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Essay Writing on Ethics Code

Ethics Code

This paper outlines the guidelines on the process of ethical decision making

  1. An ethical role model who gives me inspiration is my mother. She makes good ethical decisions that provide guidelines to our entire family. In her decisions, she incorporates her personal standards that help us in making the right choices. This is shown in her commitment to serve as an example to the family through her assertion on doing the right thing. Besides, she is also conscious and acts in a consistent manner by showing good morals to guide us in our daily activities. Her competency adds value in my life through her analysis of situations by identifying the potential risks, and giving positive alternatives.

My mother makes decisions that are good and ethical because they give me inspiration to be a trusted, respectful, caring, and responsible individual. Her decisions are like a foundation to my life by helping to make better decisions for good behaviors. My mother is my role model because of her altruism (Kottler, 2000). She is always ready to help any person in need to ensure successful results. She is also a good listener and whenever there is an issue in the family, she gives the shoulder to lean on. Sharing a problem with her gives me the comfort of feeling loved, especially in the way she listens and gives good advice. She is always ready to forgive and give an apology whenever she makes a mistake, opens room for dialogues, and also gives support to others.

An ethical issue is a situation whereby an individual has the choice of two alternatives. For example, there was a situation where my mum was visited by her friend whose main objective was finding out if her husband was cheating on her. She was a close family friend and my mother was the only one who could tell the truth since she had worked together with her husband. Since my mother was already aware on the on-going, she moved swiftly to solve the issue ethically without tearing apart the marriage. She chose to tell the truth by making a moral decision that could not hurt her friend as well as the husband.

My mother revealed the truth that her friend’s husband was unfaithful. Although this was the truth, my mom went ahead to handle the matter ethically by revealing to her friend more examples of problems encountered in marriage including the ones she was also going through (Piliavin, 1990). Her friend initially felt hurt but found solace after realizing that she was the only one experiencing such a problem, and could be solved through dialogue or the involvement of a counselor. The family is currently living happily after taking my mother’s advice to visit a counselor. In evaluation of this story, I found out that my mother was quite inspiring since if she could have left her friend hurting without giving advice, it could be viewed as an unethical decision. However, she opted for an ethical decision.

  1. The following are the principles that I apply in my daily life. They help me in making the difference between right and wrong, especially in the decision making process. I like to handle situations honestly. Besides, I also consider respect as an important principle since it assists me in evaluating my actions and achieving reliability whenever there is an issue. I also embrace the principle of caring as it enables me to be part of other people’s welfares. These ethical principles were passed on to me from my family, especially my mother since she was my role model (Brehony, 1999).
  2. The following are the procedures involved in my ethical decision making process:
  • Commitment: For me to be honest, responsible, caring, and respectful, it is important to coordinate with my family through sharing similar principles to live a positive and happy life. This is an implication that I have to make sacrifices, look beyond the circumstances of my life, and focus on the welfare of the whole family or society. I have chosen commitment as part of the process since it entails efforts and sharing of knowledge for problem solving.
  • Conscience: This is a step that requires me to involve a conscious mind, compassion, and feelings by caring about the situations that others are in. Through conscience, I will be able to sense whenever there is a problem, and find the right solution. I opt for this process since it emphasizes on ethical standards and sharing of values.
  • Conversation: This is an important step since it enables me to morally engage others in talks. This ensures honest conversations where people are able to share different views on handling issues or making important decisions. I chose it because it helps in advancing the level of knowledge for the involved parties, hence effective ethical decision making.



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