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English Essay on Progress Report

Progress Report

Class goals

Goals met

  • Understanding rhetorical conventions and considerations of professional writing

I learnt about the significance of comprehending the audience, which is the core rhetorical concern in writing. I can differentiate between grammar regulations and resolutions. I comprehend the rhetorical ethics behind the writing of educative, negative as well as positive texts. I understand how to provide a destructive text a better ‘spin’ and also I am well-versed with the significance of design and implementation of visuals to enhance the verbal impact on texts.

I have the basic know-how that I can utilize to draft persuasive texts. I comprehend the thought of ‘rhetorical argument’ as well as its use in crafting persuasive texts.  I have apprehended the restrictions of the typical theory of rhetorical arguments and the alternative Toulmin model, which can be implemented to grow helpful rhetorical discussions. At last, I am by this time able to think of the elements of formal reports and the organization and style anticipated in such accounts.

  • Competence in finding, synthesizing and citing research materials

I am competent to acquire content applicable to the subject matter under concern. I comprehend how to use the cyberspace to study for contents. I have grown my synthesis abilities as well as can use a stock of data to ascertain the usual thread as well as create a comprehensible discussion with a consistent flow. I am competent to quote material in my assignment suitably to shun claims of plagiarism. I have a working know-how of the diverse formation criterions, for instance Chicago, APA, Harvard and MLA. I as well comprehend when to reference ‘in text’ implementing the diverse formatting convention and also how to create a bibliography or reference list page.

  • Development of skills and strategies of collaborative work

I have learnt how to toil with my friends successfully.  Contributing in group debates as well as group task led this growth. I learnt that to be competent to work collectively, I have to apply certain abilities and criterions. In collective assignment, the duties of each member have to be described to shun similarity of task. Gathering ought to be planned in advance as well as members are to be provided enough time to get set for the group assignment. Time management is significant, and one need to come well set in his or her allocated field. Collective assignment need patience for differing views as well as thoughts. A person need to shun own divergences with group members. It is great to differ with a thought and come up with a better one instead of having personal differences with the individual demonstrating the idea.

  • Development of individual autonomy as a writer

I get ready comprehensively in advance of writing. I cautiously read the allotted assignment as well as write down the chief points I find suitable in reacting to the question. I notify friends on the subject to discuss in order to get their opinions as well as general thoughts as to what is needed. I do research where needed as well as account effective content that I may utilize. Afterwards, I combine all the data, and jot it down rationally and comprehensibly. At this point I go through the assignment and make sure is free from rational and grammar errors. After jotting it down, I ask colleagues to go through the assignment and react to what they read. If there is a necessity for alteration, I make the needed changes prior to submitting the assignment.

  • Development and implementation of time management skills

I comprehend that time management is an important element in academic work. This is particularly because when tackling long-term writing tasks. The time accessible for finishing a task is fixed and if one fails to work well, the set duration may pass prior to completing it. I at this time comprehend that one need to organize how to use time in finishing lasting writing task. One of the things I sort out is to make a timeline. In the timeline, I specify which part of the task will be finish at what time. I then make sure that the timeline is sternly adhere to.  I do not set all the time for a specified task. I make sure that I set excellent amount of time for the last part. This additional time is to take care of any unforeseen situations, which may make hard to finish the task in the time I spared for it.

Goals in progress

  • Significant growth towards my professional development

I have gathered a lot during the course on becoming a writer. Nevertheless, I feel that my growth is not far-reaching yet. There are some facets in writing field I feel I still have a lot to do. As a result, I aim to go on working on my weak areas as well as continue enhancing my abilities.

Personal goals

Goals met
  • Passing my WPE Exam and Gateway Class at CSUN

I was competent to shine this exam. This is necessary as the exam matters when it comes to my graduation and could not fail.

  • To be fit

As soon as I joined college, I decided to be fit. I go to the gym facility for four times in a week. Looking at my physique, I am delighted with my appearance. I wanted to be fit so as to be fit   I wanted to be fit in order to be healthy and for aesthetic reasons. It cannot hurt to appeal.

  • To improve my writing skills

The ENGL 306 class has aided me to enhance my writing abilities vastly. I am self-assured of my writing abilities, and I trust I can only improve after undertaking the course

  • To travel around the States

I had the chance to travel around the nation on a number of times. This is the moment I can make use for the project. Whenever I had a chance to travel from college, I used the opportunity. I am delighted to have paid a call to several locations.

Goals in progress

  • Future employment

I anticipate to be employed after college. I expect to work for one of the large corporations, as well as get a good salary so that I can marry, settle and have a family.

  • Buy a sports car

I have at all times wished to have a sports car since I was a kid. After college, I hope to be able to buy one. I have not resolved whether I will buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, however, I know I ought to get one.

  • Start my own business

I want to be my own boss in the future. I plot to open my business the minute I am competent do so.

  • To own a beach house

I plan to have my own gorgeous beach house where I can live peacefully by the seashore. The moment I have the resources, I get a land a construct my dream house.

  • To learn Italian

I have an interest in exploring Europe, particularly the old city of Rome. As a result, I anticipate to learn Italian so that I can explore the region and rejoice in the sights without help of tour guide.

  • To get a B+ or above in my classes

My intent is to uphold a 3.28 GPA over my development. This can aid me acquire a scholarship for my Master’s degree from the state.

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