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Education Essay on Health Related Fitness Components

Health Related Fitness Components

Every human health aspect can be improved by fitness activities. Such aspects include muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. As such, body exercises are very important in enhancing fitness. Nevertheless, one should consider the exercise amount that they engage in daily to avoid too much or too little exercises. While designing a healthy exercise program, there are several factors that should be considered. They include intensity, frequency, time, and the kind of exercise session. At least all physical fitness components should be included in a good fitness program.

All four health-related components should be considered while design a workout plan that takes seven days to complete.


Running for 10 minutes within the field at school (cardiovascular), long jump, lifting weight loads of 20kg, pulling cart (for muscular strength) and walking. The exercise also involves free throws’ shooting severally for a minimum of two times, short jumps (which enhance muscular endurance), joint muscles’ stretching which include knee stretch, neck, finger stretch, hip stretch and repetitive ankle stretch ( this enhances flexibility).


Running in a pitch swiftly (cardiovascular), walking up and down the stairs for about ten times per day (muscular strength), riding the bicycle for about 10 minutes (muscle endurance), jogging for about 10 minutes, stretching needs upwards to the chest level about five times. Forward stretches, neck muscles swaying, warm ups, rotating knee muscles and swaying neck muscles (flexibility).


Swimming for about 15 minutes (cardiovascular), waking for two kilometers, squatting, and push-ups, pushing heavy loads, high jump (for muscular strength), climbing to a higher place (muscular endurance, working on the treadmill, swaying the hands sideways. Others include making body lunges to the forward side for about five minutes, sideway body lunges, reaching the toes with your hands with crossed legs and bending on your back (flexibility).


Taking a short run abruptly (cardiovascular), lifting heavy objects, carrying heavy loads, kicking ball (for muscular strength) and pulling a cart, pushing a cart (for muscle endurance), playing football, stretching knee and hand fingers, spreading hands or arms at a certain angle, waist turns, taking a bend while holding the waist and swinging neck muscles (for flexibility).


Squatting, short jumps (cardiovascular), competitive swimming, speed skate, long jump (for muscular strength). Others include riding a bike indoors for about three minutes, rubber band stretching severally (muscular endurance), trying to reach far objects while sitting, warm-up exercise, cycling, hand curls, rope jumps that last about five minutes and race running (flexibility).


Jumping severally in a row (cardiovascular), carrying heavy containers filled with loads, pushing a heavy wheelbarrow, walking uphill, manual cultivation that takes about thirty minutes (for muscular strength), splitting logs. Others include running a marathon race, rope skipping for about 10 minutes (for muscular endurance), bicep curls, bench press, overhead stretch, mid-back stretches, hamstring stretches and side bend.


Swimming for about 20 minutes (cardiovascular), lifting a loads of 20kg, throwing javelin, walking, squatting, pushing a heavy trolley (for muscular strength), participating in a rugby match for about 30 minutes, rubber band stretching (for muscular endurance), brisk walk, marching for several times, taking short runs, stranding on your toes, standing and stretching without moving (flexibility.

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