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Cultural and Ethnic Studies Essay on Ladies and Gentlemen Survey and Report

Ladies and Gentlemen Survey and Report

The views of people on life and understanding of certain words and terms relating to human nature change as time goes by. Understanding of the common, regular, nobility and ‘normal’ human nature (in terms of personality and common human abilities) has also changed over the past years. Values that were seen as quite honorable or decent in one way or the other may not necessarily hold or are irrelevant in modern day.

People valued dignity in the past more than present day. People or leaders who were treated with high regard in the society had to display certain characteristics in a way that one could easily identify a leader just by their behaviors. Today, this has changed considerably and in fact being nice, polite or gentle is considered a weakness in the society.

Heated debates have also emerged in the recent past in regards to the aspect of kindness and gentleness with oppositions and propositions. In many cases, men who display these attributes are ridiculed for behaving in a lady like manner and this is just a very polite way of calling one weak.

Women with individualism on the other hand are fighting very hard especially on issues related to gender equality measures, which entails, showing brevity and characters that fight weakness as many may consider it (Chong, 2009).

Question 1

Baldassare Castiglione is one of the most popular people who immensely contributed towards creating a well-rounded person during his days. Castiglione strongly believed in social uniformity in a society where men played their roles despite of their class and statuses. His writings were also inspired by the fact only a few people held high social class positions leaving majority in the middle class during his days.

Additionally, only few people had the right for education thus, Castiglione thought a person who is well rounded would build the society by leading high positions and inspiring governments. He also brings about the idea of a well-rounded man in The Book of the Courtier, by analyzing the characteristics of an ideal courier (Baldassare, 2012). He begins his arguments by stating that every person or man should be inspired by fear of shame and hope of praise.

According to Castiglione, a well-versed man explores all it takes to remain positive in the eyes of other people, to earn praise in all he or she does. The reception of people is also key to the success of an individual according to Castiglione, who is an ideal person who should also possess traits ensures acceptance of audience.

These also include good choice of words, dressing well, and skills of people accompanied by knowledge of different languages, virtue and dignity among other things. He also emphasizes that a well versed version is loyal to his or her superiors thus doing everything in his or her power to prevent conflicts with the elders.

Much can also be said on traits of a well versed man according to Castiglione, but the most important are nobility, agility, pleasant, devotion or a warrior personality. The spirit of goodwill in addition to nonchalance and grace are vital issues that Castiglione insists on for a very ideal man (Castiglione, 2012). A person who does what other normal people do but in a discreet to be noble and acceptable in the eyes of the world is the most ideal being.

Question 2

To assess the current generation’s feelings according to Castiglione’s idea of an ideal man is concerned; a survey was developed and distributed to ten people. The rating questions required that the respondents offer their views on the characteristics Castiglione suggested. The questionnaire was therefore divided into two major parts including on that focuses on personal information while the other focused questions focused on the characteristics of a well-versed person as Castiglione portrayed.

The rated characteristics included wit, nobility, agility, pleasantness, mannerism, devotion and warrior. Five of the respondents were males and the other five were females. The respondents were also young professionals because they were not well informed as well as current affairs are concerned.

Question 3

Majority of the people according to survey agreed that these traits were indeed signs of a person who is well versed while some oppose the same. Many opponents were men and who agreed with characteristics including warrior like but did not agree with the idea of loyalty to selected few. On the other hand, women are easy to deal with when it comes to following orders because this is what the society teaches them from the family level.

Question 4

I agree with Castiglione’s statements in many ways. First of all, the world has become increasingly diverse and it is yet to be even more diverse as time goes by. Therefore, a person has to be well prepared for any action as the way events turn out. Characteristics discussed in The Book of the Courtier, provides a better chance for a person to live a free of bias, contradictions from people from various backgrounds and to live a positive life.

Globalization has also enhanced cultural diversities and cultural interactions in all life levels; one can therefore survive global changes experienced in the world by being well versed. Additionally, being discreet is an attribute that can never fail at any given time (Fiero, 2006). This is therefore something advocated for by Castiglione in his writings, thus operating from a level that is quite different from that of the world, yet keeping in touch with other people and in a gracious way.

Being pleasant, witty, loyal, agile, devoted and noble among other traits are crucial ingredients in becoming an ideal person.



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