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Dear Portfolio Evaluator,

I am writing this letter to let you know why I trust my portfolio is exceptional enough to take me to the next stage of ESOL class with your consent. ESOL classes deepened my know-how in general English vastly as well as polished my writing, listening and speaking abilities. I am gratified with what I have gained in the course of my classes as well as I perceive myself set and fit to excel and move to the next platform.

In my personal valuation, I have built more fortes as well as wide-ranging exposures in English, than faults. ESOL programs allowed me with the essential abilities and expertise to revise my personal work. I am competent to gauge my own writings for precision as well as dispose of flaws in my work. I can grow my personal demonstrations and stage them successfully in English. I have as well built creativity in writing diverse forms of works for instance articles, song lyrics, poems and other class assignment essays like argumentative essays, expository essays, analytical texts and persuasive writing. With the aid of ESOL courses, I am competent to utilize APA format as well as referencing styles in writing assignments and texts. These styles have steered me in writing research papers in an apparent, well thought-out and reliable way. I am at this time using them in areas other than ESOL coursework. I have learnt how to structure my personal writings and essays by aligning them into a thesis, crafting outlines for my essays, using transitional terms in sentences, writing topic sentence for every paragraph, writing an effective conclusion, reading an essay out aloud confine irregularities as well as editing sentences and paragraphs. I can read questions in examinations as well as interviews, deduce them and then again comprehend them owing to ESOL courses.

On the other hand, I have a few flaws and I am working tirelessly to perceive them resolved. I have problems with grammar. I came to grasp the motives of my grammatical mistakes and ascertained that more repeatedly I was wrong in my writing. This difficult is vastly accredited to language variations. I have read on usual grammar mistakes, muddled terms, and am cautious bearing in mind the subject matter to in due course shun grammar mistakes to perceive myself as an exceptional author.  I have difficulties with commas, verbs, gerunds, articles and infinitive. I am resolving this by turning to other members of my class for lessons and am using internet resources to broaden my know-how on the subject. I am enhancing my language as well as speech by conversing with friends in English and by watching online videos. In the course of classes, I was having a difficult time in figuring out errors and comprehending how to solve them. I am open to such mistakes, and I have taken a considerable amount of time to improve my studying and reading abilities. I am happy that I can be able to ascertain errors in my work and successful make rectifications.

My portfolio is resilient amply to excel ESOL, as I am competent to use reliability and English quality in research. I can as well work compliantly with content area teachers. My learning of English at ESOL has prepared me with information of how to reveal comprehension of language and high-level capability in aiding other ESOL learners to get and use English dialect in conversing, listening as well as writing for academic and social needs.

For more contact with my performance portfolio, I have incorporated copies of my assignments to aid your review. Thank you in advance. I am looking forward to your positive reply.

Yours sincerely,




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