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The Boys and Girls Club Organization Profile

It is an article written by the organization management to inform its stakeholders of main and vital things about the organization. Normally, the organization profile offers an introduction of a specific organization and other details about it. The Boys and Girls Club is a care-oriented organization that cares for young teenagers in the region and inspires them to see their dreams to become real.

Organizational Description

Our goal is to advise teens to gain self-awareness. This will enable them to become successful in life and to appreciate who they really are. Our vision is to also offer expert counselling to the young in the society to make them great individuals in the person. The management of the club also hires counsellors who have undergone training to ensure our vision is reality by offering the best services to them.

Additionally, the club has more than six branches that the company has established in almost all states in the USA. They are equipped with more than 1394 facilities to help reach as many teenagers as possible. The company also has a deep rooted culture in ethical and professional practices. Cultural diversity is therefore appreciated in the company and it makes it very possible to attend to teenagers from all cultures.

Some of the organizational goals include creation of many branches in the region and other nearby countries as well as extending the age of youths attending the club to 25years in the next five years. However, this calls for an increase of the facilities in all branches. The company also employs centralization in its leadership.

Orders and guidelines in all the six branches come from the major organization to ensure proper coordination and unity. The teenagers who attend are aged between 13 and 20 years.

Organizational Situation

The club was created four years ago in 2010 by a group of individuals who saw that it was necessary to take up the initiative to care for kids. The organization has also achieved a competitive position 3 in the country. Some of our main rivals include the Children of the American Revolution and Youth Congress. This also makes it hard to expand company operations because the two organizations command a large share in the market.

The company also interacts and unites with other establishments to prevent carbon footprint levels in the region. It also receives funding from the state and from personal investments to help more than 4 million youngsters who depend on it. Additionally, the club has strengths and weaknesses in some of the fields it engages in. some of its strong points include provision of high quality services to clients as well as provision of sufficient facilities to ensure successful operations.

Despite the high costs of operation, the company has been able to find sources of capital via burgers investment. It however has its weaknesses including having few branches in the region. The company has opportunities it can explore including fighting carbon footprints in association with other companies in the region.

The move could help build a good name and image for the company in the region. Competition is also a major threat for the company from the Children of the American Revolution and Youth Congress of America.

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