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Educational Leadership

The results of the` Least Preferred Coworker’ measure is usually gotten from the LPC theory which focuses on the theories of transformational and charismatic leadership within an organization. The LPC model entails getting the various rating on the personality of an individual to assess his or her suitability to work with another. The model covers different aspects whichinclude interpersonal aspects, workperformance and communication among other things(Schriesheim, & Linda, 2006). The results of this model are obtained from 18 scales. After undertaking at least preferred coworker measures, I obtained a result of 67 and individuals who scores 64 and above are referred to as high LPCs.  As a leader, I am able to motivate such people by creating a conducive environment at work for the thriving of good relationships(Northouse, 2013). The results of the LPC measure are usually based on the personality of the people thus, hence are highly reliable.

As a leader, I would choose the individuals that are categorized under high LPC based on their scores because they are driven by relationships in the workplace.People who enjoy relationships are relevant in the organization as they work towards improving teamwork and organizational performance. If I would be in leadership role with such followers, I would develop an interactive organization that enhances performance (Northouse, 2013). The high LPCs are usually ready and willing to work with other employees so as to develop effective approach. This enhances the aspects of teamwork and cooperation in the processes of the organizations (Schriesheim, & Linda, 2006)I will be happy to know that workers can be free enough to communicate any issues that relate to the working conditions and the operations of the organizations. This makes it possible to allocate jobs to the groups that can master and establish efficiency and effectiveness in the organization.

Interactive leadership theory can be used in motivating employees in such situations as it engages them and helps them gain a better understanding of the business operations as well as allows for collective agreements. Leadership is an indication of the ability of persons to influence other people and helping in achieving certain objectives. Thus, the leaders should organize and manage their followers in the pursuit of certain goals within the organizations. Based on the results of high LPCs, leaders ought to practice the interactive leadership because it allows for effective interactions and communications with the followers (Northouse, 2013). This seeks to effectively address the issues facing the organization collectively by engaging employees. The interactive approach is relevant and effective because it involves employees in different matters and activities of the organization.



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