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Critical Thinking Essay on Blogging


Apart from the provided sites, I also visited others in the U.S including Small Business Administration (, and Blogflux (  The arstechnica bog website broadly focuses on the technology aspect with professional contributions in different areas. mainly focuses on updates and gossip from the showbiz and celebrity world. The website has green living contributions that include conservationist news and articles. I think that these blogs present exciting and reliable alternative information sources from newspapers.

The style that is used by these blogs is a conversational approach that is direct and stimulating to the audience. The style also gives personal views of the author while encouraging the views of the audience via a dialogue approach. The government administers the SBA blog website. It concentrates on information and articles that relate to the welfare and management of small businesses in the U.S. Blogflux website is a professional bloggers’ website that has a centralized administration. Its focus is broad and it addresses several issues such as astronomy, acting, business, as well as civil rights. focuses on different subjects that include entertainment, women’s issues, business, technology, politics and social media.

These blogs use different information sources including professionals’ communities as well as individuals who are experienced in the areas and fields of the articles of these blogs. My belief is that information of the articles that I have come across on these sites can be relied on for three main reasons. Firstly, these articles provide evidence of frequent or regular updates by posting new information or developments on regular basis. Secondly, these bogs are subjected to centralized management which evaluates qualifications and experience of the bloggers as well as the articles’ content before they are admitted to these websites. Thirdly, information sources are provided by the articles as well as the relevant details via referencing and evidence presentations.

Excellent blogs combine writing style and tone that are appropriate for their subject materials. Ideally, every blog should embrace a conversational style without using excessive and irrelevant jargons. The author should consider the target audience in their articles in order to use the right language. Quality blogs provide necessary information and details regarding the topic or subject without repetitions. Blogs should also be attractive and interesting by addressing issues that the target audience finds relevant and suitable. They should also consider the wellbeing of the target audience.

Quality blogs should be valid, accurate as well as reliable by offering evidence of their content as well as appropriate contextual information that includes time, dates, information implication, environments and processes. The author should also provide their backgrounds’ information which includes their experience and qualification so that their content can be trusted by the audience. Further, bloggers should ensure regular updates for their entries. They should remain consistent in order to avoid unsuitability, irrelevance and unreliability of their blog content. This will ensure that their content is useful to the audience.

Audience comments are stimulated by excellent blogs. These blogs also enable dialogue whose basis is the articles’ content because the content raises reactions and responses from the audience. The blogs are also sensitive and responsive to the wellbeing, needs and interests of the audience. Blogs that do not fulfill and observe these needs are basically poor and inappropriate. Bad blogs also adopt a pessimistic instead of a clear optimistic tone. They also impose the beliefs of the author on the target audience. Bad blogs also include links that lead audiences to inappropriate sites and materials. Blogs should also not have links to irrelevant or commercial sites and resources because this can make their content look like advertising or promotional articles or websites. A blog that offers actual or specific names of individuals, places or addresses or one that provides contact information is also not good. This is because it can endanger lives, privacy and security of the other people.

Blogging takes a valuable and important position in the modern business world due to several factors. The popularity, widespread use of information and technology as well as globalization have led to an increased demand for business information and advice from professionals in various social-cultural contexts as well as parts of the globe. Modern businesses have a dynamic culture and this promotes the need for various viewpoints and aspects of business knowledge and information past the traditional sources of information scope that include magazines, journals and newspapers. The broad potential and availability of personalized and user-generated information, views and experiences in blogging presents the contemporary business community globally with vast, resourceful, efficient and convenient insight and knowledge reservoir that can be applied in different situations and problems of the modern businesses.

Blogging is advantageous over the traditional media because it avails personalized, user-generated and detailed insights or information that can be used to develop innovative strategies that can influence different business problems. Through blogging, the potential and scope of customized information sharing as well as dialogue on different topics has been deepened and broadened. This has enhanced the acquisition and advancement of broader, deeper as well as practical knowledge to levels that could not be achieved using the traditional media. Minority languages’ members have also been empowered by blogging because it provides an efficient channel through which they can express their thoughts and views. This cannot be achieved through the use of the format of the traditional media. When compared to traditional media, blogging has disadvantages which entail a significant risks’ susceptibility that include defamation suits as well as potential bloggers’ persecution in societies that are politically sensitive. These dangers can prevail where corporate and formal structures do not exist in the world of blogging.

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