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English Essay on Immigration


Immigration involves the movement of persons from their native nations into oversea countries. These movements can be linked with numerous motives; economic facets have added up to individuals moving to overseas nations so as to invest, by getting the accessible economic openings in the nation (Easterlin 108). America has seen vast number of immigrants because of wide range of openings accessible in the nation. Immigration can be either legal or unauthorized. Illegitimate immigration incorporates the movement to a presumed nation without know-how of the reigning state. In the few years ago, nations have seen upsurge in the number of migrants- an occurrence whose roots regards circumstances of chaos in numerous countries. People as a result run away from the native nations in conflict to look for serene thrive in oversea countries. Numerous debates tackle the state of immigrants in several nations. Specific methods have as well been introduced in a bid to lessen the populace of migrants. This article will tackle the occurrence of immigration in numerous nations; it concentrates precisely on illegitimate movement and the debates undertaken by a number of individuals on the problem.

In the debate regarding immigration, specific theories have been expressed that link to the action of immigrants. At first, debates backed the case that the rights of people migrating to the new nation ought to be safeguarded. This has mainly led to the terrible situations that have been perceived in the immigrants’ campgrounds. In the U.S, there has been a strong belief that the immigrants were not authorized to job openings for a long period. The immigrants were exploited by most communities as a source of cheap labor in numerous activities. Specific points of view articulate that immigrants have no impact on the cost of the revenue of the nation as they provide cheap labor to the nations. Nevertheless, as a result of study debated by humanitarian corporations, there is need for respect for the rights of the people. This has led to assimilation of rights of the immigrants into numerous presentations of the corporation.  In addition, the battle for the rights of immigrants have led to companies that back these rights being established. Nevertheless, further resistance has spurred the abuse of the rights of immigrants. Racial prejudices have been shown in particular performances in the U.S that have repeatedly endorsed for promising openings being provided to the natives of the nation compared with the agreements to the immigrants (Dancygier 79). The wellbeing of immigrants has been a topic of debate in most nations exposed to high population of immigrants.

Disgraceful situations in majority of the campgrounds occupied by immigrants have drawn debates from numerous agencies. This has led to creation of policies that focus on enhancing the way of life of immigrants. The House of Representatives has encountered different debates on the necessity to guarantee improved wellbeing of the immigrants. Because of budgetary problems, NGOs have repeatedly took part in the delivery of fundamental need for the immigrants, leading to enhancements in their living situations.

In consequence of the calamity of illegal immigration, there have been debated on the necessity to start the banishment of illegitimate immigrants. This alludes to the procedure of categorizing the native nations of the immigrants and embracing methods focused on returning to their natural nations.  In the most of incidents, deportation is conducted forcefully, without the accord of the immigrant. Deportation is taken on by majority nations so as to lessen the stress of resources coming from keeping the immigrants. On top of this, with surge in social immorality such as terrorism, nations have been extremely cautious on people in the boarders that have led to the banishment of immigrants. Populace focus has as well as led into creation of policies that increase deportation. Nevertheless, there are some viewpoints that have sturdily contrasted the deed. Humanitarians have seen banishment as an abuse of the self-worth as well as the liberty of people. The differing points of view maintain that the wellbeing of the immigrants ought to invariably be looked at prior to pursuing such deeds in their lives (Dancygier 80). Additionally, the differing discussions support the enhancement of the mother country status of the immigrants’ prior to banishment. This has been evident in the circumstance where immigrants are running away from conflicts in the lands of birth.

Because of security disquiets emerging from illegal immigration, the nation ought to guarantee ways intended at getting rid of incidents of individuals thriving in the nation without the approval of the state. Border security ought to be strengthened to make sure that people accessing the nation are properly recognized and their intents are known. This will vastly control the incidents of terrorism as well as other social immoralities such as drug and human trafficking from the nation’s territory. In enhancing the border security, professionalism ought to be guaranteed so as to get rid of suspicious and deceitful people that can compromise the safety of the nation to accomplish their personal desires (Perl 300).

The state ought to pass policies that control immigration in the nation. Apparent agendas ought to be present on the stand of the state on immigrants in the nation. In efforts to enhance the situation of immigrants, the state ought to embrace strategies that guarantee openings being provided to the immigrants. In the employment field, parity ought to be guaranteed that will let the immigrants as well to get jobs in numerous sectors that will later better their ways of life. Human rights of a person are core factor in overall wellbeing of individuals. The state ought to create regulations and policies that make sure that immigrants revel in their human right in the nation. Circumstances of discrimination of immigrants ought to be stopped in the nation. This will as a result promise free contribution of the immigrants in the undertakings of the nation, which will lead to economic development of the nation. Social immoralities are repeatedly linked with immigrants in the nation without the understanding of the state. Numerous facets ought to work so that they can stop the evils that can vastly compromise the undertakings of the nation in numerous industries. Via rational processes, immigrants in the nation ought to be listed by the state as well as watchfully controlled.  In hostile incidents, deportation ought to be put into consideration as a final option (Anderson 200). This will vastly permit the abolition of actions that are not in the interest of the nation’s growth.

From the above-mentioned, it is clear that immigration is unavoidable in the nation. Situations for instance conflict that are widespread in the community repeatedly lead to immigration. Numerous states ought to thus come up with frameworks that control disquiets on immigration. Policies ought to be created that make sure that the state is well-versed with all immigrants in the nation. This will aid in the abolishment of activities that probably take place due to illicit immigration. Moreover, states ought to pass regulations that make sure that the rights of immigrants are treasured in the nation.

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