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Essay sample on the Effects of Cold War

Effects of Cold War

The Cold War is the name that was given to the strained relationship that primarily developed between the United States of America and the United Soviet Socialist Republic after World War II. Even though there have been different reports on the date of the Cold War, most historians point out that it took place from around 1946 to 1991. After the dissolution of the USSR, the United States remained the sole super power; a position it holds to date. There are quite a number of impacts that the Cold War had in the past, with some still being experienced today in most parts of the world.

One of the effects of the cold war was that it opened an avenue for the expansion of nuclear weaponry. Since there was no formalized treaty putting an end to the cold war, the former superpowers have advanced to various extents, the maintenance of improvement or modification of existing nu clear weapons. Besides, other nations that that had not previously been acknowledged to own nuclear weapons have been able to develop and even test nuclear explosive devices. As a result of this, there is growing fear of nuclear terrorism by individuals, organizations and even states across the world.

Apart from nuclear legacies, the Cold War also had economic impacts. Considering the period and even the magnitude of the Cold War, it placed huge fiscal mortgage on the economies of the nations that took part in it. The nations that were part of the war spent lots of resources mainly in military establishments to try and emerge as the winners. At the end of the war, newly-founded and freed states inherited huge expenses, commitments and even resources that they had not planned for. On the other hand, successor states also acquired contemporary security burdens that continue to weigh heavily on them to date. Considering that Russia and the USA are the ones that bore much of the confrontational burden, they encountered substantial amounts of economic liabilities that will still take several years to recover.

The Cold War also had radiation legacies as part of its effects. The atomic bombings carried by the US on Nagasaki and Hiroshima caused destruction that had not previously been imagined of through the fire and intense blast. Besides, during the decade-long production and testing of nuclear weapons, there was great exposure to radiation that occurred to technicians, scientists, civilians, military personnel and even animals. There were also several significant accidents related to radiation that took place in military and civilian nuclear facilities and reactors. These caused direct fatalities as well as public involuntary exposures. In fact, there are still quite a number of people in various parts of the world that continue to suffer the impacts of the nuclear weapons that were used during the Cold War today. Children are born with deformities and in other places, the use of the nuclear weapons left dire environmental consequences.

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