirements and values is encouraged as well as equal opportunities for work for all.

Wealth creation is achieved though profits earned. The exchange between the customers and company yield great profits that are of importance to job security, company and financial progress. Profits are of great importance to future success and change in every company. These are seeds which get sown for the next harvest. The company therefore is a steward for shareholders’ investments as such, determined to ensure all stakeholders get value for a long duration.

The purposes of The Whole Foods Company is growing at high speeds for purposes of reinforcing customer satisfaction, productivity, teamwork commitment, excellence, financial progress and high quality work environment. All these lead to realization of the company’s mission and portrays its purpose, values as well as other important information. Proper use of the mission will lead to several benefits (Brown & Turner, 2008).

The company, in its mission statement supports communities through getting involved in the local activities. Business operations at the company are also associated directly with the communities and neighborhood served. The unique feature of the company portrays the image of people shopping there. Without support from these individuals, the company would not be a successful business as it currently is. This interdependence extends beyond high quality food, where appropriate, response is a necessity. Consequently, Whole Foods donates 5% of its profits to non-profit organizations and it also has a program supporting volunteering team members in the activities set by the community.

Another compliance with the mission statement criteria is support for environmental community care. The Whole Foods Company sees active stewardship need where environmental conservation is concerned. On top of this, the company also seeks to ensure generations that come later flourish through offering support to agricultural activity that is sustainable. The company is also committed towards enhancing production of biodynamic and organic foods in order to reduce usage of chemical like pesticides and at the same time, avoid soil leaching and erosion. In doing this, the company is able to reduce wastage and intake of resources that are non-renewable. It takes part in and promotes recycling of waste products, reuse of packaged materials and conservation of resources such as energy and water. As such, Whole Foods encourages environmental cleanliness as well as maintenance programs.

Whole Foods, on the other hand is not an enterprise that is self-sustaining. It has 100 plus businesses supporting it in terms of creation of customer experience that is unique. The company looks at these trade partners as friends as far as serve to stakeholders goes. It gives them fairness, integrity and respect as it expects from them as well (Nelson & Quick, 2008).

The main goal of Whole Foods market is satisfaction of stakeholders and attaining high standards. Among the major responsibilities of the company is ensuring demands, needs and interests of stakeholders are kept in check and that the company recognizes the process is a dynamic one. As such, communication and commitment with stakeholders is greatly encouraged. The company as well listens with careful thoughts, lots of compassion and responds intelligently. Any conflicts arising are solved with the aim of getting win-win solutions.  The long term financial health and success of the company is dependent on healthy stakeholders’ community (Stahls, 2009).


The mission statement of Whole Foods Company is one that incorporates satisfaction and service of many parties including partners, stakeholders, neighboring communities and customers. It is a portrayal of how things are and will continue to be in the company. The company in fact can attain excellence and outstanding performance through creating better opportunities, environment and company. It takes the challenge of bringing its mission statement to reality in order to enjoy a better future. The statement is all inclusive and includes customer oriented mission, excellence as a value and teamwork. It also focuses on the satisfaction of customer needs instead of selling its services. The mission additionally address stakeholder as much as possible and it shows its concern for environmental and social responsibility.



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