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Essay on Sports Businesses and Websites Interested in Exporting

Sports Businesses and Websites Interested in Exporting

Global Sports Business Development is strategic plan that is aimed at promoting sporting activities across the world. The main goal of the Global Sports Business Development and Export is to enhance the facilitation of social interaction as well as promoting communal integration while also ensuring high returns from sporting activities at the lowest operational costs. Promoting sports business is reliant on the use of websites mainly because most of the targeted groups use the internet in retrieval of information about existing sports activities (Shropshire & Davis, 2008 p.44). On the part of sports business, consumption is based on the terms of services that follow from a variety of activities that are conducted during such events. Sports managers have found Facebook to be very useful in obtaining information passed to sports fans and maintenance of regular interaction between supporters and participants. Apart from just the use of Facebook for delivery of information and a base for international trade, other websites have also come up and delivered significant means of ensuring constant communication and value for the operations of sports business.  Such websites offer a platform for advertising or marketing of sports activities, thereby justifying the need for the development of sports business websites with the aim of providing information about sports business export (Shropshire & Davis, 2008 p.44). Some of these dedicated websites include Myspace.com, Amazon.com and blogs.

The websites mentioned above have been very important in the life history of sports business management since they connect to the consumer interests and the key form of sports entertainment. As a social networking platform, Myspace.com ensures communication between managers, workers and customers. It is seemingly the most prolific social site that has enabled the creation and growth of sports business. Sports fans can develop their profiles and share the acquired information. Such motivations have enhanced the initiation of processes where people can leave comments, and also send various kinds of messages to fans and sports managers (Shropshire & Davis, 2008 p.44). The ability of linking ideas through the website has been in the pipeline since it was developed. Apart from Myspace.com, sports managers also use Amazon.com to assist in building trust within the entire global population. For the purposes of making sales and retaining high levels of earnings, the sports development departments and trainees must act in a manner that is appealing to the observers, spectators and other interested parties. Besides, the information sites also facilitate the communication of ideas. The information site intends to use the collected ideas for maintenance and ensuring that consumers receive the services as expected. The information site applies various contents like articles, blog posts, which generally known as blog posts. Business sites like Myspace and online blogs have earned significant recognition in social circles. All those that are mentioned herein are ready to give statements and items that would enhance the growth of the industry. Thus, it is essential to maintain regular contact with customers.

Apart from the creation of revenues to sports managers, the sports management also aims at providing education to the fans so as to facilitate harmony. Therefore, the use of blogs in provision of information on international sports business becomes important for the design of the sites and provision of static sites for the development of sports globally. The development of a good support platform for monitoring and achieving production solutions is a concern that would remain at the helm of operation within the sports sector. Policies regarding exports should be objectively handled throughout the process of delivery.




Shropshire, K. L., & Davis, T. (2008). The business of sports agents. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.


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