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Essay sample on the Reasons for the Decline of the Holy Roman Empire

Reasons for the Decline of the Holy Roman Empire

Over the years, there have been analyses by different people trying to unearth the reasons why the Holy Roman Empire was not able to withstand the pressures of disintegration among its subjects. Indeed, there are various reasons as to the decline of the Holy Roman Empire. Based on what most people have shared regarding the decline of the empire, it is clear that the reformation and subsequent religious division of Germany was one of the reasons.

The Catholic Reformation even widened the division in the empire more. Besides, the peace of Westphalia also contributed to the decline of the Holy Roman Empire considering that it essentially gave each province the sovereignty to govern themselves in the ways that they chose. As a result of the Reformation, the people states of Germany were divided and this led to political disharmony that tore apart the empire. The religious renewal and Catholic reformation that occurred in the late 1500s and the conflicts that followed played a major role in the decline of the Holy Roman Empire.

The war that took almost 30 years has been largely described as the final nail on the coffin that sent imperial power that existed throughout Europe to its grave. It not only weakened the people but also divided the nations that existed within the empire through religious and political differences. As a result of the religious divide that was created, the nations each pursued different avenues that would not keep the empire as one anymore. The religious divide led to calls for actions like the Schmalkaldic war and the Peace of Augsburg that keep the nations of the empire apart. With these, it was not easy to keep the empire under a central power anymore.

The religious divide that occurred led to two viable religious choices that included Catholics and Protestants. Each side of the divide was fighting for supremacy and this created Counter Reformation that ensured the states of Germany stayed apart. As a result of this rift, religious conflicts took center stage. For instance, the Cologne War that devastated the Rhineland. In 1608, the Protestants formed a league to safeguard their holdings and this was followed suit by Catholics who also formed their own.

Among the Protestants, there was continued discontent with the majority seeking independence from the Imperial Roman Catholic rule. Foreign invasions that took place during the war caused great damage to the empire, weakening the economies of the nations significantly. The final step to the complete disunification was the Peace of Westphalia that eliminated the empire from competition between European nations for several years after the war.

One thing that should be noted about the decline of the Holy Roman Empire is that it was orchestrated by the decline of the power of the Roman Catholic Church; as the church lost its power on the people, the empire too fell apart. If the religious split had not occurred, the empire would have remained united for quite a long time.

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