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English Essay on With Arranged Marriage

With Arranged Marriage

An arranged marriage is a union where the families of the bride and bridegroom make decisions on the marriage. A marriage partner is selected by the parents who also make arrangements for the event to take place (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2009). Additionally, the parents take full responsibility of selecting and negotiation the best spouses for marriage based on whom they consider will make a good match for the daughter or son.

Many arranged marriages are common in Africa, the Middle East and Asia (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2009). Many families in the countries believe that such marriages make marriages stronger, happier and uniting families in an effort of keeping social and business ties. The marriages include pleasant experiences for all parties because they come with benefits and exploitation options through the union (Cardwell & Flanagan, 2004). Arranged marriages are therefore much better than love marriages.

The significant benefits that come with arranged marriages for the couples are many. This includes marriage arrangement and selection of spouses for the children being done by two families. Selection of spouses is mainly focused on families with good financial standing, good reputation and experiences (Cardwell & Flanagan, 2004). Many youths from arranged marriage cultures build their trust on decisions made by parents.

It is also believed that parents, having had the same experiences can help their kids to secure the best spouses for marriage (Nagaswami, 2008). Even so, many people in western countries assume that arranged marriages lead to cases of increased violence, lack of personal freedom for both parties and more stress for the couples (Bamboo, 2010).

The existence of a strong foundation in arranged marriages also makes it a better institution. This is based on involvement of the two families who often look out for the best qualities to stick in in the long run including professional potential, career and earning capacity.

Browne argues that one of the benefits of arranged marriages is that they lead to long term affections as opposed to passion marriages (Browne, 2011). Divorce prevalence in other words in arranged marriages is significantly low. With a double digit divorce rate in western countries, an organization based in the UK, the ‘‘Model United Nations-Tudor Hall’’, notes prevalence of divorce of only 4 percent in arranged marriages across the globe, (MUNTH, 2013).

Browne also argues that those in arranged marriages or people whose partners were selected by their parents feel and grow in love over time unlike couples in regular marriages who experience diminishing love as time goes by. The benefits of arranged marriage also include the fathers’ capacity with daughters to have sons for procreation and security.

Additionally, sons who marry into a female family guarantee that the bloodline or clan will be extended or strengthened. A family with no males in the past could gain from addition of men who are able to defend against opponent clans.  When choosing a suitable mate, fathers and mothers actually know best. They may have clear understanding of the characters of their children and are mature enough to choose an ideal life partner.

If a bride’s family has close connection with the groom’s family, the parents are also aware of the belief system, socioeconomic status and genetic makeup (Nagaswami, 2008). The arranged marriage also aids the two families to reach an agreement that proves to last forever. Permanency also ensures that the families including siblings have a happy and continual familial relationship.

Arranged marriages also have strong relationship foundations based on hard choices made by parents to ensure a successful marriage. This means that the bride and groom only get to know to learn of their flows and weaknesses progressively from the marriage. The marriage also gives the relationship an ideal foundation for lasting connection and good progress.

Arranged marriages additionally have a long duration and it enables partners to learn more about each other. They can also reach an understanding that develops especially during their marriage (Cardwell & Flanagan, 2004). The marriage’s good foundation based on the consent of parents facilitates an ideal relationship with a guarantee of a marriage that will last forever.



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