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Cultural and Ethnic Studies Essay on Ethnic Roots and Culture

Ethnic Roots and Culture

Many immigrants settled in the US in the past years. This makes the US a multi-ethnic nation. For instance, I have a grandfather who hails from Dublin Ireland. Others were born in Quebec in Canada. Thus, the ethnic roots of most people in the US which determine their cultures are combined. The family of my mother is from Ireland. They settled in the US after passing via the Ellis Island. To know more about my culture and origin, I opted to visit the Ellis Island Museum.

Many people left Europe for America prior the 20th century because of strict laws in religion, declining economies and political instability. An immigration port was built by the US government at the Ellis Island because of the large number of people who were immigrating into the US through that entry port.

The station started receiving immigrants in 1892 especially the European immigrants. Among these immigrants was my grandfather who used this station to enter the US before it was closed in the 1950s. This station provided all the facilities that immigrants required before their documents were examined by the immigration officials. As such, many immigrants were able to learn about and from one another before they settled in the US. Thus, Ellis Island served as a major root for different cultures and racial groups.

In 1954, the federal government closed this station but it reopened it later in 1990 as the national museum (Powell 86). Despite the fact that most ethnic groups are from different places, Ellis Island reminds them of their origins before embarking on different cultures. Today, the descendants of the immigrants can visit this national museum and learn more details of their unique, original cultures.


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