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Essay sample on the Long March

The Long March

The Long March refers to a 10, 000 kilometer historic trek of Chinese communists that took place between the years 1934 to 1935. As a result of the trek, the communist revolutionary base was moved from southeastern to northwestern China. Besides, the trek also resulted into the emergence of Mao Zedong as the undisputed leader of the party. In the course of the trek, the communist troops were involved in fierce battle with the Nationalist forces under Jiang Jieshi.

In the Long March, the communist troops were able to cross 24 rivers and 18 mountain ranges in order to reach the northwestern province of Shaanxi. During the time that the Long March took place; quite a number of Chinese nationals were inspired to join the Chinese Communist Party. The reason why the communist leaders and the Red Army had to relocate is because of an annihilation attempt by the Nationalist forces. Their base had been surrounded by the Nationalist forces and their only choice was to evacuate.

At the time of beginning the Long March, the communist troops had not decided on where to proceed next. On October 16th 1934, a group of 100,000 soldiers of the Red Army forcefully made their way through the blockade that had been erected by the Nationalist forces and began the walk towards the northwestern province of Shensi. The soldier walked for a period of almost one year, covering an average of between 17 to 26 miles each day. Out of all the troops that left Kiangsi, only 30,000 survived and managed to reach the new base at the province of Shensi in October 1935.

The Long March is considered to be one of the greatest turning points in the history of the Chinese Communist Party. The survivors of the trek were given credit for having accomplished one of the greatest fetes in the entire period of the Chinese Communist Revolution. Some of the most remarkable episodes of the trek include the crossing of the Tatu River under a cloud of enemy fire, marching through inhospitable swamps without sufficient supplies, forming alliances with minority groups through drinking chicken blood, upholding the revolutionary spirit against seemingly hopeless conditions.

It is also during the Long March that Mao Tse-tung was officially recognized and awarded the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. This is a step that played a key role in solidifying the party and greatly shaping its future development as the revolution kept unfolding. Besides, the Long March was also critical in that, it gave the Chinese Communist Party an upper hand as the contenders in the revolution. Through the successful trek of the communist troops to Shaanxi, they were able to regroup and rebuild; a move that led them to finally defeat the Nationalist forces in 1949.

The Long March is today celebrated in the modern Chinese Communist mythology as a great victory, which helped in preserving the Red Armies from complete annihilation.

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