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Essay sample on Mexican American War Timeline

Mexican American War Timeline

The Mexican American War was fought between the United States of America and Mexico from 1846 to 1848. The war began with the annexation of Texas by the US and resulted from disagreement over where the actual position of the Mexican-American border was to be. In the war, the US troops were able to defeat their Mexican counterparts and acquire up to 500,000 square miles of the Mexican territory.

On 1st March 1845, President John Tyler signs a proposal to acquire Texas from Mexico; however, the proposal fails to pass through Congress. Despite warnings by Mexico that annexing Texas would lead to war, Tyler was determined to ensure that Texas became part of the USA. On June 16th 1845, the US officially annexes Texas. In the March the following year, US troops led by General Zachary Taylor move towards the Rio Grande River and settle on the land below the Nueces River. With this, they claimed the area east of the Rio Grande for the United States.

The Mexican American War officially began on 25th April 1846. Under the command of General Anastacio Torrejon, about 2000 Mexican troops cross the northern part of Rio Grande and wedge an assault on US troops at Fort Texas. In less than one month of fighting, the US troops would overpower the Mexican soldiers at the Battle of Palo Alto.  This was the first official battle of the war that saw Mexican troops retreating on May 8th 1846.

Just as the US troops began cheering their defeat; Mexican troops launched another attack on Fort Texas on May 9th 1846. The confrontation known as the Battle of Resaca de la Palma also never worked in favor of the Mexicans. This forced them to retreat again since the number of casualties on their side also kept rising. Despite the major drawbacks that the Mexican troops had already been faced with, the US Congress went ahead to declare war on Mexico in May 13th 1846.

June 1846 marked the beginning of the Bear Flag Revolt. The battle was initiated by a group of California settlers who were opposed to Mexican rule and wanted to declare the independence of California as a republic. However, it was short-lived since US began occupying the area immediately. In August 14 1846, the US troops successfully capture and occupy New Mexico under the leadership of General Stephen Kearny.  This was followed by another successful occupation of the Mexican City of Monterrey by the US troops led by General Taylor in 20th September 1846. This battle led to tremendous loses for both sides.

In December 1846, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna who had been exiled in Cuba returns to Mexico and declares himself President. He then goes ahead to stage the Battle of Buena Vista that American troops also triumphed in. It is this victory that helped General Taylor to win elections as president of the USA in 1848.

In April 1847, US troops defeated Mexican troops again in the battle of Cerro Gordo and eventually capturing Mexico City in September 14th. The war finally came to an end in February 2nd 1848 by the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

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