Effects of Cold War on Asia

English Essay on Critical Evaluation

Critical Evaluation

Thesis Statement

Despite modern society embracing feminism, women are still restricted by their gender in exercising their freedom of choice in terms of choosing occupation and hence attaining economical independence.

Outline of the Critical Evaluation Essay

In her article titled “Now We Can Begin”, Eastman highlights some of the challenges that modern day women still face in today’s society. She asserts that although the campaign on feminism is ongoing, it will fail in meeting its objectives if women continue to rely on their male counterparts for economic support. The author further identifies objectives and programs that should be incorporated so as to empower women and enable them to enjoy equal status with men. She recommends that women ought to be encouraged to exercise their varied gifts, adding that women who opt to raise children and perform house duties also need to be compensated by their spouses or the government. According to the author, campaigns that aim to  attaineconomical independence for women must ensure that women are equally paid as men. Second, girls need to be given equal opportunity of education as their male counterparts and early vocational training where necessary. Consequently, governments should design and implement policies that address the endowment of motherhood and that makes the choice of motherhood voluntary. She concludes by stating that implementation of all these proposed measures will result in the woman experiencing equal status with men.

Wood explains thatin any argumentative essay, it is essential forthe author to successfully persuade his or her readers of their stance (17). In my critical analysis of the chosen essay, it will be necessary for me to discern the use of the concepts of ethos, pathos and logos by the author. In assessing the author’s use of ethos, I will examine their character and how she appeals to the audience. The use of pathos will indicate whether or not the author convinces his or her audience by appealing to their emotions. Finally, my analysis of the logos will show how the author has employed reasoning in stating his or her argument of ideas.

The author of the essay under critical evaluation used logos because it is evident that she intends to persuade the audience by use of reason. The author presents situational facts from which the reader can further deduceher points. For example, she asks the readers, “Sons? Daughters? They are born of women — how then can women be free to choose their occupation, at all times reveling in their economic independence, unless they stop bearing children? This is a further question for feminism.”The author’s argument therefore is that women can never be in a position to freely choosetheir occupation becausethe society has already bestowed on them the role of becoming mothers.The statement effectively prompts the audience to reflect on the roles that the society plays on either obstructing or promoting women’s independence.

The American Public University may use my critical evaluation paper for the study of Crystal Eastman works in evaluating case studies of the works of various writers . My work may also be presented as a critique or analysis of Crystal Eastman’s work and comparisons can be made between the author’s arguments and my evaluation of how valid these are. The document may also be used in future course works as a template for writing a critical evaluation essay .


Works Cited

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