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Economic Essay on Factors that SDSU Students Ought to Consider When They Purchase Products

Factors that SDSU Students Ought to Consider When They Purchase Products

Buying decisions are some of the most tactical decisions made by university students when it comes to choosing what to purchase. Limits in financial implication, variety of the items to purchase, product use and the manufacturers are some of the factors that should be considered. These pose a challenge to the individuals who want to buy a product. There are many actual and potential buyers of products who focus on size and aesthetic value of the product as the major factors when purchasing a product. However, there are other factors that should be considered. For instance, an SDSU student who wants to purchase a product such as a laptop ought to consider the product source, quality, its cost and use.

Product source is among the factors that should be considered by the SDSU student. This is significant since it enables the user to determine the manufacturer’s professional level as well as the used technologies in manufacturing that product. It also enables the user to know which minds are behind that product. In most cases, students do not consider this factor because it is not a threat to the immediate person who uses the product. However, if the product has a defect, this factor is considered when determining where to take it for replacement. According to Katharine Weber in The factory of he lost children (2006), when people do not consider the origin of their purchases, all offers look lucrative and attractive. Thus, buyers will not consider inexperienced and underage children who may have made them (Weber, 2006).

There are products that are made from conditions that are not safe or by unqualified people. Buying such products endangers the society especially when these products turn out to be irreparable. When an SDSU student knows the source of a product, he/she can ascertain whether the information of the warranty is from a third party, the manufacturer or the seller. Additionally, the student knows how the warranty claims are covered. To differentiate products from those of their competitors, manufacturers use attractive displays, size, design and cost.

Therefore, aesthetics are some of the factors to be considered by the SDSU student when buying different products. Nevertheless, it is of no worth to buy a product that is aesthetically pleasing but damaging to the environment. Morally and ethically, buying an environmentally friendly product is better than buying a product that is merely pleasing to the eyes. According to Wong, air quality within the western side of the United States has declined due to air pollutants’ movement that is associated with goods production in China (Wong, 2014).

Buying products that meet global requirements is important in keeping the world safe as well as reducing the effects that global warming has on the planet. The atmosphere of the earth is being depleted at a very fast rate. If no measures will be taken, future generations will face the consequences of the activities of the current generations. This is exactly what Wong (2014) noted that when he said:

“outsourcing production to China does not always relieve consumers in the United States—or for that matter many countries in the Northern Hemisphere —form the environmental impacts of air pollution” (Para).

It is important to consider the effect of our actions at macro level before taking them especially if they affect environmental conservation. At personal level, SDSU students ought to recall the word “conservation” all the time. This will enhance and ascertain environmental and product quality.

More importantly, quality is a vital factor for SDSU students to consider while purchasing any product. Quality and durability are always together. A high quality product has added features. These make it better and unique when compared to others (npr, nd). The latest technologies are used to make quality products. This makes the products highly competitive when compared to others. As such, SDSU students ought to ascertain the product quality by considering their features. For instance, to determine a laptop’s quality, the student should consider the manufacturer, the hard disk, the used operating system, the given warranty and other features such as memory capacity and price.

In a nut shell, when buying any product an SDSU student ought to consider source, quality, cost and the use of a product (Weber, 2006). It is also important to consider the product’s quality because quality products last longer even though they are costly due to their added value. In the modern world, products that people buy should meet environmental and user requirements. This implies that products that are likely to cause environmental destruction should be avoided. SDSU students should always be mindful of what they buy due to the effects that they are likely to have on the people and the environment.



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