Effects of Cold War on Asia

Essay sample on Effects of Cold War on Asia

Effects of Cold War on Asia

Tensions of the Cold War began shifting from Europe to Asia in 1949 when Mao Zeodong proclaimed the birth of the People’s Republic of China. Since Zeodong was a Communist, this was viewed by the United States as a triumph of the Communist ideologies of the Soviets. In fact, it came as a shock to the US since they feared that this move would lead to the expansion of Communist influence in the greater part of Asia. It threatened the US’s occupation of Japan since this meant that Communism was soon to be adopted by the Japanese.

The declaration of China People’s Republic was a double threat to the United States’ policy of containment of Communism. Thus, a full blown war broke out in Korea that was occupied by both Russians and Americans to the northern and southern parts respectively. Since there was no agreement on a common government by the two forces, Russians that occupied the Northern parts of Korea established a communist regime while the Americans exercised their Western-democratic policies in the south.

On the 25th day of June 1950, South Korea began experiencing an invasion by North Korean troops. Their master plan was to bring together the north and southern parts of Korea into a united Communist government. However, Americans were opposed to this move since they were of the idea that it is only through a non-communist South Korea that they were able to defend Japan. The North Korean aggression was widely condemned by the Security Council of the United Nations.

Acting on behalf of the United Nations, the US sent its troops under the command of General Douglas McArthur to counter the North Korean troop’s aggression. The Americans were faced with strong resistance from the Chinese Communist troops at the Yalu River, causing them to retreat to the 38th parallel. However, an armistice was later on arranged with the help of the United Nations in July 1953. Even though this led to the formation of agreement that the status quo needed to be replaced, North Korea still remained divided. From all these, it is very clear that Korea was much devastated considering the long duration of time that the war ravaged on.

Another part of Asia; China was also affected to certain degree due to the war, however, the impact was not so devastating since it was under the protection of North Korea to the North Eastern parts. This brought the Soviet Union and China so close and they even became allies after the war. It should be noted that the involvement of the United Nations in the Cold War in Asia was due to pressure from the Western nations. In fact, they offered military assistance to the UN in order to fight aggression by Communist states. Just the same way that it happened in Europe, the Cold War ended quite slowly in Asia with the Communist forces having been dealt a major blow.

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