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Creative Writing Essay on English Papers, seven Different Small Assignments

English Papers, seven Different Small Assignments

# 1- The Good Outdated Truck

In late 2000, I recall my father coming home with a Dakota truck. Before he bought the truck, it was recorded to have hit two oxen and a dog. Consequently, its value depreciated considerably though he spent a large sum of money fixing it than he did paying for it. This means the maintenance cost of the truck has been enough to purchase a new car. It is red in color with a band of color on one surface downwards. By this I mean one face only, a rationale that is still unknown to me. High up on the right back of the truck, there is a big dent caused by a horse that attempted to hop into the truck’s rear. Additionally, the newly improved bumper slightly crouches downwards as a result of the impact of the oxen and other things that the truck has hit. My father’s stuff for horse riding fills the back of the truck. Because of this fact, there never is a time when the truck is tidy. This is as a result of the large boxes that are piled with twine balls and empty horseshoes underneath shoeboxes in a state that is haphazard.

Whenever one is getting into the truck, they have to seek assistance from an individual already inside the car so they can open the passenger door since it can only be opened from there. The door on the driver’s side never opens at all times and when it does, one is supposed to close it hard to shut it. Also, the passenger side is often piled with trash like empty bottles and cans since it is used by one person. The truck’s interior has an odor of horses. Because my father often steps on the vehicle’s smelly floor, this means he transfers the smell from him to the seats and everything he touches. Inside the truck, you will find his apron, which also smells of horses. Getting into the truck is extremely difficult due to the smell of dust and vinegar that emanates from inside. The vinegar smells comes from fly spray while the dust is from dirt which is gathered in the course of completing daily routines.

The start key is at the far end. However, whenever I make the attempt to start the truck, all I get is a click oftentimes. My father warned me of this constantly and urged me to keep trying. This in turn raised my hopes that no matter what, the truck would start. However, starting never offered me much hope since I was sure after 10 seconds or so, it would sputter and the engine would die. The funny part however comes when one drives the truck, which should be at 3,000 revolutions per minute in accordance to its manual. Changing to fourth gear means the speed of the truck drops automatically instead of increasing. If I made the attempt to shift to fifth gear, the automatic reminder of the truck would come along and I would be thrown into the truck’s steering wheel. I needed at least 10 minutes extra in order to arrive on time. My father’s old truck though good, is outdated.

#2-The Loss of my Grandfather

Today, I recall my grandfather with great pain. I miss the experiences and times we shared while I was young to comprehend what was happening. I remember the summer holidays I spent in Hawaii. As I was brought up in suburban areas, the fact I spent summers in Hawaii was a huge surprise to me. I recall in my early ages rising up early then sitting next to the kitchen table to listen to conversations between my mother and grandfather as they sipped their coffee. Being in their midst, at one point or another, the conversation would shift to me. My grandfather, at one time would ask, ‘what if he failed all his classes?’ I would catch my breath and look naively at him as they exchange glances with my other. At one point, I even had the courage to respond and say I was not going to fail. While I knew grandfather was joking, I still got the opportunity to prove I was not only intelligent but proud. This caused him to recline in his seat and look up at the ceiling. Then after a certain duration elapsed, he would comment that I was a good boy. This boosted my spirit and morale to work harder and get better grades in school.

One evening, grandfather commented on a story I had written while in fourth grade about spies who explore use of nuclear power in Libya. He said, ‘that was a good story’, and claimed that o got the aptitude from his great grandfather who loved stories. Later in the course of the morning, together with grandfather and his dog, we would climb into his tarnished truck. We would go to the post office to use the postal services. At one point, I speculated why it usually took him long to get the mail since he would spent a couple of minutes in the office. One day, I decide to follow him inside the office. To my surprise, I found a woman who knew me by name. This came as a shock since it was the first time I entered the building. Then, I heard the woman conversing with my grandfather regarding my father. When business closed we headed back home and I did not have courage to ask who the woman was. In the evenings, we ended up in the firm supply where we drank coffee as father smoked and joked at whoever came along through the door.

There is a fish garden we used to visit and whenever I think about it, I feel great love for my grandfather. I hate the fact he died while I was only 10. I still recall listening to the stories of my grandfather with his dog adjacent to me chewing bones as we sat on the broad chairs in the garden. Am reminded of his love and generosity whenever I take trips to Alden café. There was a time we drove the tractor in circles across the field as part of entertainment. I recall the last time grandfather called and I gave up my room for him. After he passed on, I could not permit my mother to change the sheets since I wanted to soak in his scent. His death left me with more queries than answers. Death did not shock me but rather, the reality he passed on at a time when I was very young to understand.

# 3- Email Communication

The topic under discussion concerns advancement in e-mail communication across networks along with benefits enjoyed by users. E-mail communication involves use of Internet and Cyberspace enabled devices for purposes of receiving and sending messages across all networks. The position the writer has taken on the topic is that ‘snail mail’ has paved the way for more inexpensive, convenient and speedy way of communication across the web. This is based on advantages offered by new-email application over old communication means. Sped allows quick dissemination of information from the source to intended party. Again, the inexpensive nature of e-mail communication is highlighted by the writer due to the possibility of receiving and sending messages simultaneously in group or private communication. The convenience enjoyed by consumers is yet another factor that enhances the conclusion e-mail communication is taking over traditional techniques of passing information. Availability of platforms that are Internet based with the ability of composing messages fast and in convenient time has also made it possible to enjoy numerous benefits. The writer as such believes that, with time, majority of people will be enlightened on the new forms of communication and they will do away with modes of ‘snail mail’.

In its construction, the thesis indicates a clear plan. The plan development starts by acknowledgement of many people who wake in the mornings and log into their email accounts to review the messages received. The essay, thereafter admits technology has changed in a great manner from time to new communication modes used on the present days. This provides foreword of the need to accommodate modern technology in communication which is included in new e-mail forms of message dissemination. The essay is consequently developed through highlighting and discussing the various merits of e-mail as they are derived by users. Discussion of each item individually furnishes the reader with complete facts of issues and leaves them to analyze it in order to make personal decisions. The essay ends by concluding that postal services in America are fated to stop running. As a means of communication, e-mail offers many advantages to users when compared to other modes. The writer, in the introduction states most people wake up and turn their computers on so they can go through their e-mail messages. The writer, thereafter engages in discussion of the importance of e-mail communication in terms of cost and convenience.

The essay is divided into three sections which include the preface, the body and conclusion. The introductory part is used by the writer to provide a preview of the practices adopted by individuals every morning which is checking whether they have new emails. This creates in the reader the urge to know what the author has to offer regarding the topic of e-mail communication. In the section of introduction, the author also lists 3 merits of e-mail further discussed in the body section. This hooks the attention of the reader on facts and they look forward to seeing them fully discussed in the essay. A short introduction is just as important since it shows writing preciseness. The very first supporting point is regarding the speed where the writer notes that trains, automobiles and planes have increase their speed of moving and in that same manner, so does communication mode. Messages can easily be transmitted throughout the globe in a matter of minutes with little effort. Attributable to the speed brought by new developments, regular mail known as ‘snail mail’ will be extinguished.

The second aspect is the decline of cost. The writer makes the acknowledgment that majority of individuals can access e-mail where there is free Internet offered by job places and learning institutions. Free Internet availability helps individuals send a great deal of messages without paying extra costs for the services. Additionally, the issue regarding distance never counts in e-mail communication since most of the platforms that are web based never incur postal charges. The third aspect is the convenience enjoyed by users as they are able to send multiple messages to a couple of people without the need to photocopy, print or even post letters. As such, users are able to send messages simultaneously to different people and in time that is convenient. The author also uses an approach that is simply organized to write the essay. The story is concluded by stating benefits offered by e-mail communication and the fact services offered by the postal office will soon come to an end. The writer, however does not include the cons of e-mail messaging in the article. This could have been due to different factors which include the fact the essay might not be critical but rather informative. In this case, the author opted to only inform on merits of using e-mail as the mode of communication. The writer, again might not have experienced hitches in use of e-mail for purposes of communication with others. This can only be amplified if the basis of the essay is personal experience.

# 4-Social Networking

Social network sites are designed as private networks with people at the central of their community. In recent times, these sites have gained immense popularity with a vast number of people using tools of social media on a day to day to basis. The platforms that are mostly used include Myspace, Twitter and Facebook, which have attracted users amounting to the millions. Many tools of social network have technological features which make it possible for users to connect based on their personal activities, interests and political affiliations. On other sites, people are given the space to specialize in their specific interest on the basis of sex, race, language, nationality or religion. In this case, every individual gets the opportunity to connect on their preferred network in accordance to their personal pleasure and will. As such, no one has the right to state to another which social network they should connect to as interests and needs vary. Additionally, sites also vary in the kind of information shared as well as devises that support applications (Ellison, 2007). Some of these social network tools can be installed on mobile phones, others can be blogged while still, others support video and photo sharing. Consequently, social network sites are defined as services that are Internet based which permit people to create open profiles, connect with other members and share items online. Though social networks appear in public discourse, it is crucial to state every individual bears the responsibility for what they read, access or share. Individuals are therefore left at the center of their community. Additionally, individuals have the capability of addressing personal issues in articulation of their accounts to strangers on social platforms. In this case, one is able to make the observation of privacy by choosing people to connect to as well as those to disregard as they might not be of much value to them. For example, many people on social networking sites are not interested in meeting new people but rather, communicating with people who are already part of their social life. Joining social network sites is a private matter since one is supposed to answer a couple of questions in their personal capacity. Information they have to provide includes their location, personal interests and age all used to set up personal profile that is open to other users. On top of this, people are also allowed to upload private photos as well as personalize their account. For instance, Facebook allows people to add modules so they can enhance their profiles.

An issue that bears great concern is privacy with so many questions raised ranging from whether police officers have any right to access the social network account of an individual such as Facebook to carry out investigations on personal conduct. In majority of laws, social networks are not guided on privacy and accessibility level of personal information (Ellison, 2007). Once individuals set their profiles on these sites, they have the freedom to increase connections variable where each has the right to have as many followers as they find. Having these followers on social network is a crucial element as it shows just how fast information is passed in the event a situation arises warranting social media to resolve. For example, social media proves extremely useful in times of disaster like earthquakes where victims get guidance on the platform regarding what they need to do. In addition to this, crisis response teams also use social media for purposes of locating victims of these tragedies. As such, social network are the best for personal needs and as such, they are designed as egocentric networks.

#5-Application of Communication Technology in Classroom

In the modern world, communication technology is more sophisticated. It is this fact that has seen institutions of learning install devices for communication that are aimed at simplifying exchange of information between teachers and students. Technology should not be looked at as being terrible or excellent. In one edge, it is seen for its ability to promote communication while on the other, it has an impact that is negative on the individuals’ welfare. It is these reasons that have led to technological change which is seen in the communication field in relation to activities in classrooms. In one of these dimensions, technology has been branded as the ‘fix-all’ since it has the ability to solve issues with the simple click of a button (Afshari, Bakar, Luan, Samah & Fooi, 2009). Another reason for change is the need to access more information through personal networks of learning that extend to information base. The personal network has the potential of accessing information on social tools like Twitter. Social network tools also have become reliable platforms that make sharing of ideas easy. Additionally, another aspect that contributes to use of technology in class communication is the possibility of having a sphere that is broadened and influence beyond the limits of classroom. Communication technology in classroom is heightened by literacy levels in society through sharing of information along with the ideologies of actualization.

New technology of communication opens up learning environment to national, international and regional fields where the students are able to freely connect with teaching staff and other students for discussions. The central reason for use of communication tools in classroom settings is ubiquitous learning permitted in international settings. Another is the engagement level with which students involve themselves and the relevance of institutions of learning in the modern world. Regarding the matter on ubiquitous, new tools of communication improve the environment of learning where the students are involved in the process globally and locally. This however, does not mean technology can replace teaching or good teachers available in the field. On top of this, the ease with which information technology has been accommodated in the field of teaching has been triggered by the fact its installation never stops with the continuing process (Afshari et al., 2009). What this means is that the process makes it possible for students to be persistent as well as access education impeccably, peacefully and flexibly. Another reason communication technology is used in the classroom is the high call in revolutionizing the sector of education along with all the physical constraints thereof. Digital communication as the boost drive and personal engagement in most discussions. Students will use clickers while competing with others so they can have a wide range of information that is easily accessible for conclusions. Live debates have also become another way of seeking information and engaging many students in the process of decision making. The need for educating future practitioners and managers on better methods of solving conflicts along with information search leads to use of technology tools in classroom communication. Another aspect is to increase interactions amid students and teachers. Effective use of communication tools in classrooms is what ensures students have access to the right content and they function in teams in the process.

Incorporation of new technologies of communication in classrooms has also led to great improvements in society. These effects range from personalized expression, team building to assured classroom freedom. Technology change in the process of learning has minimized walls in communication as students are able to connect automatically to other networks in a convenient manner. In this regard, it has enhanced learning because students are able to access more information compared to the days when technology was a mere term. Better methodologies for teaching can be implemented to use high material and ideas that the students can access. This contributes to increased interaction between the students and teachers who enjoy the convenience of answering question on an online platform. As such, field experts get contacted for information and their knowledge is availed to all. Access to experts’ knowledge is also great step towards ensuring better training is provided and developing more competent professionals.

Application of communication knowledge in classrooms has gone a long way to significantly change teaching methodologies. In instances where multiple professors teach a course, modern technology brings about online lecture series. These have led to the creation of valuable platform where information is standardized. Hence, the change in the sector has given additional freedom to various players. This allows room for online lectures and leaves the professor with the opportunity to tackle chores that are important pertaining to activities of learning. However, it is important for this to be scrutinized well in order to ensure the education quality is not just guaranteed but maintained. Another communication technology outcome is the flexibility in which case, students are able to attend different kinds of discussion forums simultaneously for purposes of exchanging ideals and gaining more knowledge. Integration of learning environment into Internet tools also promotes sharing of information in a manner that is more productive. This leads to increased eagerness among students than ever before to communicate, interact and learn effectively. Additionally, video messaging has proven to be one of the most compelling communication means. This change in the form of communication has seen use of pictorial messages that influence the mind greatly. As such, the effects and causes of new technology change in communication has been felt greatly by most of the institutions of learning.

# 6-Ethics

Ethics refers to moral standards on which human behavior is based in regard to set principles and rules. In personal life of individuals and in organizational capacity, ethics can be of great use in knowledge conception. This extends to level of performance through which a person observes ethical practices and standards. In this case, ethics should be exercised in business units and homesteads were the parties are party to making critical decisions. Moral principles are of great use in determining the course of action that needs to be taken whenever issues arise. In a professional capacity, each person is supposed to follow code of ethics in relation to work been carried out. In the event of breach, disciplinary action needs to be taken against the individual in order to ensure there is future accountability in terms of performance. Moral judgment is the personal conception of what is wrong or right as well as behavior expected in such instances. Moral judgment however is influenced by education level and culture as well as prior experiences. In a society where ethics is instilled in children from an early age, the chances of influencing individuals to follow and accept certain rules has become simple. These societies do fine in coming up with solutions to conflict as well as implementing decisions. Instituting ethical standards is crucial towards ensuring people behave in a moral manner. However, when there is no personal moral judgment, code of ethics becomes quite ineffective as personal decisions are influenced greatly by one’s own thinking. The problem society’s face as well as organizations is the deviation in which people use their own understanding of principles and moral standards. This creates room for discrepancies amid the employees and leaders as such, making the process of decision making difficult. Differential of knowledge among people results from varying levels of education, experience and cultural background. Culture refers to beliefs and traditions in which a particular group of people honor their dealings. Culture is also based on self-belief, behavioral expectation and social activities in relation to the situation at hand. Agency theory, in business concerns is a practice that is common through which individuals get tasked with the mandate of supporting the organization’s activities. In these situations, agents are supposed to perform their businesses in a manner that is independent so it can evaluate the work. In order to avoid any form of legal action against individuals and self, it is ideal to uphold ethical standards not just in practice but act according to integrity boost.

Awareness of code of ethics in social life is of great importance towards ensuring that business activities are efficiently run. In most cases, the professional bodies responsible for devising regulations and rules pertaining the areas of practice and study. As such, ethics can be applied in different organizations and fields to promote well-being of financial status of concern. In such a case, the factor that is most crucial when hiring employees is the aptitude to uphold proper ethical standards in practice and in decision-making. For example, unethical conduct in the profession of accounting can arise if the accountant does not follow principles set in the framework of reporting. Ethics is part of human life since the decisions made are based on personal knowledge and they can cost plenty if they are not effectively made. If not, all members of the staff should be allowed to follow ethical standards in the organization failure to which, the entire process fails as a result of poor coordination and teamwork. In this instance, members are supposed to demonstrate their actions, conduct and behavior in compliance with the code of ethics every time. This means they should not violate ethics in a personal capacity or in the view of the organization.

# 7-The Effects of Internet Usage on Daily Living

In the modern world, use of cyberspace has greatly advanced. I find myself, on a daily basis using the Internet searching for information and passing messages to other people. In the course of my daily chores, I also find it convenient and easy to use tools that are web-based to communicate with family members and friends. These tools like social media platform have proven to be of great assistance to me as I am able to access a significant number of people effectively and easily. This has helped save me a significant amount of time which I would have spent on activities that were more productive. Internet is a source of information which has a lot of happenings both in international and local fields. This gives me knowledge and updates needed to ensure personal safety. In the event of a disaster occurring, it would be probable that the issue would move faster in platforms of social media and as such, warn me of the need of taking precautions in regard to certain regions. Additionally, I also use the Internet for sending e-mails to friends and organizations related to relevant matters. Communication has become easier as a result of this than it previously was as WWW makes it easy for people to use cyberspace tools throughout the globe. This has also enhanced my potentialities of networking.

The internet itself has led to logical revolt. In this regard, I find that most human knowledge and writings in the web whenever I log in. This has led into sharing of knowledge among persons who use the internet for social or private matters. As such, I am educated and informed on various matters by simply having the interest to log in and join discussion forums. This has further enhanced my aptitude of making decisions as am able to get better outcomes by involving my mind in critical thinking. By sharing experiences, I am also able to understand life and acknowledge difficult times cannot last forever and they never affect some people while leaving others. This encouraged self-admiration and ego in tackling duties. Hence, I find myself able to achieve more than I anticipate. The use of Internet as well has affected my television watching greatly since all my time is taken up by these activities that are web based. Though the internet is important in increasing personal networks, excessive use might be expensive in the end as it accumulates to costs that could be huge. This, therefore has the cost implication where I am compelled to give up using certain items so I can buy data bundle in order to stay connected on a daily basis.

Also, the Internet has influenced my social living and behavior. Use of new technology has affected my development of building new social relations with individuals from different walks of life. Having to sacrifice other activities is a resultant factor people in social media get addicted to it and this keeps them from doing other chores that are not related to the Internet. Other times, reading materials online such as magazines, journals and books also takes a large part of my daily activities. Therefore, this leads to one being lazy to a certain extent in which case, all the chores are done on the computer and online thus, reducing the ability of one to think as well as operate. Internet has impact on the cognitive aspects and emotions as well. This arises as a result of divergence of data accessed over cyberspace. This can range from information that is appealing to traumatizing information that is based on site searches. At other times, the mind is also affected when I search for information without getting it.

The Interne has both harmful and positive impact on my psychological character. The worst is amnesia as a result of the conception that all I need is available online. In this case, Internet inhibits mental thoughts practicality which does not work well with the mind. The WWW also boosts confidence in that it presents the chance to discuss issues with different kinds of people and offers quick assistance. It also helps fight the spirit of shyness since the expression created in social media is one of society. Excessive use of the internet is not healthy since families are left with little to no time to indulge in collective activities. This has as well affected me since most times, I find myself chatting with friends online in my room. It has also been a source of entertainment as I take part in online gaming to keep my mind alert. This reduces the risk of stress. Time is costly and the more time spent online, the higher the chances of having activities not done. Once the time accumulates, I will find I have lost time and the costs paid for the Internet could have provided valuable results. However, this is not to imply Internet is not important in my life but that in order to benefit from it, it demands moderation. This urges me to protect myself from online surfing threats like viruses, spams and information theft, which would be frustrating if carried out against me.




Afshari, M., Bakar, K. A., Luan, W. S., Samah, B. A., & Fooi, F. S. (2009). Factors affecting teachers’ use of information and communication technology. International Journal of Instruction2(1), 77-104.

Ellison, N. B. (2007). Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship. Journal of ComputerMediated Communication13(1), 210-230.

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