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Google Analysis


Google Inc is an internet related multinational company with its headquarters in Mountain View, California, United States. The organization mainly deals with the development of internet utilities, like online advertisers, software, cloud computing, and search engines. Google was founded in 1998 and has today grown to become one of the most successful global organizations. The company’s services and products are virtually used in all countries and parts of the world. Google’s search engine is considered to be the best compared to others offered by its competitors. Apart from just the organization’s success in the corporate world, it has also been recognized as the best company to work for in four consecutive years. The reason behind this recognition is that the company offers the jobs that are mainly sort for in the technology sector. Google employees have also been noted to report great performance. Another reason that has given Google the cutting edge as the best employer in the industry is because of its ability to maintain an innovative strategy through the implementation of a policy called Innovation Time Off. This enables employees to spend 20% of their work time in activities that are of interest to them. This has resulted into the development of utilities like AdSense, Orkut, Google News and Gmail.

Driving Force

The inspiration behind the successful achievements of Google in the industry is its policy that emphasizes on the users of the company’s products and services. Since the establishment of the organization, its operations have been focused on enhancing user experience. The company’s key objective is making sure that customers are accorded the best experience from the engineers. This has been portrayed in Google’s design of the homepage and Internet browsers. This has enabled the company to surpass the internal bottom line and goals. It can be proven by the fact that Google’s homepage is among the few that load instantly, unlike other search engines. This organizational culture has been achieved through the integration of other management strategies. One of these is an all inclusive research and development platform. The organization is recognized for pursuing one avenue and following up on that project by making sure that it is well carried out to accomplishment.

The best way to achieve all this is through incorporation of different styles of management. Google’s management is aware of the global demand for its products and services. This requires the organization to apply a multicultural approach. Google has been able to embrace this in the development of its internet utilities. For example, the company provides different homepage for all the countries that it operates in. Besides, it also offers different search languages for all countries. In cases whereby a country has two or three recognized languages widely used by the citizens, Google offers search engine options to suit the needs of users in both languages. For example, the Google.nz domain serves New Zealand and offers the options of English and Maori.

Goggle also has a diverse workforce to ensure that all the populations are able to get the best experience with the company. The organization hires people from all parts of the world and diverse backgrounds. Besides, the company is an equal opportunity employer and even has disabled people in its workforce. Its website clearly shows that all employees have a story that goes further than simply working for the company. As a result of this diversity, the organization has been able to come up with great internet utilities that provide the best possible experience to users. It should also be noted that people from varied cultural backgrounds are accorded relevant internet utilities that reflect their cultural identities (Keller, 2011).

In its operations, Google has also embraced an ethical and moral approach. This principle emphasizes that a company does not necessarily have to engage in evil practices in order to make great returns. For instance, it Google’s AdSense business segment, it does not allow advertisements to appear on websites unless they are relevant to that site’s content. This has been considered to be an ethical practice since other organizations offering online advert services have notably been carelessly placing advertisements on websites that have huge traffic. Besides, Google has also stopped the use of pop-ups, thereby enhancing user experience.

The driving force behind Google has been significantly inspired by technology. The company is a renowned pioneer in several Internet frontiers. For example, it has been instrumental in wearable computers through its innovative Google Glasses. This has also ensured that those who use Google’s products have the best experience. It is an implication that the organization’s objective of delivering the best user experience is also embraced in the products’ development and design (Hitt, 2012).

Google’s Specific Policies

One of the policies that have been instrumental in Google’s success in the industry is its Innovation Time Off policy. This policy has been applied since the establishment of the company. The management has given its employees the freedom of spending 20% of their work time for activities that they are interested in. This has given it an advantage over others and elevated it to the top of other companies in the industry. It is also important to note that this is a motivational factor that has enabled employees to come up with innovative products, like the AdSense business segment that has contributed a greater percentage of Google’s revenues. It is reported that this policy has ensured the creation of more than 50% of the company’s internet utilities in the market (Hitt, 2012).

Another key principle of Google is its endeavor to provide exceptional products and services to its customers. The company holds the philosophical principle that great just is not good enough. The company encourages its employees to consider every great innovation as a starting point and not an end. This has been proven in the ability of the company to keep improving its products to an extent such that even when many think that the development has reached peak, it still comes up with new aspects and elements to its products. This has ensured the successful operations of the company and also enabled it to be viewed as one of the most innovative globally.

Matters of Diversity in the Workplace

Workplace diversity is an issue that has affected several organizations. Incorporating a diverse workforce and diversity in the place of work plays an important role in influencing the workers’ attitudes. For example, quite a number of organizations have been reported to embrace an organizational culture that in involves workplace diversity. This creates the attitude that everyone has the ability to achieve any goal or objective. Google has greatly exemplified this attitude. The organization is known to hire people from diverse backgrounds. The company’s diversity has played an instrumental role in making sure that its products and services are appealing to different consumers in various parts of the world. The workplace attitude is that everybody including the minority groups has the ability of achieving anything that they put their minds and efforts to. This has in turn, ensured the accomplishment of the company’s key objectives. It should also be noted that the workplace attitude has impacted a better environment for innovation. This is because of the verity that many people should prove that even though they are from minority groups, they can still generate ideas that can ensure transformation of the company (Keller, 2011).


The principles and philosophies of Google have been critical in ensuring the success of the organization in its operations globally. The company has been able to implement policies aimed at enhancing an organizational culture for achievement of its objectives. Google has significantly motivated its employees to generate innovative ideas. As a result of this, the company has emerged as one of the leading technology giants in the world today (Canas, 2010).



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