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English Essay on Personal Statement

Personal Statement

England has many reputable law institutions and I have decided to enroll for a law degree in the country. The country also has well developed education system across the globe. I have been raised in Saudi Arabia, and its legal structure is based on Islamic law (Sharia). The court applies the outlooks of renowned scholars (fiqh) and state regulations (siyasa) in administering justice.

The main reason behind my desire to pursue a law degree in England is based on the fact that many people in the developed world can write, read and speak English. Therefore, graduating with a law degree from the country will enhance my employment opportunities. Additionally, I will not be confided to practice law in my motherland. The possibility of working anywhere else across the globe is fascinating and my international law degree will facilitate this.

The diverse and versatile nature of law, besides the fact that it affects almost aspects of the society is that it draws me to the subject. As a discipline, law incorporates different aspects in politics, philosophy and economics among other disciplines. Law is also a demanding subject that calls for my critical thinking and it requires me to analytically approach issues.

My love for law literature has armed me with in-depth understanding of vital law concepts and how the English legal system operates. Similarly, I opted for an after school basic law course while in Saudi Arabia and it taught me the basics of legal and jurisdiction system of the country. We were also taken to courtrooms to witness real cases as a vital element of the course. Together with judge’s activities, the prosecution and defendants, the experience created a lasting impression in my mind.

My many visits to Saudi Arabia’s law courts have given me an exclusive opportunity to see how different cases are handled. Even though I am yet to experience how justice is dispensed in English courts, the experiences from Saudi Arabia, have given me vital insights into law practical details.

After high school, I also had an internship at Zeyad ‘S. Khoshaim law firm in Saudi Arabia. The placement enhanced my love for law and significantly enhanced my analytical and organizational skills because I had to assemble different reports under tight schedules. The skills will therefore be useful assets for my degree in law. My interest in studying law was confirmed because of the experiences and since then, I have become more passionate on the subject.

Currently, I work on part time basis at one of the leading bookstores in my home town. I have worked in the book store for the past 8months and the experience has enhanced my personality in many ways. Firstly, it has enhanced my confidence level significantly and secondly, I can work in a team and under pressure. My responsibilities in the past 3 months have also increased gradually.

I am presently in charge of junior members of staff in my shift and I am similarly entrusted with ensuring the bookstore is clean, well-organized and secure in my entire shift. I also look forward to an interesting and challenging study in law and I strongly believe that I have the right skills set to ensure a positive contribution in my school and in other people’s lives.

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