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English Essay on Advertising Language


Advertising Language


Advertising refers to any form of communication that is used to influence, encourage or sway a targeted audience into acting in a certain manner towards a product or service. Therefore, advertising is used with the main aim of motivating individuals to continue, or take new modes of action. Advertisinglanguage explores the importance of information used in advertisements to persuade or encourage people and how it is delivered and interpreted. Information is a major element that can influence the success or failure of organizations and businesses. This is mainly due to the fact that many consumers and potential clients make decisions based entirely on the information availed to them. Advertising in itself appeals to consumers to behave in a certain manner, and is thus considered a vital factor in the economic and social environment. An advertising feature usually informs targeted persons about an aspect or product, its usage, and the benefits that an be expected. Much of what we know is mainly availed through advertising and as such, the language used to presentthis information is significant in ensuring the intended message is fully comprehended  and spurs persons into action. In selecting advertising media, such as Televisions, Newspapers, or radios, the cost-effective principle should be used as a basis so as to guarantee efficiency of the process. Any words and images that are used in an advert have a great potential to influence and actually determine the impact such a message has on the mental activity of an individual.This paper explores the thought that advertising is verbal as well as visual relative to language aspects.

 Arguments and Discussions

Language has a controlling power over persons and how they behave, and can be largely applied in promotions aimed at influencing the mind. Thus, the choice of language is important in conveying specific messages which target to attract or charm people. Most importantly, the use of visuals and design greatly determines and influences the behaviors of consumers. However, all this is made effective through selecting the correct language, that can help individuals to identify and assess products. The language employed in the advertising field definitely influences and ascertains how fast an individual can grasp information given and this can help them to remember it with ease.

For instance, English language is appreciated greatly for having an extensive vocabulary and providing extended meanings that are relative to other languages. In addition, the meanings given by the various terms might not only differ slightly, but also carry varying connotations. In advertising language, therefore, it is very necessary to use images and words that evoke emotion and induce feelings so as to achieve the set goals. The problem arises when the target audience changes themeaningof words used in order to suit their situations rather than give them actual sense and grasp the intended meaning. This is caused by the differences in language interpretations by different people. Therefore, unless the media and the reporting staff review the emotive power of the chosen words, the message might end up misconstrued and fail to pass on intended meaning.For example, the English language possesses compounded words, such as top-quality, longer lasting andeconomy-size and each of these can all compare one product against another. Nevertheless, advertising language is not always truthful in the real sense because the comparatives used may even be non-existent.

Whether verbal or visual,advertisements must be presented in a language that can be understood and persuade the audience. This is because advertising messages are aimed at changing the thinking process of the target audience and influencing their like for the product being promoted. Any advertising message must convince the consumer of the benefits they can gain from the new product and these should be over and above currently used products. Such persuasion requires the use of simple yet inspiring advertising language, including cheerful and attractive images and words.

For example, the Hollywood industry takes expensive special effects to another level in their advertisements with the aim of convincing us that the movies they make are a reality. This includes the employing many  techniques such as quotations to convince the audience that the productstories are true. The Hollywood scenario goes to show that advertising messages, whether real or non-factual can be diverted and manipulated to achieve the set goals of persuasion or encouragement.Nevertheless, this can be abused by commercial agencies to present false information with regard to anitemsimply to persuade clients and obtain financial gains.This is against public policy requirements, because it can destroy the positive image customers may possesstowards an organization, the government, and the political setting at large. Free advertisement have the potential to negate the real essence of promotion by giving more overstated information to potential clients.

Advertising can be done through different forms of media including the television, radio, or newspaper, which all have distinguished message delivery setting. The differences in media choice and delivery setting is based on the fact that different products require classifiedforms of advertising and language that can be used to convince people of their importance. Every advertising message has special significance depending on the product, period, and the audience and as such, promoters use advertising language to seek the attention of individuals, establish reliability, as well as trust and also stimulate the general desire for the product.

For instance, the images used in advertising messages can easily build a subconscious mind in an entire society and this has potential to highly influence individual thinking.This is greatly encouraged by the increase in employment of entertainment programs to appeal to people, especially movies, and the music industry. When struck, the human mind varies the cognitive processes,and this induces one to make choices otherwise than usual. A car advertisement can, for example, pre-program an individual to assume the assertions made by the advertisement are real even though he or she could have made a more rational decision moments before the commercial. Therefore, the message outlay in the media can trigger the mind adversely by altering its actual functionality. Such powerful psychological influence has sometimes resulted in irrational decisions, which have in turn impacted negatively on the economy and the social welfare. For instance, by the age of 18, the American youths are said to have come across over 200,000 virtual behaviors of violence and as such this impacts negatively on the individualrationality and the society at large.

The persons hired to present the message over a media platform also influence the advertising language. The socio-cultural features exhibited by an individual with an advertisement message have had high implication on language use. For instance, because of their renowned social status, famous people such as the athletes and artists find their way into the promotional business.

The manner in which the advertisement message is presented, in terms of images and words that are used, is powerful enough to influence the outcome of such a program because it can alter the thinking and attitude of an audience.This is a psychological aspect where an individual compares him or herself to the famous person in the advertisement and in so doing changes their the self-image to successful heights that have been attained by the famous personality. This has driven people to act in the manner directed by the renowned artist or athlete in their advertisement, in an irrational attempt to become like them or better as purported in the media. In such cases, individuals find themselves imitating the actions and othercharacteristics including speaking like the renowned personality. Even though this technique yields effectiveness in different forms of advertisement, it influences subconscious feelings and also promotes an insecure society that is both indecisive and easily manipulated. There have thus arisen conflicts between the social and business settings over the use of renowned persons to advertise products considering their high influential power.The charisma exhibited by such personalities may appear firm, bold, and stronger hence induceothers to follow their actions rather than have their own individual opinions.

Advertising contents are usually set in a relatively simple and original structure that can be accessed easily. The high use of television commercials has motivated the integration of several advertising techniques like pictures and wordings in advertisements, and these areemployed either singly or simultaneously. It is also important to comprehend the use of political rhetoric of politicians and activists to impact on the emotional issues. This can have great impact and determines important social aspects like peace, coercion, and justice. In the same way, commercial advertising language usually focuses on the needs of various consumer and creates persuasionsthat try to solve the issues of such consumers in the best way possible. The television offers real and fictitious narratives that display pictures and designs that are considered to communicate the message and promote the item in question. Yet, such pictures, designs, characters and narratives can also be unethical. On that note, visual communication has been termed as one of the most effectual ways to apply the advertising language. This is because it offers the values of immediate apprehension, easiness, and flexibility on the target audience. Visual messages have an immediate and valuable impact on the audience because they break down complex information. For instance, when using statistical data it is easier to accomplish the goals of advertising more quickly through the use of visuals as compared to verbal communication.However, this is not favorable for all potential clients because the society has blind persons.

Simplicity is guaranteed in advertising language  by the use of visualized content. This is backed by the fact that most people tend to comprehend visual messages faster than verbally transmitted messages.In addition, visual content can be used to simplify an idea into a more comprehensible form.For example, in circumstances where one needs to give directions to another, visual maps can be used as the best option to ensuring success in the process. Another case where visuals offer the best communication is the use of diagrams by engineers to illustrate how a product should result.

Despite this, the combination of written information with visual content can help to ensure clarity. In the same manner, advertising language should embrace integral aspects to ascertain data clarity, simplicity of the message, and flexibility so as to encourage enhanced self-review and decisions. This is still a problem in the society because of the selective consumer choices with regard to the media andproducts.Additionally, products are highly differentiated and similar patterns of advertisement are used to promote them. While in promoting vacation destinations, visual images are used to persuade potential clients, this might not work on promoting some products, such as medicines, that only operate under unseen conditions.

The symbols used in advertising language,can broaden the perspective of an audience through larger emotional concept and comprehension. This is more applicable if the symbols used address issues regarding the home, sexuality, family, national, religious or lifestyle and hence can help to simplify the thinking of the audience. However, images or words are usually interpreted differently by different people, hence negating the commonality of the advertising language. As such, important aspects such as cultural backgrounds, settings, and values stimulate this diversity in interpretation of similar words as well as symbols.Additionally, the attitude, and characteristics exhibited by the target groups are also important factors that influence the rate of change in behavior. To this effect, culture plays acentral role in acknowledging the language used in promotional contexts. This understanding brings in the mass media as one of the key institutions that help to shape cultures.

For example, even though, the American culture does not always favor immigrants,they learn a lot from the media. This goes to show that the same media that is used to give promotional messages also leads to differentiated cultural acceptance and understanding. When devising advertisement content, it is necessary to target multicultural consumers as this can help to ensure regional and social balance. Despite its importance, many companies today still rely upon agencies that promote their products, but do not promise the extra functionality to understand the cultural aspects in a target population. This puts such companies in a compromised position as their advertising language is not prioritizedto solve the problems of their current and potential clients. Thus, clients can easily get the wrong product information by misconstruing images and symbols usedin advertising language.


Advertising remains an important aspect of business, collective, and economic settings and it is very important to communicate the product information to target audience as this heavily influences sound decisions. Although advertising is assumed to be either visual or verbal, the language used to deliver the intended information is vital in ascertaining success. Language essentially determines behavior because it influences personal understanding and positive reception and hence cannot just be restricted to the use of mere words or graphics to deliver product information. As a result, language choice has an influence over message receptive abilities of the target audience and the degree of persuasion.

All the same, language, on its own,  cannot persuade customers, but requires integration of various reflective aspectssuch asvisuals and art to make the content more appealing. The culture created by a society also determines the advertising language and the levels of enthusiasm exhibited. The content should be founded on the ability to develop consumer-based messages, and to ensure that the product is oriented and unbiased.

The use of the media including the radio, television, and newspaper to communicate advertising information is supposed to position and promote the products in a better manner. Each promotional message, whether audio or visual has the power to influence the audience into consuming the products and services in question. However, in order to exploit a particular language, one should know about it, its rules, patterns, and structure.Lack of proper knowledge of a language can prevent advertisers from communicatingeffective, precise, and clear messages to consumers.Thus, advertising language is a great influencing factor forconsumer behavior because of the specificity ofapplied symbols, art, discipline and the creation of provocative messages.


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