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English Essay on Reality Show Jersey Shore

Reality Show Jersey Shore


Jersey Shore is an American reality television series, making appearance for three years on MTV between December 2009 and December 2012. The show demonstrates the day to day lives of eight housemates- four male and four female- in a number of most treasured destinations, incorporating the Jersey Shore, seaside Heights and Miami Beach. Their love alternates around wicked drinking manners, continuous talks on sex, meeting in some instances being half-nude and embracing filthy dialect (Ruscitti 1). Therefore, I have faith in that Jersey Shore show is inappropriate for family viewership. This is due to the fact that it shows age-unsuitable content that is likely to mislead young kids, more so youths, on essential facets so life.  Individuals in this age group are still creating a character as well as their growing mind in susceptible to external impacts. The mass media has a great impact on the youth, as they tend to pick their role models between the TV superstars. The characters in Jersey Shore all take part in evil deeds and it would be disgraceful if the youth opt to select them as their role models. Majority of the cast members, for instance Mike can only educate the youth to be indolent, indulge in conflicts and needless fights, as well as participate in immoral actions (Ruscitti 1). Therefore, the show ought not to be broadcasted on television. There are a several reasons to abolish the show. Initially, each of the eight cast members consumes a lot of alcohol and follow bad conduct patterns. Unquestionably, social drinking does not normally lead to bad conduct, however spurring the young ones to bad behavior under the excuse of alcohol consumption, hence it goes against the core morals of the society. As far as unsuitable behavior spurred by the impact of alcohol is amusing to adult viewers, it has terrible impact pertaining to the youthful viewers (Lee 39).  Viewing the television characters drinking and behaving badly, youths may commence doing similar thing to copy their stars. This has permanent impacts for the lives of these youths, who may culminate in wasting their lives as too much alcohol averts them from pursuing their dreams. In addition, it is deceptive, as the stars are only performing whereas the youth will embrace that behavior in their lives (Hyman 1).

In addition, the Jersey Shore show looks to be blind to the acute impacts of skin cancer due to their zealous in-house skin tanning. This is miserable, particularly keeping in mind the huge number of Americans in sorrow of skin cancer due to the destructive impact of UV rays both from the sun and from bed tans (Schulman and Fisher 145). The Food and Drug administration (FDA) in the US says that the use of tanning beds prior to the age of 35 surges the risk of skin cancer by 75 percent and their irregular use boosts the probabilities. Therefore, the evidence that the show is spurring use of tanning beds makes it unapt for TV. It generates the false opinion that the extreme use of beds does not led to any side effects on a person. Jersey Shore is reality show as well as it ought to use misleading evidences, as watchers may not be able to distinguish between fact and fiction (Arbuthnot 1).

On top of this, the cast stars get a lot of money in comparison to most of the spectators. This as well spurs the absurdity and unsuitable conduct that they demonstrate, particularly in the minds of the youth who are experiencing hard times to find good jobs. Moreover, the show offers an eccentric world where individuals do not have to fret about job, morals or money. Target audience use the show to evade to a globe of imaginary so as to achieve utopia a well as protection from the globe’s difficulties. Nevertheless, after the show ends, the audience will know that the difficulties are still there and need to be dealt with. Therefore, the show solitary compounds the difficulties, providing a futile way of evading challenges for instance, drinking as well as participating in sexual activities. Majority of the watchers fail to understand the consequence of revealing their households to the Jersey Shore show up to when it is too late. As a result, I do have faith in the reality shows, and certainly this one, represent one of the vilest models of entertainment shows (Andreeva 1).

Besides, the sexual activities in the show are perilous and inappropriate for the youth to view as they are immoral and spur promiscuity. For instance, Mike gets involved in unsuitable sexual activities with numerous partners, for example oral and vaginal intercourse and there is not a single situation where the star partners show safe sex procedures using condoms to avert STDs. In keeping with CDC (13), around half of all HIV infections happen amongst people under 25 years as a result of drinking sprees, intercourse with numerous partners, and lack of preventive procedures like using condoms as well as abstinence. This evidently matches with the age and conduct of the show stars. The show under reflection fails to state or raise fears on the acuteness and significance of sexual wellbeing (Anderson-Minshall 1). Such light-minded point of view of life has destructive effects, as the youth viewing the series might find it fine to participate in unsafe sex and dangerous sexual deeds as they watch others engage in it on television and live health lives after that (Brown 43). Even though researches as well show that the increasing number of teenage pregnancies and STDs are because of TV related sexual programs that still spur sexual activities.


Adversaries believe that the show ought to be televised as it is pleasurable. Happiness is essential for the inner self and it aids people overlook about their fears, refresh and thus, be more creative. They in addition argue that the reality show may have horrible effects on people as it can work utilizing the reserve psychology ideology. Here, watchers will be disgusted by their own unsuitable conducts as well as select better associations. It can as well aid people apprehend if they are in destructive relations by showing the features of a bad association. Additionally, people have the freedom to select either to view the program or not.  They are also free to select and to adhere to only the positive characteristics of the show.


On the other hand, the show depicts people to bad conduct universally. This is not good as researches like the Journal of Sex Research displays that there is a direct connection between high-danger sexual behaviors and TV (Brown 43). The role of the TV is to amuse the entire household, and it ought to only televise suitable content. In addition, the entertainment debate does not survive evaluation as there are a number of choices for populaces regarding entertainment. (The Observer 1). The significance of entertainment and the demand to safeguard the rights of people to data cannot be exaggerated. Nevertheless, people can select other entertainment systems from best choices instead of having to stay loyal to unsuitable content (Marger 302). For example, the Oprah show, presented by Oprah Winfrey, is a hilarious reality show that does not spur evil conduct. The chief objective of the Oprah show is to aid individuals to handle numerous difficulties they experience in live. This has a positive impact on the community as it can aid people with related issues to get some advice as well as deal with their issues. As a result, Oprah provides a solution to life’s complications, whereas Jersey Shore complicates everything. This is particularly considerate as both shows are reality shows. Therefore, the Oprah shows demonstrates that it is likely to host a reality show that maintains society’s code of morals.


In general, the Jersey Shore Show entails a demonstration that is in contrast to societal moral codes. It maintains unsuitable star features that include heavy drinking, indolence and promiscuity. Even though people have the ability to select their activities, experiencing unsuitable content leans towards the impact the options that individuals make. This s particularly true for young individuals who are yet to comprehend the variation between right and wrong. As the programs are televised on national TVs, these growing minds will presume that the conduct is conventional. As a result, they will implement this conduct, more so when there is no ample help. It is patent that the show is pleasurable, however its entertainment capability accompanies a costly price of wearing away moral codes in the society (Marger 302). Young individuals only have to pick what to view or not, and what to embrace or not after they have understood what is right or wrong. This will ensure the likelihood of maintaining ethics in the community. The negative effect it has on the young as much as considerate and crucial than the entertainment it provides to the viewers. These incorporate growing rude attitudes, heavy drinking issues and getting STDs. To shun additional promotion of the negative conduct, it is essential that television channels which televise the show to withdraw it. It is as well essential to revoke televising this program as it spurs the excessive utilization of bed tanning, which leads people to skin cancer (Schulman and Fisher 1). TV ought to televise only respected shows such as Oprah reality show in its place.

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