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English Essay on Social Media at the Workplace

Social Media at the Workplace

According to a report that was released in 2012, 75 percent of employees use the social media daily while at their workplaces. 60 percent of these access the social media severally every day. This report also revealed that the main claim of 50 percent of these workers while using the social media is that they use it to connect with work colleagues (Hamer 1).

Social media has become increasingly important and popular as a networking tool. This means that employees should be allowed to access it at their places of work. Concentrating for eight consecutive hours is humanly impossible. Employees need breaks on regular basis as a way of re-energizing the mind which is important in maintaining high productivity. Currently, the social media acts as an appropriate platform that one can use to relax the mind.

Most young employees are now accustomed to the social media. Banning social media at their places of work alienates them. This may compel them to seek employment elsewhere where accessing the social media is permitted. As such, employers may lose competent employees who have fresh, innovative perspectives about operations. The social media helps in building teamwork and trust.

Although employers ought to allow employees to access the social media at their places of work, they also have a responsibility of guiding them on the information to write. For instance, employers should discourage employees from sharing the secrets of their business or copyrighted information. Provided that the aim of the words that employees use is to boost or raise the business’ image, managers ought to allow employees to comment about their workplaces.

When an employee praises his/her workplace, this can generate the public interest. This in turn attracts potential employees and customers (Maitland and Thomson 31). Managers on the other hand ought to set a boundary on the use of the social media during the working hours. For instance, employees ought to be discouraged from using the social media while handling urgent tasks. Thus, they should not use the social networks at the expense of completing their assignments.


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