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Critical Thinking Essay on Global Eco-politics

Global Eco-politics

Tercek and Adams made the revelation that through breaking of conservation down into dollars, ecological sustainability and expansion were established not to be goals that are communally exclusive. Adams and Tercek in their book, ‘Nature’s fortune’ used a matter-of-fact approach as the essential matter and they also turned conservation from mere ideology to arithmetic principals that are important. It is important to note that in recent past, conservation movements have achieved incredible strides and that governments have increased their efforts through improving regulations. This is also backed by the idea of majority of consumers who love the idea of buying ‘green’ forcing Major Corporation in the globe to device strategies that can be sustained in the long run and which touch on social responsibility. Studies however indicate that regardless of the numerous efforts, every necessary part of nature appears to be declining sending shock waves to environmentalists who warily look to pending future. Tercek stated hope could be guaranteed when governments, environmental organizations and businesses come together in order to work as one towards creation of innovative and new ways. Basically, the conservation biologists, Tercek and Adams argue economic growth as well as environmental stewardship cannot be looked upon as mutually exclusive.

What is more, saving nature is the only thing that can be termed as a smart commercial investment which any government and business can create in order to engage in salvaging of natural capital from getting depleted to a state that is irreversible. The fortune of nature challenge environmentalists to take into consideration reframing their conservation rationale, protect nature for nature’s sake’ and at the same time, soften the stance they have against partnering with corporate society. Nature’s fortune, on the other hand also challenges business leaders into looking at nature as an asset that is quantitative (natural capital) and not simply as a key sustainability or resource initiative. In basic terms, natural capital means the natural environment from which services and goods come from in order to sustain human life. In other words, natural capital is what forms basis for human activities and wellbeing. As such, the action taken by the people and welfare are closely related to nature of ‘natural capital’ as well as its facilities.

The categorization of natural capital is divided into two, non-renewable and renewable; renewable natural capital refers to active capital; that is self-maintaining or self-sustaining, bsed on ability of harnessing solar energy. Natural inactive capital takes geological periods that are longer to get formed. Generally, ‘natural capital’ included both organic and inorganic raw resources; ‘renewable’ (solar and tidal) dynamism and ‘fossil fuel’ as well as ‘waste integration’ capability. As such, good sustainability efforts through conservation of nature ensure both nonrenewable and renewable capital does not get misused in ways that are not profitable to humanity through life wellbeing and sustenance. What is more, good assimilation of waste capacity which includes vital functions of life support (global climate regulation) coupled by an ecosystem that is well functioning guarantees better business blossoming under prosperous nature. Ecosystem, consequently refers to complex and dynamic life of animals, plants as well as microbial which includes their environmental non-living interacting functional units. Studies have revealed the ecosystem services are the functions and entities of nature that guarantee existence; services of the ecosystem therefore can be characterized in accordance to the manner in which the activities result. As such, for the business world sustainability, activities of nature conservancy are supposed to take a whole new perspective so as to regenerate some new ideas relating to the ecosystem and nature for the good of the business world and society.

‘Nature deficit disorder’, on the other hand is the human price relating to environmental estrangement actions such as use of sanities, responsiveness problems, emotional ailment and extraordinary proportions of bodily ailment. The young generation raised nowadays grows up while it is disconnected from nature resulting in individuals who are distracted, depressed and overweight. Kids today are aware of the global threat the environment and nature faces yet the shocking truth is that they lack any physical, actual contact and intimacy with the environment on day to day basis. In essence, nature is competing with congested traffic, computers, social media, television and other activities that occupy the lives of individuals ensuring no room is left for nature visits. What is more, other studies indicate loss of natural surroundings in the neighborhood of a child where most of the nature preserved and parks have restrictive access as well as other restrictive signs that increase fading distance between the children and their contact with nature. Essentially, as earlier discussed, the natural capital is of great importance towards supporting wellbeing and life as such natural depleted capital that is the result of human activities that are irresponsible and especially businesses increases the issue of deficit nature disorder. Lack of efforts at conservancy lead to destruction of natural resources as such, denying kids intimacy with the environment as it destroys natural scenes. Adams and Tercek affirm that reversing the situation and reducing the gap between kids and nature calls for involvement of business leaders, stakeholders as well as conservation movements so as to collaborate on a global scope to ensure natural capital, the environment and associated resources are well conserved to guarantee wellbeing of the society particularly, that of children. This aids in reduction of effects of most disorders that are associated with deficit disorder of nature when children are able to contact and gain access to nature.

What is more, enumerating and classifying natural capital as well as bionetwork services will deliver extra justification which will be effective for environmental management and design regarding natural forms of capital that bridge the concept of environmental and sustainable development. Studies also affirm maintenance of natural capital stock is an achievable and judicious policy for the indemnification of sustainable development. Sustainable development in business terms is a state where the businesses or business is able to carry out activities with little negative impact on the local and global community, the economy and the community. Incorporation sustainability comes whenever a corporate is able to integrate sustainability values into the commercial choice it takes into consideration. What is more, sustainability also comes whenever a business supplies services and products that are environmentally friendly. Tercek continues to challenge the private and public sector leaders into changing their focus from one of conservation to development of the mindset of assuming responsibility in monetary terms. This can be attained through pecuniary worth integration into the choice of an association and also doing things routinely such as deliberate income and charge. Through environment dependence, organizations are able to gain commercially in terms of cost reduction, mitigation, access or creation of some new opportunities for investment as well as protection of assets. This leads to salvaging of nature and also supports business activities that are sustainable in the ecosystem without creation of environmental situations that are hazardous.

‘Ceres’ is a sphere that is negligible and principal ‘asteroid’ known as the ‘dwarf planet’ found in the solar inward structure. According to studies, there is a stony hoarfrost body and it comprises of a third of the ‘asteroid belt’ component which is superficial combined with aquatic hoarfrost as well as several ‘hydrant’ constituents such as ‘clays’ and carbonates’. As such, from discoveries that are scientific and associated with ceres as well as in line with nature’s fortune, ceres hold the key to impotent abilities of sustainability. This can contain substance or materials state that can be studied to reveal ways that are better of making the environment productive and sustainable.

Studies consequently indicate a 3 legged stool terminal is associated with retirement as such, used in the description of 3 common retirement sources of income for global retiree and they include personal savings, employment pension as well as social security. Social security is meant to offer minimum support where the government offers social security support to a specific money limit. It was designed to cushion retirees when they are unfit to work. A business, for purposes of sustainability should carry out activities in a manner that protects the environment and the society’s wellbeing and this can be attained through supporting social security by contributing to retirement benefit of the worker. Retirement plans, again are of great importance and studies highlight how these plans are available in two forms defined contributions and defined benefit. A ‘defined’ assistance strategy re-compensates the sequestration revenue of a worker and it is billed in full by the company. However, a contribution plan that is defined provides contribution that is annual based on the account of the employee’s annual salary as well as yearly changes in accordance to the profits of the company. Consequently, whenever the environment is conserved, businesses flourish and get more profits to levels where the employees receive higher packages of defined contribution. The last leg is personal savings which aid in determining an employee’s saving plan within a company. When the employee’s wellbeing is guaranteed as a result of business activities that are sustainable, the personal savings of the employee will be at levels that are reasonable and stable.

Fishing activities as well can be beneficial or destructive to the environment, the fish and marine life. The wild, new fishing lures are used to lure fish into traps while sporting. In relation to effectiveness, these might be good but they raise environmental concerns which are essential in order to ensure these activities do not interfere with the marine or ecosystem life. Due to the plastic scent, it might affect the marine life and consumers when the materials used are not up to standard. Green companies are involved in activities that incorporate environmental conservation activities and decision making into their authority structures. What is more, water footprint refers to the amount of water that is consumers in any given setting on a specific day and includes water that is used indirectly and directly for cooking, energy used and products production. Studies suggest fresh water is vital and important resource for human and ecological life. Further, studies also indicate as the human population grows and prosperity, water resources are stressed and especially, fresh water. Further, the situation is complicated by the climatic changes as well as water cycle changes that lead to droughts and water scarcity. This calls for measures that are stringent to be taken in order to ensure the environment is conserved so it can provide fresh water and guarantee there is fresh supply of water for human life as well as business activities. Further, studies also reveal ‘Biophilia’ theory arguments out that there exists natural connection between human beings and other organisms. ‘Biophilia’ is interpreted to mean ‘love of living systems’, and designates construction between the subliminal of human beings and the rest of life. In actual sense, ‘philias’ are optimistic and magnetisms spirits people have towards particular actions, substances and conducts in the natural environment. In this respect, people require to develop this kind of attraction further such that the environment is conserved to deliver satisfaction as well as an attraction that is of use to business activities.


Basically, keystone species is unique animal and plant that has large excessive influence on the environment in relation to the ecosystems abundance. Other studies indicate a bedrock class (is an animal or plant) that has vital and exclusive part in the way of a bionetwork purpose, while on the other hand, a class basis of a species of ‘animal or plant’ that is significant in upholding bionetwork association. In the ecosystem, all living things are dependent on one another and they basically work together for purposes of sustenance. Some of the species are however important as their presence controls the manner in which other species interrelate as such, whenever they are removed from the ecosystem, certain species might disappear completely. As a matter of fact, this calls for carefully consideration of what business activities to avoid in order to not destroying the environment.

Finally, Tercek and Adams advocate for the extensive and great reconsideration of relationship between the environmentalist and corporate world towards environmental protection in order to create business operations that are sustainable to support operations for life support and the wellbeing of humankind. Hence, the millennium ecosystem assessment was released as global effort that comprises 1,000 global scientists who analyze the earth’s ecosystem in order to provide guidelines and summaries for the decision makers. Through the findings, human activities are established to have increasing impact on global biodiversity ecosystems via reduction of their resilience and bio capacity. The assessment efforts are of great use towards sensitizing the world regarding dangerous issues that have to be rechecked in order to reduce the harm they cause to the ecosystem as this affects corporations and leads to environmental degradation. To conclude, environmental degradation affects all species on earth and it is important for stakeholders to step up their efforts in order to strengthen corporate-environmentalist relations and create frameworks that guarantee sustainable businesses.

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