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Basic Concepts in Business Management

Selection Criteria of Transportation Mode

For all manufacturing businesses, it is important that decisions regarding the management of the Supply chain and modes of transportation are made. This article outlines the guidelines for making choices on the mode of transport. The organization should put into consideration the features, merits and disadvantages of each mode in the process of selecting the right mode of transport. Warehousing, material handling, inventory control, order processing, and customer service are the main factors of supply chain management (Punakivi & Hinkka, 2006).

This article explains the basic concepts that should be considered during planning to ensure quality customer service. The conclusions are reliable because the findings are related to a case study carried out on four companies handling finished products.

Satisfied Customers: Profitable Customer Relationships

This article will examine the costs and advantages linked to the management of good customer relationships. Every commercial create a lasting need for customers, thus, significance in consumer alliance.

The editorial is in appraisal of the theory of promotion of goals. Every firm must design its marketing objectives and ensure that they are continuously reviewed. It is also important for a business to adopt effective marketing strategies and approaches that can enable it to achieve better customer relationships (Scharitzer & Kollarits, 2010). The article provides a review of the concept of designing marketing strategies and avenues for maintaining long term relationships with all kinds of clients. The authors have clearly pointed out the concepts of market segmentation, marketing research process, and buyer behavior. The scope of the article is quite wide, and the author has done a good job in educating businesses on the key areas of focus when it comes to the management of customer relationship.

The effectiveness of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices on Firm Performance in the Malaysian Insurance Industry

This article is a study of the process of human resource management and appraisal in an insurance firm. Human resource is critical in a company since it is directly involved in the provision of products or services (Loo & Bh, 2013). The journal provides an educative edge to organizations management because it emphasizes on the merits of managing a happy workforce.

The article provides a broader view on the aspects of the staffing process, staff training, and employee development. Companies should invest in the development of careers for their staff since this can enhance the level of customer service. Orientation of employees is also another element that is discussed in the piece. The personnel administrator should provide better orientation to new employees. Motivation, reward, and penalty should be applied in balanced measures in the workplace. The article expounds on the benefits and impacts of each of the three concepts.

Sensitivity-Based Pricing and Optimal Storage Utilization in Systems of Distribution

There is a close link between Marketing and delivery. This article discusses the various distribution channels, characteristics and remuneration for each. The authors stress on the factor of intermediaries and the utilities that are added to the final product. He provides guidelines that should be followed by business organizations in designing the best distribution strategies for meeting the company goals. Retailing has changed its scope with more outlets encouraging online and offline shopping (Sathyanarayana & Heydt, 2013). The article gives an outline on the ways through which a business can benefit from multichannel distribution.

Impact of Superior Design for the Expansion of Control and Administration Skills in Structure Management

Effective guidance and management skill make direct contribution to organizational success (Chowdhury, 2013). This is behind the significance of this article in this study. The journal discusses the leadership styles that can be used by managers, and also the circumstances in which each style fits best. The piece has also touched on the abilities of actual leaders. Leaders have strategies for visions and provide guidelines to their juniors towards achieving the objectives of the organization. It places emphasis on various sources of power for managers and leaders. It guides managers on balancing power leadership for the success of the projects set up by the company.

Quality of Life, Work Motivation, and Occupational Stresses

Motivation ensures the satisfaction of employees, thereby enabling them to deliver better services (Sachithanand & Raju, 2013). This article is critical in this study because it discusses the various types and impacts of motivation. Besides, it also touches on the different kinds of stress that are faced by workers in their daily work environment and ways on how the management can be able to solve these problems.

A Comparison of Probabilistic Prize and Promotion Scheme

This article also analyses the various methods of product promotion and the impacts that promotion can have on the buying behavior of consumers. It is very useful to managers in the advertising and promotion sectors. It highlights the basic concepts of advertising service and manufactured products.

Product lifecycle is also an important concept to be considered when setting prices of products and making plans for promotion (Rong, Jinsong, Song & Feng, 2012). The article gives a comprehensive coverage on the concept of innovation and product differentiation as a means of promoting products. It is important for a marketer to study the change of social behavior and personality of potential clients to help in the creation of unique products. Besides, the article also discusses the concept of planning product service promotion strategies. The process of developing marketing communication and marketing tools are important concepts when it comes to the promotion scheme. The author has analyzed the two aspects in detail in conjunction with the variables of the marketing mix. The article is convincing and can provide great insights to promotion and selling processes.

A New Age of Demand-Based Pricing

This article has examined the concept of pricing strategies that organizations should set for the achievement of a competitive advantage. Variations in prices control purchasing habits and the implication of prices on quality to clients (Shapiro & Drayer, 2012). The author encourages business organizations to consider the various elements of pricing like laws and regulations, profitability and competitor prices.




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