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English Essay on Responsibility


A responsible human being is  person who can act without being controlled or supervised because they are liable for their actions and behavior.Responsibility could encompass the duties that a person may have towards other people. As such being responsible to other people can entail three factors and these include: accountability (being unfailing and dependable or reliable towards them), dedication (ensuring psychologically or intellectually engagement in their lives), and interest (being concerned and involved in their existence). When such factors are combined and practiced, people actually become a strong force, contributing in the development of the human race towards being considerate and upholding harmony. On the other hand, violation of these factors leads to a risk of creatingmistrust and abhorrence amongst one another. Most people usually equate the notion of responsibility with the capacity to fend for oneself and meet one’s basic needs in life, and this is surely a big part of being responsible.However, the accountability of a responsible human being supersedes holding a position of employment and watering the seedlings in their garden.A responsible human being must be trustworthy and can be depended on to execute duties on their own.

In my life, I feel a sense of responsibility towards my one-year-old daughter, my education, as well as my family. Making sure that I am responsible for my existence has been afundamental aspect in my personal development. Taking my responsibilities has contributed to my leading a happy life and I can attest to the fact that a human being cannot be happy without taking responsibility. In my case; the quality of our lives (delight and feeling of our success) is determined by the extent to which we take responsibility. Being responsible has moved my family from a situation of feeling helpless about their existence, to a position of having confidence and power to brave out the challenges that could face us and in this way we generate the life we envisage.The responsibilities that I hold place the power of success in my hands thus strengthening my accountability. The best explanations for taking my responsibilitiesare that I am empowered to shape my future, my responsibilities are a source of contentment, I risk attracting negative effects for not being responsible, and that being a responsible person strengthens me.

I do not, however, feel responsible for the sentiments of other people. Holding ourselves responsible for the emotions of others is not helpful because we cannot control their feelings. In fact, by taking responsibility for other people’s feelings, makes us snub their absolute right and free willpower to determine their own response to events. Nevertheless, this should not insinuate that I do not consider or care about other people’s emotions and welfare. By helping others, my sense of responsibility has been extended to issues and needs outside my immediate environment. I help other people achieve their objectives by improving their sentiments. Once I have met all my urgent needs, I go out of my way to assist elderly people, needy pals, and even other people in my society that require help.  By doing this on a weekly basis, I have become reliable and generated a programme that I have to abide by. In this regard, caring and being on the lookout for other people goes a long way to build me into becoming a more accountable individual.

In conclusion, I take any concerns regarding procrastination seriously, and I believe that this should be the ultimate character of any responsible human being. Responsible people must flee from procrastination like the plague.For instance, in case there is an examination approaching, responsible students are required to start revision early enough without postponing.


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